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Web X.0

  The Web has become the most significant technology of the 21st century. The nature and structure of the Web, as well as the way we use it, have been continuously changing. The Web evolution is huge that we have started to place the evolution.past, current, and anticipated.into different stages as...


Socket Programming In C

  Today we will discuss about Sockets programming paradigm, elements of Sockets applications, and the Sockets API. The Sockets API allows to develop applications that communicate over a network. The network can be a local private network or the public Internet. An important item about Sockets...


The OSI model

  "What is The OSI model? Is this related to any of the atom models done in old school ? Huh!" No, my friend the OSI model [OPEN SYSTEM INTERCONNECTION ] is a way of subdividing a system into smaller or simpler parts [ with respect to the communications ] called layers. Things to remember 1. A...


How to Load Advertisements Asynchronously

  Web-pages can take take time to load for variety of reasons and if your page takes lot of time to load you have to identify areas where most of the time is taken. I have seen that in most cases it is always the *Advertisements*. At least that was the case for Go4Expert. My next step was to load...


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