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Creating CoN folder in windows

Discussion in 'Windows' started by faizulhaque, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

    CON is a reserve world in windows operating system. that's why we can not create the folder named as CON.

    But by command prompt we can do this

    STEP1: goto command prompt
    STEP2: type in prompt e:\> "mkdir \\.\e:\con"
    STEP3: verify by typing "dir \\.\e:\con"
    STEP4: delete the file or folder "rmdir \\.\e:\con"
    following file names in Windows are reserved because they represent devices:
    con, con.* -> the console
    prn, prn.* -> the default printer, as a character device
    aux, aux.* -> the default serial terminal, as a character device
    lpt1, lpt2, lpt3, lpt4, lpt5, lpt6, lpt7, lpt8, lpt9 -> the parallel ports, as character devices
    lpt1.*, lpt2.*, lpt3.*, lpt4.*, lpt5.*, lpt6.*, lpt7.*, lpt8.*, lpt9.*
    com1, com2, com3, com4, com5, com6, com7, com8, com9 -> the serial ports, as character devices
    com1.*, com2.*, com3.*, com4.*, com5.*, com6.*, com7.*, com8.*, com9.*
    nul, nul.* -> the NUL or "waste bit bucket" or "black hole for bits" or "/dev/null" device
    Such files are considered to "exist" in all directories, so if you have a filename like "c:\temp\con", you're talking about the CON device, not about a normal disk file called "con". They're not listed using the "dir" command, or using APIs.
  2. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    Well explained!
  3. micman

    micman New Member

    I knew that certain keywords cannot be used to name folders in Windows,but a method to bypass even that restriction by means of command prompt is interesting !! Good !
  4. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

  5. 7flint7

    7flint7 New Member

    so what's exactly the point in naming a folder with CON?
    -what's CON use for anyways?
  6. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    You should read Magic Demistified and it will show you why CoN folder is important
  7. 7flint7

    7flint7 New Member

    ok thx
  8. 7flint7

    7flint7 New Member

    i read it and wow its incredible how many hidden things are in a computer, like those weird hidden games in excel and things like that. i bet there is plenty more.. it was interesting going through all that magic. i find the computer world to be very interesting and amusing,
    some of the deepest knowledge of mankind all stored in those boxes (mathematically and engineeringly speaking) i believe we as human are the most complicated computers lol. any was thx for everything i love this web site. God bless
    shabbir likes this.
  9. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

  10. BSTU.UOK

    BSTU.UOK New Member

    well done.............
  11. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

  12. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

    Thanks Admin
  13. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks to people who Nominated as well.
  14. faizulhaque

    faizulhaque New Member

    yes why not thanks to all one also
  15. cutegirl2000

    cutegirl2000 New Member

    Thanks A Lot.

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