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Why am I not allowed to post even after registering ?
After you have registered you will be sent an email ( to the mail id that you have mentioned during registration ) asking you to confirm the registration. You need to click on a specified link (url) in the mail to activate your account. Once you have done that you will be allowed to make posts. N.B. : Though it might seem inconvenient this was neccessary to disallow fake regstrations

What is Rep Power and how does it work ?
The User Reputation system allows forum members to leave comments about one anothers' posts, and thereby contribute to their overall 'reputation' of the forum member.

User Reputation in its simplest form is a ranking of your user's benefit to your forum. Users gain and lose reputation based on how their posts are scored by other forum participants. Users with the ability to affect reputation, will either give or take aways points by approving or disapproving with a post's content.

You will see the following icon near every post and clicking the icon will launch Popup which will give you couple of options
  • I approve
  • I disapprove
As well as have the option of leaving the comment on the post.

The amount of Reputation you pass on to other member's also depends on your reputation power which is visible near all the posts.

Why I can't seem to find the option for me to upload my own avatars ?
To select an avatar go to My Go4Expert > Edit Avatar - from here you can select an avatar of your choice. You will get the option for custom avatars once you reach 10 posts. If you have reached your 10 posts mark and still cannot upload your own avatar, this may be because your privileges have not been updated. Wait for sometime and try again. If you are still experiencing this problem get in touch with administrators.