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Change the color of the hair

Discussion in 'Web Design, HTML And CSS Tutorials' started by lubna, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. lubna

    lubna New Member

    Change the color of the hair

    Changing the colors of the hairs looks very hitech but its one of the sinmplest things you can do with photoshop.
    Open any image in Adobe photoshop. Here I would use the famous photograph of Leo.


    Now select the "Magnetic Lasso Tool" to make a good selection of the only hairs. With the magnetic lasso tool selecting the hairs of the picture and with magnetic lasso tool it will be very simple to select the hairs.


    Now create a new layer and start working on the new layer ideally it will be called layer 1.
    Now make a feather effect with the selection of 5 pixels. This will make the blending of the hair colour look gradiently changing and natural and will not look an abrupt change in colours on hair.
    Fill any colour into the selection.

    Now change the opacity of the layer 1 to 10-20% and you will see that the colour of the hair is totally different.



    You have inumerable combination to try and test it.
  2. lubna

    lubna New Member

    Some more samples to look at


  3. kanchan

    kanchan New Member

    hi there. It is so easy. You can also use the color mode of brush to change the whole image.
  4. vandana sharma

    vandana sharma New Member

    yes, i am in...........
  5. rapwaydown

    rapwaydown New Member

    you can do it with irfan view as well
  6. becomerLx

    becomerLx New Member

    It sounds like very interesting. I like do it.
  7. david82

    david82 New Member

    Very nice. But it is a very basic technique. Photoshop lets you do a lot more than just this. Like reflection, water effect, shadows etc etc.
  8. bretlee123

    bretlee123 New Member

    Change the color of hair is good thing. But think first which color is suited on you.
  9. aidenrock

    aidenrock New Member

    I read topic and saw pics they are very helpful and creative..
  10. hanswilmink

    hanswilmink New Member

    I never thought changing the color of someone's hair is so simple :O

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