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Understanding & Using The tee Command

  *tee* command is common on Unix like systems and on Windows PowerShell. The tee command writes the input to the file specified and also to the standard output, it was named after the plumbing T-splitter used. Here's a graphical presentation of the tee command: Image:...


Printing Numerics from Alphanumeric Column in Oracle

  Let us suppose we have a table *T_APHA_NUMERIC* which consists alphanumeric column as shown below Code: --------- APHA_NUMERIC CDNTK1V0103H 123ABC45NJDK ABC12345 12345


Using *nix lsof Command To Your Advantage

  lsof or *LiS Open Files* is a very powerful command available on most of Unix-like systems, it lists all open files (in *nix everything is a file, drives, sockets, inodes, etc.). The listing can filtered using various parameters like process id, owner of the process, etc. In this article we'll...

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