7 tips on how to write traffic attracting killer blog posts/articles

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This is an article on 7 tips on how to write traffic attracting killer blog posts/articles in Internet Marketing.
Many of us wonder what to be done to attract high quality traffic. The most important is, ofcourse, writing attractive articles which can make your site famous and ultimately increase site visitors. So, i will mention tips to write traffic increasing blog articles.

Tips to write Killer articles:

1. Good knowledge and research:

If you want to write an informative article, the first and foremost thing is good knowledge about article topic. So, select your article topic such that you can provide a fair good amount of knowledge to your readers from the article. I don’t say that you should be genius about the topic…but should have fair knowledge. This is also important as you have to answer queries raised by site visitors. You can use Google to achieve required knowledge. This is research part.

2. New content:

This is the crucial and i personally feel, the most important for any article to become killer and famous. Why?… I’ll tell you. If you have new informative content, site visitors would readily share it over various social networks and directories, making your site famous. Thus, it is new content that is important. New content implies you can add your own experiences in your articles

3. Language:

Keep your article language reader friendly. I found this as one of main secrets of many successful bloggers. Just read any article at say “Problogger” , it is the Darren’s language that makes the article so captivating. Also, avoid slangs and sensitive words in your articles. Also, test out your spelling mistakes. This matters a lot as lot of spelling mistakes brings frustration and thus leads to failure of our goal. I accept, that even i am a bit weak at this.

4. Develop your own addicting style:

If you will succeed at this, i will say your sitemeter will be bombarded by thousands of hits each day. Develop your own style of writing articles which will make your readers addict and force them to return to your site again. This will help you in building loyal readership. But, take care that this style will give joy to readers. This usually is achieved as time passes and your experience in blogging grows. I recommend you to read various articles written by Darren at Problogger. I have even achieved my style by following and researching his style.

5. Be positive and hopeful:

This thing, i found, not considered by many bloggers. While reading the articles, always focus on positive aspects. I mean, give your readers a feeling of hope and positiveness while they reading your articles. Let them feel inspired while or after reading your blog posts.

6. Add your personal experiences:

I have mentioned this in second tip as well. Mentioning your personal experience helps in removing an alien/stranger gap between reader and the writer. This helped me a lot in achieving good readers cum friends. But, while adding your experience, just remember that this personal experience will be used by your readers to evaluate your persona. So, be careful.

7. Use lists:

Using lists in your articles helps reader to easily scan your articles. This not only saves time but also makes it readable. I will not talk much about this over here as i have written an article "How to increase site traffic by lists". Just check it out.

8. Don’t include all information:

This may sound to be contradicting. Right? But, this is important to attract visitor interest in your article. Ask your visitors to share their views and tips by commenting. Now, if you have included all tips in article, there will not be any comments as visitors find their tips mentioned in article itself. Thus, their personal involvement decreases. So, leaving out simple points/tips helps in increasing comments and visitors involvement.

So, thats it. As said above, if you have your own views about killer articles, please mention it over here. I hope you find this article useful in writing a killer article.

Enjoy Blogging…..
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I don't agree with you on point no 8. I write Articles for users and so having as much information as possible is best way to go and its that content which would ranked and linked as well.
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By pt 8, i mean you can exclude simple common tips which almost any blogger knows. There is no use of mentioning such tips as they are well known.
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Originally Posted by Alex1239 View Post
By pt 8, i mean you can exclude simple common tips which almost any blogger knows. There is no use of mentioning such tips as they are well known.
:agreed: but then I still believe covering them all in a nutshell is what I would prefer.
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this is a good post..i like it.
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Keep tweaking your template to make it include every conceivable bell or whistle, Write about blogging, Digest the good ideas of other people, all day, every day, Invent a whole new kind of art or interaction, Post on weekdays, because there are more readers, Write about a never-ending parade of different topics so you don't bore your readers, Post on weekends, because there are fewer new posts, Don't interrupt your writing with a lot of links.

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Hi, great post... hope you don't mind if add what I've found in google: thanks

SOURCE: hellboundbloggers.com

What is killer blog post?
Killer blog post is a post that can boost the traffic on your blog and it may bring lots of exposure through various social media sites like Digg, Stumble Twitter and Facebook. Killer post is not a post with correct grammar and lots of words. Killer post has unique style, containing lots of information at one place, having lots of link backs, so that readers can get some better resources.

How to write killer blog post?
Well it is very difficult to answer this question because there are different strategies exist among bloggers to write and market their post. But certain points taken in mind while writing and promoting your post.
1. Make a list of resources
Resources are really important if we are going to write something which is going to hit the internet wildly. You should have collection of data and proper back links so that you can really connect the blog post through several other articles.
2. Content
Content is always the king. A blog post with lots of Grammar and spelling mistakes and too long descriptions are never going to work. Try to make your points small. Write a blog post that would stay in readers mind for a long time. The chances are high that they will link your article in their future post. Try to make a list post. 40 free Twitter apps or Top 10 twitter background design is most common kind of killer post.
3. Headline of the post
Well, the headline of the post is another big thing. Make your headline killer if you want to make your post killer. For example suppose in a blog post you are telling your readers about blogging tools used for blogging. There could be two possible headlines: (1) Blogging tools, (2) 25 Amazing and killer blogging tools. Which one sounds better? Obviously second one; the chances are high that other user retweet the article by other twitter users without having any look on the post. Headline will make everything easier.
4. Try to increase your list
If you are making any list post, try to make a huge list. If you are listing some useful 10 websites in a particular field, try to make it 20. People like more. 10 is common, if it would be 20, 30, 40 then it will spread viral in social media.
5. Add effects
People love effects, add more and more effects. Effects should be in a form of images, video, presentation, slide shows. It will definitely going to warm the reader’s eye while reading an article.
6. Linking
Linking a blog post to other post is very important. The link could be inbound or outbound depends on the nature of the post, but make it sure that it will useful for other readers. Don’t link to any old crap articles which has nothing to do with the current article. Try to link your article to some other killer article. It will make it authorize post. It is also good for SEO.
7. Promotion and networking
Promotion and marketing is very important after publishing the article. Immediately after publishing the post try to tell all the people in your network about your blog post. Try to send the tweets to fellow bloggers in direct message and ask them to RT it. Try to spread the post in Facebook and reply all the comments you get. It will increase popularity of post and the chances are high that your post will come at the sidebar on your Facebook friend. Ask your readers to take part on Digg, Reddit, Stumble, Delicious to give the greatest exposure to your post.
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Nice article here. everyone should read it once before starting to write any article OR post for own blog. Thank you for sharing information.