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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

This is a community of programmers, for programmers and by programmers.

Respect the members

The Go4Expert Forums (G4EF) is a place where we respect fellow members.

This is your forum and community and its only you who can make it Spam Free and stop the cross posting and so anything you feel is not appropriate to your community just report it. Use icon near every posts to report any bad posts.

If you've been banned or accused of something wrong doing please don't be irrational. When we revoke privileges we do so to preserve the professionalism of the forums, not as a personal gesture. You can always question your post being flagged as spam and/or your account being banned.

How to contact the Admin

You can find the Contact us links in the footer of all pages. We'll be happy to address your concerns.

We have setup the following guidelines to make the community a better place

Welcome the new members

One reason the Go4Expert Forums is so special is that we welcome all newcomers, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience. Help new members learn about how to find information and resources, and how to get involved in the community.

Keep personal what is personal

Before you post, consider that what you post will not only appear on our forum, but may also come up in searches and on external search engines. If you do not wish to make a piece of information public knowledge, do not post it.

No Self promotion

The Go4Expert Forums has a strict, no-self-promotion policy. Linking to your own web pages or pages from sites which you are affiliated with (including affiliate links) will be deemed as self-promotion and could ultimately result in lifetime ban.


Avatars are small images that can be included in your user profile. These images must be 75 X 75 pixels or less and a file size limitation applies. You cannot use

  1. Badges images as avatars because that can lead to confusions.
  2. Go4Expert Logos (Apart from the ones provided in the avatar section)
  3. X-Rated images

Duplicating content

Copying any content from another person's work, or another website, is not allowed without express permission from the creater/owner of the original work. Even if you attribute the article correctly it is still copyright infringement. Do not reproduce substantial parts of articles or news items from other sites in the forums. If you don't have permission to copy something then always err on the side of caution and simply post a link to the material at its original location, or quote a short excerpt only, indicating where the quote came from. Go4Expert shall not be held responsible for member-posted information that violates copyright.

Private Messages

The private message system of the forums allows you to send messages to other members in private. Where applicable, the same guidelines apply to the private message system as apply to messages posted on the forums. Sending any unrequested commercial and/or bulk message through the private message system may result in an immediate suspension of posting privileges. Furthermore, any reports of harassment via the PM system will be fully investigated. To report an abusive or unwanted PM, please use the Contact us Form.

We reserve the right

Go4Expert reserves the right to remove a post which does not relate to the topic being discussed in the forum. Some forums which has minimal activity topics may, at Go4Expert's discretion, be relocated to a more appropriate discussion forum, or deleted entirely.

We also reserve the right to remove your membership from you if you violate the Guidelines

Signature policy
Each Go4Expert Forums Membership comes with the ability to display a signature. This signature can be used to promote your site, business, or other ventures as long as they relate to you personally. You may not allow others to use your signature nor can you rent out the space for use. Your signature is not a commercial entity and cannot be sold, anyone found to be breaking these guidelines will be warned. Repeat warnings will result in a PERMANENT ban.

Your promotional Signature must follow these guidelines:
  1. Signature size is limited to 4 lines of 60 characters.
  2. You can put in links that lead to your site(s) or a product page.
  3. You can have a slogan. i.e. "UK's Best Hosting starting at £19.99" .
  4. No affiliate or referral links.
  5. No scams or unenforceable offers
  6. Pre-approved BBcode is acceptable but must adhere to the following restrictions:
  7.   o Center and Right align tags are NOT to be used.
      o Code, Quote, PHP, HTML, Edit, Off Topic and Spoiler tags are NOT to be used.
      o The HR tag is NOT to be used.
      o The maximum font size permitted is size 2.
  8. Signature cannot contain images.
  9. Signatures cannot be sold, nor contains offers to buy or sell other signatures. This includes but is not limited to linking to websites that solicit the selling of signatures.
  10. You cannot link to non-acceptable sites which includes but is not limited to linking to websiteslike adult sites / gambling sites ...
Note: Signatures and live links within posts are not available to users until they have at least 10 posts.

Article submission guidelines

As a general community rule copying any content from another person's work, or another website, is not allowed without express permission from the creater/owner of the original work but for articles we don't accept articles which you plan to submit to other multiple sites and article directories. Articles written only for Go4Expert is acceptable with an exception that you can publish the same article on your personal blog or site.

Each post needs to be 100% original and cannot have been published on other websites or print publications. Bloggers should fully disclose any and all past and present commercial relationships to companies and people mentioned in their post.

Go4Expert retains exclusivity of the post for 24 hours after it runs. After that, author can repost on their personal blogs with attribution to the original article on Go4Expert. Authors should obtain Go4Expert's consent before republishing the content on a third-party site.

You’re welcome to link to your own social media profiles, your own blog, and other assets from your own business within your post, but Go4Expert reserves the right to remove third-party affiliate lists.

Each post will be edited and copy edited by Go4Expert Editors. Edits may be made to adhere with Go4Expert's style. We may also edit your post for length.

Your submission is subject to manual review by the editorial staff and does not guarantee publication. By submitting your article, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to Go4expert's editorial guidelines and grant permission for Go4Expert editor to edit your post.

Technical articles should include example code as well as sample output and we prefer to accept detailed articles which are generally above 1000 words and covers every aspect of the topic.

Format of the Article is.

  • Introduction - First 150-200 words explaining what the article is all about.
  • Background - Some Background about the article like what is pre-requisite for understanding the article if any.
  • The Content - The actual article
  • Conclusion - Your final thought on the topic

When you try submitting an article you will find sample template for the article which will have an output as below.

Here are some of the tips to help you format your articles better.

  1. Code Blocks

    Have the code blocks when you have any code in the posts. The format is as follows
    // Code Block

    Where LanguageName is the tha language of the code.

    // Code Block

    Refer to the following url for complete list of formatting tags - BBCode

  2. List blocks

    If you have any list that needs to be shown use the list bbcode as follows.

    [*] Item 1
    [*] Item 2
    [*] Item 3

  3. Linking to as many previous articles as possible

    You should be linking to as many articles as possible from . It may or may not be your article but linking to them in the introduction is preferable but anywhere where you think is needed link it but just dont over do it. Its upto you to make the judgement.

  4. Article comments reply

    Reply to the comments on the articles and also interact with the other forum members on the Queries and discussion forum. Post replies to the queries and be an active member of the forum.

  5. Para spacing

    All the para should have one line spacing and not more and not less. Refer to your some of the articles regarding the same. Also apply your judgement here

  6. Heading block

    All the heading should go between Mark block but the name is not optional but you can leave it as blank.

    [MARK=SomeName]Some Heading With Name[/MARK]
    [MARK=]Heading without Name[/MARK]


    [MARK=ModReg]How to Modify Registry[/MARK]

    And leave a line before starting the para.

  7. Emoticons

    Use the emoticons wherever you should.

  8. InlineCode

    Any function in the middle of the para should be surrounded by inline code.


  9. Provide details about yourself

    Provide couple of lines about yourself to be shown in the author box through PM or contact us.