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How to Delete GMail Emails Instead of Archiving on iPhone Mail

  GMail App on iOS is quite slow and it is the only reason I prefer Mail app over GMail app. Once I started using iPhone Mail I saw that when I am trying to edit emails, I only have option to Archive them. So when I searched in Google I had to try and test some of the options to get the delete...


Basics of Computer Network Fundamentals

  Whether you are a newbie who is interested in learning some basic concepts related to computer networks or an experienced fellow looking for a quick refresher on computer network fundamentals, this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss some basic terminologies related to computer...


Keeping Footer at the Bottom With CSS and HTML

  Yup another post on the same day, again something old but haven't answered properly on the internet. The issue is what every web designer keep searching for years after properly coding the theme : "the damn footer doesn't stay at the bottom" Image:...

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