Go4Expert Toolbar
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G4EF Toolbar Change Log

Version Date Released Type of change Description of change
3.0.0 01-Oct-09
  (+) Added RSS funtionality : toolbar reads g4ef feed.
  (+) Added Dropdown box showing 10-15 new threads.
  (+) Added New look : glowing icons instead of plain old ones.
  (+) Added New combos : feed combos starting with "F". (See toolbar help)
  (+) Added New look of tooltips.
  (+) Added New mouse behaviour : CTRL+CLICK
  (+) Added Right-click to immediately refresh new threads list.
  (+) Added All feeds in the g4ef main toolbar can now be read by the internal RSS reader.
  (+) Added Auto-refresh of new threads list every "X" min. (you can set "X" in options)
  (+) Added Tooltip of new thread links shows some portion of the new threads.
  (+) Added FF remembers the last active feed and auto-loads that when FF starts.
  (+) Added Many other small features.
  (+) Added Disclaimer in the about box :p
  (!) Fixed Right-clicking bugs button didn't take you to last post.
  (!) Fixed Numerous improvements in internal code and GUI.
2.5 13-Aug-09
  (+) Added Option to disable beep sound on combo input error and minimize/restore.
  (+) Added Option to open new tabs without immediately focussing them.
  (+) Added "Options" dialogbox.
  (+) Added Show/Hide toolbar feature.
  (+) Added Gentle minimize sound on toolbar state change.
  (+) Added Toolbar shortcuts and combos remain active even if it's hidden.
  (+) Added Shortcut CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+O for "Options"
  (+) Added Shortcut CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T for toggling toolbar state (hidden/shown).
  (+) Added Support for auto-update of toolbar. FF will notify you when a new version is released
  (+) Added Persistence of settings. FF now remembers almost every change you make.
  (+) Added Many icons to the main toolbar.
  (+) Added A new combo : S/N JOKE for the Joke forum
  (+) Added Thread search and member search now have different icons.
  (!) Fixed Height of help dialog and font-size decreased.
  (!) Fixed Updated the combo list and the shortcut list.
  (!) Fixed A (better) gentle beep.
  (!) Fixed Combo preview moved to status bar instead of main toolbar
  (!) Fixed Improved java code which will allow faster changes to code.
  (-) Removed Disable combos check-box from main toolbar
  (-) Removed Shortcut CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E.
  (-) Removed Resize searchbox feature.
2.1 2-Aug-09
  (+) Added Combos CHAT and SUGG for Chit-Chat and Suggestions and Feedback forums respectively.
  (+) Added A cool combo list in the help section
  (+) Added Beep on rejecting a key (which does not fit into any Combo).
  (+) Added Shortcut for Help Dialog-box : CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+H.
  (!) Fixed Added MayJune's real name in the about box (check to know)
  (!) Fixed Seriously improved the accuracy of text area detection function
  (!) Fixed Modified some of the combos.
2.0 25-Jul-09
  (+) Added Shortcut key to focus the Search Box.
  (+) Added Combo Key-Sequences for almost every menu item
  (+) Added Combo sequences are displayed beside each menu item.
  (+) Added Time out for combo sequences.
  (+) Added Error handling in combo sequences input.
  (+) Added Real time preview of combos on the toolbar.
  (+) Added Option to switch combo sequences off (if it interferes with your typing).
  (+) Added Text-box recognition and automatic (temporary) disabling of Combo input
  (+) Added Cool help section. (feel free to tell me if you want something there)
  (!) Fixed Annoying tool-tip texts from menu items.
  (!) Fixed Clicking "Suggestions / Bug Reports" now moves you to the last post of the thread.
1.4 10-Jul-09
  (+) Added Shortcut key to open the toolbar main menu.
  (+) Added Short-cut keys to change search settings.
  (+) Added Update search button label on settings change.
  (+) Added Added direct link to "Suggestions / Bug Reports Thread".
  (+) Added CTRL+ENTER opens search results in new tab.
  (!) Fixed Wrong link in "Menu -> Forum URL -> General Chat -> Chit Chat -> Chit Chat".
  (!) Fixed Wrong link in "Menu -> Forum URL -> General Chat -> Chit Chat -> Your Vote Counts".
  (-) Removed "Tab Settings" from search options menu.
1.3 9-Jul-09
  (+) Added Search threads using forum search.
  (+) Added Search members using forum member search.
  (+) Added Left-Click <> Right-Click behavior.
  (+) Added Menu stays open after Right-Click, to allow users to open multiple tabs.
  (+) Added "Check for new version ..." in the toolbar menu.
  (+) Added Tabbed-browsing options for search results.
  (!) Fixed Optimized JavaScript.
  (!) Fixed Auto-select text in search box when it is focused.
  (-) Removed "Settings" sub-menu from toolbar menu.
1.2 8-Jul-09
  (+) Added Forum Feed URLs.
  (!) Fixed Changed the extension logo to a cool one.
  (!) Fixed About dialog displayed wrong Title.
  (!) Fixed Version number was unchanged in Ver.1.1.
1.1 8-Jul-09
  (+) Added GPL Ver 3 License.
  (+) Added Option to open URLs in new tabs.
  (+) Added "About" this plug-in dialog in G4EF Menu.
  (-) Removed Useless JS codes.