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  1. Hiding other windows in C#
  2. DragDrop in TreeView
  3. Bidirectional Hashtable
  4. Inheritance & Polymorphism
  5. C# and destructors
  6. XML parsing in C#
  7. OutputDebugString in .NET (C#)
  8. Difference between System.Windows.Forms.Timer and System.Timers.Timer
  9. WinXP themes without manifest!
  10. .NET access modifiers
  11. Iteration Statements
  12. Struct (Value Types)
  13. XML and C#
  14. Invoke and BeginInvoke of control and delegates
  15. C# interview questions
  16. TextBox Control in C#
  17. Winsock with C#
  18. Doubly Linked List Implementation in C#
  19. Events and Delegates simplified
  20. Basic Sample of Reflection
  21. Commenting and Documenting in C#
  22. Introduction to Generics in C#
  23. Overview of C#
  24. Nested Functions in C#
  25. Exception Handling in C#
  26. .NET System.Globalization namespace
  27. Constructors in C#
  28. .Net's Directory Class Overview
  29. Generating GUIDs with .Net
  30. Data Types in C#
  31. Bubble Sort in C#
  32. .Net collections enumeration
  33. Constructor And Destructor in C#
  34. Overview of .NET Framework
  35. Multithreading in C#
  36. Simple Encryption/Decryption using C#
  37. Send Email and attachments in C#
  38. Read and write ODF/ODS files (OpenDocument Spreadsheets)
  39. Generate and add keyword variations on Google AdWords from .NET
  40. How to Capture error log using C#.Net?
  41. QuickSort in C#
  42. Custom Math Class
  43. Understanding Namespaces in C# With Examples
  44. Objects in C#: Casting, Boxing, Unboxing, typeof
  45. C# Interfaces
  46. Lambda Expressions and Anonymous Methods in C#
  47. C# Operator Overloading
  48. Extension Methods and Anonymous Types in C#
  49. Understanding Dynamic Binding in C#
  50. Pointers and Unsafe Coding in C#
  51. Preprocessor Directives & .NET XML Documentation
  52. The Overview of .NET Framework And Salient Features
  53. C# String Manipulation Tutorial With Examples
  54. Complete Guide to Using Date & Time in C#
  55. C# Formatting & Parsing With ToString, Parse and IFormattable
  56. Working with Numbers in C#
  57. Enumeration Collections IEnumerable and IEnumerator in C#
  58. Using IList and ICollection Interfaces
  59. Lists, Queues, Stacks & Sets in C#
  60. C# Array Class
  61. Understanding C# Dictionaries WIth Examples
  62. Getting Started With LINQ in C# With Examples
  63. Subqueries & Interpreted Queries in LINQ
  64. LINQ to SQL & Entity Framework Understanding Similarities and Differences
  65. Understanding LINQ Operators in C# With Examples
  66. LINQ to XML
  67. Understanding XmlReader, XmlWriter & XmlDocument in C#
  68. Disposal & Garbage Collection in C#
  69. Code Diagnostics with Code Contracts in C# and Conditional Compilation
  70. Complete Threading Tutorial (C#)
  71. Advance Threading and Tasks in C#
  72. Asynchronous Functions in C# - Async and Await
  73. Understanding File and Stream IO in C# With Examples
  74. Beginners Guide to Networking in C#
  75. Absolute Beginner's Guide to WPF Application With Examples
  76. Understanding WPF Grid Layout
  77. Formatting WPF Controls
  78. Understanding Content Controls in WPF
  79. WPF Container Controls - ScrollViewer, GroupBox, TabItem and Expander Control
  80. Understanding Text and List Controls in WPF
  81. Collection classes in .NET
  82. Generics in .NET
  83. Features in C# 5.0
  84. Dynamic Language Runtime in C#
  85. Managed Extensibility framework in C#
  86. Understanding Windows Runtime
  87. MessageQueue Class - Queuing Messages in .NET