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Beginners Guide to CGI Programming in Ruby

  CGI or Common Gateway Interface was created to server content over HTTP web servers using external scripting languages like Perl, Python, Ruby, or compiled binaries of C,C++, etc. Apache, the most popular web server and also others can be easily configured to run CGI scripts. In this article...


Scraping Websites with Ruby

  Web scraping is to extract or harvest data from websites using programs to automatically fetch/extract data after per-determined intervals. It is quite similar to a search engine bot crawling a website, the only difference here being that we'd be looking for specific data. We may scrape...


Difference Between C and C++ - The Complete List

  The misconception that C++ is an advance C still prevails among developers and so let me try to clarify that C++ only inherits some syntax from C and nothing more than that. Before I get into the details about the difference between C and C++ programming let me clarify a myth, which is, you need to...

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