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Blog Versus Forum

  If you Google Blog Vs Forum you would find that there are so many articles on the difference between the two but most of them are quite old and concentrate on some aspects of the comparison without any example. As I manage quite a few forums and...


How to Decrease Web Page Loading Time

  By now everyone in SEO industry is aware that web page loading is a part of seo/organic search and if you do not work on your page loading time all your effort on SEO may just go down the barrel. From the Official Google Blog...


Footer SlideUp For Any Website and Any AutoResponder

  After AWeber, GetResponse and Feedburner SlideUp there has been so many requests for Slideup especially for Blogger and other...


SEO Friendly Drop Down Menu Using JQuery

  Non-JavaScript Programmers find it difficult to have fancy drop down menu's but not any more. Today I will show you how easy it is to create a simple yet very SEO Friendly Drop Down Menu Using JQuery. The idea of this article came from the thread started by siddharthrkulkarni on Drop Down Menu...


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