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20 Different ways to promote your site

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by shabbir, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    We have the [thread=280]List of Directories[/thread] to add some more to the list.
  2. rapwaydown

    rapwaydown New Member

    no, they manually review the site, it might take a month or even a year
  3. shakir

    shakir New Member

    nice thread . thanks a lot..........
  4. kristr

    kristr New Member

    There are a lot of ways for site promotion but none works well for free.
  5. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    I don't agree with you on this as I have many sites which are never promoted using any $$$
  6. lydabryant

    lydabryant New Member

    These are helpful tips!
    nice list too!:nice:
  7. it career

    it career New Member

    Can you add answers.yahoo.com and answerbag.com in your list ?
  8. seomarketing

    seomarketing New Member

  9. 3vmarketing

    3vmarketing New Member

    Good post shabbir!!! thanks
  10. SamanthaF

    SamanthaF New Member

    There are two ways to get traffic to your website.

    1. Paid advertisement.
    2. Free advertisement.

    Do some research on google and you will find numerous resources out there to use for obtaining traffic to your website.
  11. website-design-seo

    website-design-seo New Member

    different ways to promote your sites..

    25% on page factor,and 75% off page factor.is essential for a website.
  12. MartinJose

    MartinJose New Member

    I think to a newbie in site promotion, there are just two things are most important. One is the content of website,the other is back links.
  13. infosdem

    infosdem New Member

    There is another great tool that you can use for your directory submission work. This little known secret tool can be found on dirzap. This website contains both directories and the software needed to do the job. When you log on to the home page, the first thing to do is to register and move on to the forum.
    After registration, you will need to login to the site.
    Once you're logged in, you can see your list of sites by clicking the 'My Sites' button:
    If this is your first time logging in, there won't be any sites to display. To add a site click
    on the 'Add Site' button on the 'My Sites' page:
    This will display a form for you to enter your URL, 5 titles, 3 categories, a description, your email, and your name. These are the values DIRZAP will automatically fill in for you while you are ZAPping directories.
    There is currently no limit to how many sites you can track with DIRZAP, Editing & Deleting Sites
    You can edit or delete any of the sites you upload by clicking on the site's URL on the 'My site’ page
    Zapping Directories(submitting to directories) Once you have validated your site you can begin 'ZAPping' through our directory list by pressing the following button on the 'My Sites' page:
    Upon doing so, you will see the DIRZAP toolbar above the directory's submit page: To go back to your 'My Sites' page, click the "<< Back To My Sites" link.
    If you scroll down you will see the current directory's submit page with your site's details filled in. All you need to do is verify the information is correct and enter the CAPTCHA (if there is one). When you are finished, submit the form using the directory's submit button, just as you would if you were not using DIRZAP.
    If you do not find an appropriate category or do not wish to submit your site to the current directory, you can skip it by pushing the SKIP button on the DIRZAP toolbar.
    If this directory does not offer free, SEO-friendly links we ask that you check the box labeled 'Not a free directory' before pressing the SKIP button. This will help us remove directories that have changed their linking policies.
    If you decide to SKIP the directory, you will be taken to the next directory in our database.
    If you submit your site to the directory, and it was successful you will most likely be taken directly to the next directory. If there was an error or if we had trouble verifying the submission was successful, you will be shown the resulting page after the submission.
    If there were errors, you should correct them and resubmit. If the submission was successful, you can click the Next button to go the next directory.
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  14. markalbertt

    markalbertt New Member

    Yes-Out of this 92%, 85% use Google. So search engines especially Google, are the best place to start the marketing of our website.

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