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Changing the admin password the easy way...

Discussion in 'Windows' started by Dak914, May 3, 2008.

  1. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

    Ok, here we go.

    First off, this might not work, depends on if the computer is correctly protected or not.
    Second, if you do have the download power and time you will want to go to the previous thread and learn from that dude because he knows what he is doing. I am pretty sure everyone here knows how to do this trick but if you dont you might want to learn it.

    I will start off with the unprotected kind of computer. You goto the start button and click on the icon/button on the lower-right hand corner that says "run". Type in the letters "cmd" or "command", both will work for this trick but be warned, they are different. Once you see the otherwise customized black and white lettering screen, you know that you typed it in right :D . Next, you type in the words "net users" or "net user", they are the same. Once the command completes, you will see a screen that lists all the users on the computer. Make sure you see your target user, because if you dont then you might be connected through a different server (which makes it a little more complicated :shout: ). Once you see your target user, type the words "net user [target] *". Make sure you include a space between the user and the astarix*, otherwise the command might not work correctly. Type in the SAME password for both fields, but you will not see what you are typing. Push enter to go from the first field to the second field and enter again to go from the second field to finishing the command. If the words "The command completed successfully." pop-up on the screen, the password has been changed into the password you typed, without the original password :nice: !

    Ok, now we move onto the more protected computer :shout: . Some computers, such as school computers, do not have the run button on the start menu. In these cases, you need to do different ways (such as what I have done to my school computer :p ). First, you need to make sure you have notepad. If you see the notepad icon under the start>programs>accessories>notepad, then skip the next paragraph and move on.

    In order to get notepad even when it is blocked, you need to do just one thing, which is what I am going to explain. First, make a useless file. The file can be anything from .doc to a .exe. Make sure you get this file into the "My Documents" folder of the computer. Once you have completed this, click on the file (just once) and click "file(upper part of the screen)>open with...". When the "Open With..." screen pops up, you may get a screen that asks you two things, "Use web service..." and "Browse...". You want to browse. When you get to the browse screen, click the notepad icon, then click "OK". Click on the new text file twice to open notepad. There should be a whole bunch of characters on the screen, and you dont want these. Just goto "File>New" to get a whole, clean, grand spanking new text document. Save this "as" "notepad.txt" on the desktop. You now have the notepad feature "hacked" onto the desktop. Continue onto the next step...

    Ok, open the command prompt using notepad you open notepad up and type "command.com" or "cmd". "Cmd" might not work if you have certain restrictions but "command.com" should always work. Save the file to the desktop as "command.bat". Make sure you include the ".bat" otherwise this step cannot be completed. The file should be saved to the desktop and look like a windows app window with gears in the middle. Click the file and goto the first step to change the passwords :D .

    Like I have already said, this way might not work on certain Windows Xp computers and you would have to use the iso image way. Anywho, I know that this tutorial looked intimidating at first, but I bet it was worth it!! Always remember that in order to become a hacker, you have to do a lot of reading :eek: .

    See ya guys lata!!
  2. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

  3. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

  4. grant_mcchesney

    grant_mcchesney New Member

    ok... nice

    but what happens when the system is so secure that they even blocked command.bat

    and also, what if there is no possible way to inset a disc to upload that program?

    i really need advice on this, because I really wanna leave a mark on my school before I leave, and I think being able to crack into the system, making an admin account, sending out a word document to all the student accounts telling them the new admin account username and password, and watching all the faculty tripping over their asses trying to delete the account (even though their OWN SECURITY blocks you from doing that, regardless of admin status or not), would be priceless.
  5. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

    Ok, in your situation, which by the way I do not support because I am a gray hat, you want to startup the admin account using safe mode. When you see the boot up logo of your computer, just hit f8 or another f button that gives you your startup options. select safemode. type in administrator and hit enter. this should boot you with full administrative properties unless your school has changed the admin password, then I think that you are screwed. You would either have to use erd commander or other ISO images burned to a cd that fake the logon. just google around for those.you could also screw it up using the package i built. i will post that in a while. gotta go!
  6. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

  7. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

    I understand what the article is saying but i respectively disagree that all hackers fall into the grey area. Hackers are in prison for long sentences because they got caught. I do believe that these hackers are known as black hats. Some hackers are swimming in money because they help the world with computers and how to understand them (Bill Gates), I believe that these hackers are known as white hats. Then there are the hackers that are all for the law but break the rules sometimes because they need to or they need to get revenge on someone due to the horrilble things that person has done (can you see my expierence). So, you make a good point, but i respectively disagree that all hackers fit into one group.

