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We're back with this month's edition of Go4Expert's Newsletter. We hope you enjoy it and pass on the word to your buddies. As always, we'd love to know what you would like to see in upcoming newsletters and we welcome you to submit your feedback.

Tracking Feedburner Form Submissions in Google Analytics

  Feedburner statistics are not part of Google Analytics and I couldn't understand why but you can track Feedburner Email Subscription Form Submission in Google Analytics Very easily. Activate Email Subscription for your Feed in Feedburner and grab the HTML code of your subscription form. The HTML...


Switching from PC to Macbook - Things I miss on MAC

  December 2011 is when I moved to MAC from PC and there are few adaptions that need to be done for everybody who is willing to switch to MAC. The most common one is the application windows are mirrored i.e. the close button is in top left...


Signal Handling in Python

  Signals are a limited form of inter-process communication, it analogous to hardware interrupts. It is generally used by the operating system to notify processes about certain issues/states/errors, like division by zero, etc. In case, you want to know read more about signals read Signal and...


Find Similar Sounding Words in PHP

  Let say a condition where we wanted a utility that finds a matches of words which sounds all same. For example, stupid/stpid/stuuupid/sstuuupiid would all have the same soundex code, S313, Soundex is a phonetic algorithm which computes a soundex...

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