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  1. Internet Explorer Vs Firefox
  2. Are you Left handed or Right handed?
  3. What are your preferred mediums for getting information?
  4. Who will win Euro 2008?
  5. Pepsi or Coke?
  6. BAN on smoking
  7. Why would anyone buy Hybrid cars?
  8. So do think you spend too much time in front of PC?
  9. Which is your preferred OS?
  10. Preferred Social Networking APIs?
  11. What type of gaming you prefer?
  12. Is Internet replacing Television?
  13. Which is safer? wired or wireless!
  14. Social Responsible or Sensation?
  15. Which font you prefer when writing code/docs?
  16. howDoYouDeclareVariables?
  17. Vote for “India – Still An Outsourcing King”?? YES / NO
  18. Do you agree 90% computer users are fool?
  19. Whats your screesn resolution ?
  20. Which email service you prefer?
  21. IE Wishlist
  22. Would you drop your rates for the sake of the suffering economy?
  23. Is Submitting Articles to Articles directories a Waste of Time?
  24. which type of software do you like "Free Software" or "Paid Software"
  25. What does copyrights means ?
  26. Are you a WIKI Editor ?
  27. How many distinct CPUs do you have on your PC ?
  28. Is your computer Male or Female ?
  29. Oscar 2009 - what your think?
  30. Who do you think are better Programmer, Men or Women ?
  31. Where you read News ?
  32. One programming Language !!!
  33. Are blog comments just SPAM?
  34. Online Dating or Social Network Sites
  35. Is Alexa reliable ?
  36. Do you use different stylesheets for different browsers?
  37. SEO is easier with?
  38. Creating a website for a client free of charge ?
  39. Safest Country in the world Today ?
  40. Is it safe to stop supporting for IE6 now?
  41. Is this not Gambling ?
  42. Ebook Format
  43. Is 1$ Daily Competition meaningless ?
  44. Do you buy small Utility softwares ?
  45. Do donate buttons offend you?
  46. Drupal Or Joomla ?
  47. How good is your eye-sight ?
  48. Upper limit for $1 Competition
  49. One thing you can't recycle is "Wasted time"
  50. Online Community
  51. Where and how did you get into programming ?
  52. School just cut the wings of young people
  53. At What time you go for lunch ?
  54. Do you read testimonials ?
  55. Poll: In general, is "cunning" word used as positive or negative sense?
  56. Should we have Only One Answer in 1$ Competition?
  57. What is your MOTO in Life ?
  58. Best Antivirus You prefer
  59. Should we have a separate section for submitting code snippets ?
  60. Breakfast or Internet ?
  61. Rate the questions posted by Shabbir in $1 Daily Contest..
  62. Nomination for Avatar of the month - Aug 2009
  63. Brand value?
  64. Voting for Avatar of the month - Aug 2009
  65. Change your Thinking
  66. Biggest Lessons from Mistake ?
  67. Best Software's of 2009 - Which ones you have ?
  68. Google Buzz, Will Facebook, Twitter May lose value
  69. Windows or linux
  70. Only cheque withdrawal from PayPal account for India
  71. Will IE Become Extinct in 2013?
  72. Which technology you like more in DotNet to Develop application ?
  73. Which team win Cricket 2011 World Cup ?
  74. Do you save images in Database?
  75. Why you have Joined GO4Expert?
  76. Do you need GO4Expert to change its way of looking ?
  77. What type of Tutorial do you like in GO4Expert ?
  78. Which one is a beter choice for a Windows Cloud Server?
  79. Who was the world's first computer programmer?
  80. Who create more virus?
  81. How many time average the Go4Expert members be on Go4Expert to help the people daily?
  82. Why do you want India to win in Ind Vs Aus World cup Quarter Final?
  83. Who is Best?
  84. iPhone App for G4E