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  1. Error: Must declare a body because it is not marked abstract, extern, or partial
  2. binary files
  3. i want to draw circle on a image (any format..bmp,jpeg etc)
  4. get Gmail msgs. XML to Objects - XmlSerializer error(There is an error in XML)
  5. Highlight focus of control
  6. listview to listbox code?
  7. Can Anyone tell how to make virus in C#.net
  8. Windows Service : to program a software security feature
  9. How can i develop opc server using c#?
  10. Help with c# checkbox
  11. Tutorial application for teaching Windows Explorer
  12. Does Anybody Know how to decrypt cookies in C#.net?
  13. OleDbException - problem
  14. String.Replace help!
  15. Major Project
  16. c# increment and decrement counter
  17. Sending information from an application
  18. reading from a file and writing to an array
  19. C# with SQL [Window Forms Help]
  20. Beginner help with C#.
  21. Refrence adding problem
  22. Difference b/w List and ArrayList
  23. C# Menustrip, dialogs and exe files
  24. Database driven Calendar
  25. myFrm.BackColor
  26. myFrm.BackColor
  27. Wiki Markup Parser
  28. Confusion :confused:
  29. question about vc#(making an executable)
  30. Typed DataSet - Migration to ODP.NET
  31. .Net Framework 3.5 installation error
  32. Help Writing a Logger Program
  33. Hey guys im new here and need some help with my coding-random guessing game
  34. Need help with Read() function
  35. Making a Class file in C#
  36. Trying to Iterate through XML files
  37. DLL protection
  38. Use ActiveX without registration
  39. Load flash movies directly from any source (no temporary files)+snap a frame
  40. Connection string problem
  41. Work with SQL
  42. OPOS Biometrics Identify method in C#
  43. Need help for enable/Disable LAN using C#
  44. How to create dll in c#
  45. [Java][C#][Skype][WinAPI] simple plugin for Skype, sound redirection from speaker to
