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  1. Audit Trail in SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 7
  2. Parsing technique in sql server
  3. Stored Procedure in sql server
  4. SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) : part 1
  5. Triggers in SQL SERVER.
  6. Basics of Stored Procedures
  7. Tuning an SQL query
  8. CUBE function in SQL Server
  9. Concatenating data with Multiple Result(s) using FOR XML PATH
  10. Using String, Date, Math, Rank and System Functions in SQL Server
  11. Aggregate Functions in SQL Server
  12. Understanding All Types of Joins in SQL Server
  13. Creating and Managing Triggers in SQL Server
  14. Managed Code in SQL Server
  15. Manipulating XML Data
  16. Introduction to Service Broker in SQL Server