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9 Ways to Remain Safe on WWW

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking Tips' started by lionaneesh, May 17, 2011.

  1. lionaneesh

    lionaneesh New Member

    Points to remember to stay safe and secure on the WWW.

    1. Install a good antivirus/IDS

    There are many sites on the net spreading Trojans, viruses and all kind of dirty stuff! If you are without a Anti-Virus, then it is most likely you will get infected within a day or so!

    2. Update your OS at least once in 3 days

    Never Ever avoid updating your OS no matter if its Linux, Windows , Mac etc. There are exploits released almost every day and if you are without updates then it’s a invite to Hackers.

    3. Never blindly click any links

    Don’t even trust Google , If the link is given to you from a untrusted location it may point to a Trojan ,Virus , Phished Page , etc..

    4. Don’t use same passwords on multiple sites

    Using a same password on multiple sites is the worst thing common users do while surfing the web. Same passwords on multiple sites are an easy way for hackers to get access to your other accounts on the web.

    5. Avoid registrations when you can do things without it

    Most of the people of the net are just unaware of the fact that registering on multiple sites can affect their privacy and can lead to further problems. Eg :- If i hacked a website where you are registered and i find some of your details from the site’s database , These details can help me crack your password on other sites and eventually leading to further attacks.

    6. Scan the website before visiting

    If your friend sent you a link and you want to test it if it’s secure to visit that site , then you can scan the website for malicious files in some online scanners , (It just take a minute!)

    7. Use strong passwords

    Powerful Passwords refer to a password which at least contains a letter(Small as well as Capital) , number , Special Character.
    Use of keywords like your birth date, name, username etc is a big NO.

    8. Don’t trust anybody you don’t know

    There are bad guys whole over the World Wide Web (especially on social networking sites), Hunting for victims, they ask for your sensitive information leading to successful exploitation of your account. Read more about Social Engineering for more info

    9. Always use a secure browser

    Client side attacks are a common way to get access to your machine, today most of the attack are undetectable by AV’s and IDS. Till date I find Mozilla Firefox to be the most secure and Internet Explorer to be the most weak.
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Great to see you back but make sure by now you understand how to format a post and have the post in the right section. This article is no way near to what we mean by Web Development.
  3. lionaneesh

    lionaneesh New Member

    Thanks , and yeah i'll make sure that i follow the guidelines ..
    Sorry for inconvenience!
  4. jack0050

    jack0050 New Member

    this really nice tips and thanks for sharing this nice info.

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