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  1. Data Types in MySQL
  2. Formatting dates in MySQL server query
  3. MySQL database abstraction class in PHP
  4. MySQL command line options.
  5. Copying an existing table to a new table in MySQL
  6. Regular Expressions in MySQL
  7. MySQL Storage Engines
  8. Steps To Secure Your MySQL Databases
  9. Foreign Keys in MySQL
  10. Reset MySQL password for Windows Vista
  11. Why Prepare SQL Queries??
  12. Replace Statement in MySQL
  13. Setting-Up a Relational Database in MySQL
  14. Top 10 MySQL Mistakes Made by PHP People
  15. Left & Right Join In Mysql
  16. GROUP_CONCAT Function In MySQL
  17. Substrings Functions in MySQL
  18. User & Privilege Management in MySQL
  19. Some Under-Used MySQL Functions