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Stumbled!! Confused?? I Need Expert Advice. How I can get it?
Search for the forums using the Google Powered Search or Advance Search for already answered queries or Just start a new thread using Post New Thread button in a most appropriate forum on the questions that are bugging your mind and wait for experts and specialists from all over the globe come to your rescue with their expert advice and solutions. Remember not to create the same thread over and over again in many forums of the site as that does not help.

This site is totally dedicated to knowledge and resource sharing. Practical advice and solution from an experienced specialist makes a world of difference to a difficult or technical problem whose solution may not be so easy to find.

Why should I bother to answer the queries ?
The answer is priceless: To help someone who needs it for you can!! In reading the problems put forward by the people, you might find them facing something you might have struggled with sometime back. Or maybe you can save someone a lot of trouble by using only a few minutes of your time, may be you can even learn something new from someone else, or it might just interest you as to what is happening where you once were! Technical problems can sometimes be tricky and you might get new insights by looking at something particular. And lets admit it, providing expert advice is more fruitful pastime than chat sessions or solitaire.

I am unable to see my Signature when I am logged in?
You need to enable the display signature options from your control panel to see the signatures of yours as well as others.

1. Go to My Go4Expert
2. Go to Edit options
3. Place a check on the Check box "Show Signatures"

Its by default off for any new user who registers on the forum and so you could not see the signatures of yours as well as other users.

I just submitted a post and could not find it?
You could not find the post you have submitted for 3 reasons

1. You have submitted them as an Article/Tutorials instead of forums.

You wait till the moderator validates your query and moves it to the right forum.

2. You have been flagged as spam due to low number of post count and high no of links in the posts.

Your posts will be deleted and if it continues for the 3 times your account will be banned.

3. You have not submitted the post but just previewed it.

Just submit it once again.

Links and signatures
You can always link to sites which are relevant to the query but if the situation comes where you see a query where user is looking for something which you provide then you can post the links in the posts but better if you ask him to refer to your signature instead of posting links to your site because that can be considered unethical at times.

Also remember that your signature is in accordance with the Signature Policy