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JavaScript To Check Valid Email Address

  While designing web pages we several time needs scripts that check our data and validate it. Checking Email address file is one of the most commonly used scripts which we need for all registration purpose. While checking email, we need to focus on following points. A. An email address...


A Complete Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking

  Most of People are curious to become Hackers, but they do not know where to start, If you are in the same situation, then article will help you a lot. Every can become a good Ethical hacker, Provided that he/she should learn from basics, remember Hacking is not an art which can be mastered...


Huffman Encoding Using C

  Huffman encoding is a compression technique used to compress data for transmission.This program takes string as input from user and shows its encoded form as output with some intermediate outputs as well. The purpose of it is to reduce the number of bits used for each character for its transmission...


Kindle Or Ipad - Which One is Right For You

  If you throw an Apple in the Amazon River then who would exist? Silly question right? Both gonna exist. The way they flourish and move ahead would be different. People gonna accept them as they are for their needs. So here I discuss some questions which ultimately lead to a final question "Who is...



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