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Corporate SEO and Scope of Online Marketing in India

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Prasanna S, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Prasanna S

    Prasanna S New Member

    Almost all the companies have started setting up a SEO team in order to ramify their marketing teams and strategies. Gone were the days when business owners had purely concentrated on traditional form of marketing. It is high time to give importance to online marketing as this will help business owners to reach out a large set of customers. It is very important to make use of all forms of medium to have effective marketing and advertising. Social media and networking sites play a vital role in improving the brand visibility. There are lots and lots of people glued to the computer screens and this number is expected to go higher at a faster rate year on year.

    Social media and online marketing helps you to have a better and instant relationship with the potential customers. These channels will help you to engage with the customers directly wherein a better relationship is created and they become personally interested in your brands and services. This will further improve the brand visibility and loyalty among customers. It will be a great advantage to have active internet audience to spur up the marketing activities. It will give higher RoI for the marketing budgets. It is very important to remember that online marketing is no better alternative to traditional marketing but will certainly improve the sales and profits.

    SEO Results Are Often Interpreted Wrongly!

    Brand advertisers have to understand the concepts of online marketing before employing them. A mistaken identity or wrong steps taken would often benefit the competitor. The best example to discuss here will be the case study of Honda's practices in US market. A leading national newspaper has quoted this case study recently.

    Honda Casestudy:

    Honda decided to add a segment for the “Used Cars” and decided to add the information in its same website where it had displayed information about its new cars. People were often confused when they had landed to the home page and ended up seeing 2 different contents. The customers had to read through the information and find out the correct link in order to inquire about their requirements. Honda had done its search engine optimization well but had made an expensive mistake of clubbing the information in the same website. The SEO experts had dropped in and created a mini site to redirect the traffic for the used cars segment and the confusion was eliminated.

    The original problem was that both the used cars audience and people who wanted to buy brand new cars landed in the same website. This created enormous confusion with the users. A viewer who had landed to obtain information for a brand new car would end up reading information the used cars and their sales. This happened vice-versa with the other group people. Ultimately, the users need to penetrate a lot of information in order to obtain what they had actually wanted. The SEO team worked out well to bring their target keywords in the top positions of Google search. However, the brand advertisers failed to capitalize on the results obtained. There should have been 2 different sites created as the information given was of different sort.

    This incident brings out the confusion that brand advertisers often have when it comes to search engine optimization and online marketing.

    Online Marketing – The Fastest Growing Business In India

    Doing Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is a part of online marketing. The internet penetration is rising in terms of its numbers in India. Brand advertisers can actually find a lot of significance when it comes to online marketing. It is still in its nascent stage in this part of the world. The online advertising market in India for the year 2009-10 was about 785 crores and is expected to touch 1000 crores in the year 2010-11. Most of the companies often spend less than 10% of their total marketing budget for online marketing. This trend needs a change to have effective RoI on the investments.

    An average Indian makes about 30 searches per month and India has got around 80 million Internet users. There is a great potential to reach out to the target audience at this earlier stage if the online marketing is done in the right way. A better understanding of SEO is required at a higher management level.

    HDFC Life's Understanding About Online Marketing And SEO – A Positive Move

    A leading national news paper has revealed the case study details done for HDFC Life's investment on online marketing and strategy. The newspaper goes on to add that the company has got a dedicated online marketing team and they are granting only 0.1% of their total marketing budget for online marketing. Though this amount is almost negligible, it has given considerable amount of organic traffic to its website and the increase is about 20% from month on month. The company argues that more than 50% of the organic traffic is obtained through effective SEO. This rise in the traffic has also lead to considerable amount of queries and leads for demanding personal loans, car loans, credit cards etc.

    It is very important to use the digital medium to take advantage of the online users. Online marketing is lot more dependent on keywords searches than anything else. It is also important to add other social networking sites to reach out to the customer. SEO will help in improving the brand visibility and it will help people to land on the right kind of website which will have detailed information on their requirements. Social media websites should be rightly used to keep in touch with the existing customers and to give away more information regarding the services and products of the company. These networking sites act as a community hangout place for the customers and will help them to exchange their views and concerns. It provides an easy way to get connected with the company.

    India And SEO

    SEO and online marketing definitely has a glamour in it. SEO plays a prominent role in doing online marketing. It has to be given the right kind of attention. Most of the Indian companies are in their early stages of understanding these concepts. It is better to learn them fast and reap the profits. Any company would definitely have the first mover's advantage in this field. The ignorance of the potential benefits would make them to lose the market share in the near future.
  2. seohyderabad

    seohyderabad Banned

    very good article thanks
  3. eBiz

    eBiz New Member


  4. Prasanna S

    Prasanna S New Member

    Thank you eBiz and seohyderabad. kindly share if you know more than this.
  5. indiansword

    indiansword Security Expert

    Nice article.
    I do see tremendous amount of scope in Internet marketing business in India.
    All you need to have is good presentation skills and right methodology.
  6. Prasanna S

    Prasanna S New Member

    Actually what do you mean by good presentation skills here? Can you be elaborate on "Indiansword"?

  7. hi,

    totally my site is new, How can i get more traffic as soon as via organic seo?
  8. Prasanna S

    Prasanna S New Member

    First thing is about the content part. Make sure you give flawless content and do not copy it from anywhere. Start it from there.
  9. violadav

    violadav New Member

    Great post! The article shared here is good. We'll try to throw this as a reference to our Seo blog next week.
  10. Prasanna S

    Prasanna S New Member

    Thats good to hear..
  11. brian1234

    brian1234 New Member

    Social media marketing,viral marketing,classified marketing are the parts of search engine marketing.It will help to get thousands of customers for business.Now corporates are emphasizing for making their websites Search engine friendly.In India webmasters are focusing on organic SEO instead of PPC and other methods.
  12. jhonackerman

    jhonackerman Banned

    SEO is a part of online marketing.The latest statistics reveal that 400 million people access internet regularly in India and that is jump of 700% in last six years. And, here comes the best part; the internet users as of now comprise of only 3.6% of the population. Now you can imagine the scope of internet marketing in India!

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