    Anyway, here is that link:
    Have fun!
  8. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    all hackers do not fit into one group!> they r all different*.... so y jus Black, Grey, White...n Red...{ anywayz respect! :)
  9. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

    This is the point I want to make. Now take your un-hacker like slang away from my post and make a new thread to explain what you are saying so that you do not waste anymore space that is meant for questions and not arguments. Begone.
    (hacker is a overused and very misunderstood term that should not be taken lightly. Keep this in mind when you go blurting out that you are a hacker)
  10. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    lolz alrite mr hacker! stick ya grey hat up ya a** n lyk it ;)
  11. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

  12. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

  13. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    lmao yh ur a really professional grey hat hacker with a *** in place of the brain! ;)

    n oh shame a newbie wit 14posts n 0rep callin others newbie!

    lookz lyk u jus spend a lot of time on searching google for "cmd commands + cmd hacks" lmao get a life lil tw4tter...
  14. Dak914

    Dak914 New Member

    Okay, I have tried to be calm and complete about the horrific news of your existance, but now I am angry. Let me give you a few reasons why I am angry (ps I see that you didnt visit the sites I told you too):
    1) If you knew half the stuff I know your thick skull would explode, exposing your peanut sized brain to the people around you, if there are any.
    2) Your existance is not needed anywhere on this planet, so, please, go dig yourself a hole and die quietly so that there is one less anoyance on everyones list.
    3) You started over a year ago, and I started not even a month ago. I dont see any of your posts nominated for article of the month.
    4) Your illiterate nature and lack of computer skills exposes your very little intelligence. To us computer people, INTELLIGENCE IS EVERYTHING!!!!
    5) Even if I did google it up, look at what I learned. It doesnt matter your source, but only your experience, which, it seems, I have plenty of.
    6) I am sure you are 20 some years old, are you not? If so, I see that you didnt complete highschool or collage due to your awful IQ. These are typical symptoms of a slacker, not a hacker. I am thirteen years old and I know more about computers than I expect you ever will.

    So there you go, I have cleared my mind. Now I will ignore the rest of your posts for I dont care what you think, say, or do with your life. Like I said, just another annoyance.

    Have fun being a loser,
    Now theres a wink for you!
    (post-script) I am sure your rep came from one of your only real-world friends. :scholar:
    Way to go! I give you a A+ for cheating!

    Oh, and just one more diss before I go, IMAO, what the heck is this supposed to mean? (sounds like I-am-mayo, which would fit you perfectly :wacky: ) Okay, I am done having fun. See you later (actually, I wont, and I never intend to :p )
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2008
  15. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    hmm 13yr old script kiddie who watches DieHard4 LMAO :p
    ur dreamin m8| hope u'll learn somethin not jus blab bout wa u dnt know ;)

    n no i dnt rely care if my articles bn nominated or not cuz am doin em only to help people to get a basic idea bout doin VB programes...

    n yh am 98 yrs old

    get a life ||

  16. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    is that what you been planning to do? aww poor you, that desperate for rep.? lmao

    too bad a fink u got some serious mental issues!
  17. zam

    zam New Member

    superb !!!!

    I've one query 4 u..

    imagine a situation that we have to change the date & time settings of a system. but infact this option is under admin's privillage. how can we change the settings without rebooting the system.
  18. neo_vi

    neo_vi New Member

    we can crack the admin password with this thing. but we have to travel to previous years using a time machine. we hve to travel atleast 10 years back. Now no one can crack into a system using these kinda techniques.(that too in a school network)..
    I m not degrading the author.
  19. happykaka

    happykaka Banned

    Steps for changes admin password:

    Step one: Open the "Control Panel"
    Step two: Click the "User Account "
    Step three: Select the account you wanna to change password.
    Step four: Click "changing Account " and "changing password", then fill out the form as listed. Click "Create Password".
  20. happykaka

    happykaka Banned

    Or, you can also google the third part windows password security tools. There are many password unlockers on Internet.

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