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10 ways for getting links to ur site

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by vishal sharma, Jul 23, 2004.

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  1. webcreations

    webcreations New Member

    Forum posting
    Article posting
    Blog comments
    Press release
    Yahoo answers
  2. locker

    locker New Member

    hey great article with information to getting quality backlinks easily... I m just in the seo and try to learning everything to brought up my business....and such type of your's article are providing really so much help to me..
  3. khan85

    khan85 New Member

    ya definitely article submission is one of the best method create back link and it helps to get more traffic to our site.Some suggests forums and blogs also helps like article submission really its true.Can you say your suggestion here..It will be more helpful to create more back link to my site.thank you
  4. micheal.burns1

    micheal.burns1 New Member

    Yup I completely agree with you. Its an outdated strategy. And it might harm your site with new penguin updates.
  5. phrasedirectory

    phrasedirectory New Member

    i like your post thanks for such a nice helpful post.
  6. jaimehopkin

    jaimehopkin New Member

    Nice useful information tips...i hope this will be very helpful to me...
  7. SoniaTapiolas

    SoniaTapiolas Banned

    Its a informative article.These ten ways of link exchanging will be really useful for those who are engaged in link exchange process.
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