  46. Help with Stacks and Heaps
  47. Problem in installing .Net Framework 3.5
  48. Report problem
  49. Help with httpwebrequest POST data to https
  50. Need help to figure out what I'm doing wrong....???
  51. C# Passing data between forms
  52. how to call function in a DLL
  53. String Arrays
  54. Beginning C# Objects: From Concepts to Code ebook
  55. To retrieve a list of softwares on client machine within network
  56. Update Excel Cell Value to "2009.03" but it become "2009.3"
  57. Difference between c# and c#.net
  58. What to learn to know ASP.net
  59. How to read all media files
  60. Passing numbers with leading zeros
  61. How to create a class in C Sharp 4.0
  62. How to Prevent Instantiation with an Abstract Base Class in C Sharp 4.0
  63. How to Interface or Abstract Base Class in C Sharp 4.0?
  64. Format a Type with ToString ()
  65. ToString ()
  66. Make Types Equatable
  67. Make Types Hashable with GetHashCode()
  68. Make Types Sortable
  69. Give Types an Index
  70. Notify Clients when Changes Happen
  71. Overload Appropriate Operators
  72. Convert One Type to Another
  73. Prevent Inheritance
  74. Tutorials for configuring a SQLite db
  75. Cannot create/invoke delegate
  76. convert memcpy() C++ to C#
  77. C Sharp Keydown short cut problem CTRL+S getts fired when S is pressed
  78. help with c# curly brackets please
  79. C# RichTextBox Sales App
  80. Need help.....How to assign shotcut key in C#
  81. sample application in image processing
  82. Passing Data between Forms.
  83. C# programming Help For a Small WEb APplication is needed
  84. Problems with datatable getchanges
  85. C# Online Classes for Free
  86. [C#] Please Help With Reading Tricky Xml
  87. HelloWorld program can compile but no output shown on console
  88. Should one install all versions of .Net Framework?
  89. Serial Input Buffer Size??
  90. C# listener web request
  91. c#.net advance virus
  92. Resolution issue?
  93. Need a way in c# .Net framework target 2.0 to extract passworded .7z or .uha!!
  94. Speech recognition dll for asp.net and c#.net
  95. Yahoo messenger login example
  96. Handling large datasets in charts quickely
  97. Problems with unchecking "Select All" checkbox by code
  98. obtaining country names from IP
  99. What is the difference between VB.NET and C# ?
  100. read from xml by tag in c#
  101. Keylogger + Email + USB Spread Written in C#
  102. Sum of form entries
  103. Probing and Hashing problem
  104. Final year project ideas
  105. Taking input
  106. program languages' complexity comparison
  107. difference between <c> and <code>
  108. SSL with SocketAsyncEventArgs?
  109. Map system which mointors the network using PING
  110. how to open 2nd form from 1st and close the 1st one simultaneously
  111. Download An Image From A URL In background in C# WPF
  112. moving the panel inside a form (like photoshop hand tool)
  113. Save User Settings
  114. save date and time separately in sql 2005 using c#.net
  115. Need help to make line calculator.
  116. C# client server ideas needed
  117. Use ActiveX without registration
  118. Ask about LINQ and Lambda Expression
  119. How to get Kerberos settings on an Windows 2008 Active Directory?
  120. C# mail sending
  121. expected class delegate enum interface or struct is cuming up as an error ?
  122. Logical Error
  123. picturebox problems
  124. Sending data from c# application to web serve
  125. COM Port in C#
  126. Need help with DataSet in C#
  127. Inaccessible due to protection levels
  128. Trying to load my 3dModel into C# - Help
  129. communicate with a scanner
  130. [C#|OpenSSL] RSA is causing me headaches
  131. Need help with calculating the accumulated total
  132. Making own linear list
  133. help with pacman c#
  134. Passing command line arguments to exe coded in C#
  135. C# Output to Flash (chat project)
  136. c# beginners tutorial book
  137. C# problem connecting on remote SQL
  138. Help needed for c# program...
  139. use of param keyword in c#
  140. help ftp upload
  141. Using WMI Code creator
  142. Help Programmatic-ally updating and overwriting excel sheets in c#
  143. How send SMS Farsi (Arabic) with a GSM modem
  144. [C# Net 4.0 2010] Webbrowser with tabs and such
  145. Input the subject and find total numberof marks and percentage
  146. Add two number in C#......
  147. Input any number and find Even number and Not Even number
  148. Find the greatest number between the three number.
  149. The event msn_OnIMWindowCreated no longer works
  150. moving labels across screen
  151. Question multiple DataReaders
  152. Optical Character Recognition
  153. Detecting Folders Navigation
  154. What data type would be best for storing the money formatb of data in C#?
  155. How to create multi language with databinding?
  156. How to use delegate and event in userControl ?
  157. Automating FWT Yield Report crunching
  158. help with invalad cast exception
  159. How to detect keys pressed (C#)
  160. String extraction from text file
  161. String extraction from text filed
  162. Fatal error encountered during data read
  163. connecting
  164. Good ADO.NET / ASP.NET / LINQ / .NET 4.0 books in English or German?
  165. Opening HTML file at boommark
  166. Videoconferencing program help
  167. Aspx.cs C# code-behind for SHARP OSA Help Please
  168. c# learning
  169. Open Excel Document on Button Click
  170. geting images of Moving Pictures(video)
  171. Loan Payment Calculator
  172. refresh database automaticaly (not datasource)
  173. inheritance and polymorphism in c#
  174. String Builder
  175. C# datatable not reading from proc!
  176. MSSQL to C#
  177. Help With C# Questions
  178. C# DataGrid Web App
  179. Need help logging in on website with HTTPWebRequest
  180. deleting individual particles c#
  181. Best book for C# .NET framework?
  182. Help in simple Registration System
  183. c# code for a pattern
  184. Form background with per-pixel alpha?
  185. a file doesn't want to be deleted or overwritted
  186. Rfid
  187. Storing file directory in a database
  188. Deletimg row from datagridview
  189. Need help with C# error "No Overload for method "Box" takes 1 argument"
  190. Taking information from E-mails and inserting in Spreadsheet
  191. Nesting if else statements?
  192. C# Constructor
  193. About C sharp
  194. C# Dice Roll Program With Images
  195. Passing data / events between two worker threads in c#
  196. Delete row from database
  197. random selection from list
  198. Filestreaming System.OutofMemoryException
  199. Need Help Getting Info From One Class & Displaying In Program.Cs
  200. web link manipulation useing web control
  201. open a Microsoft Office document using the WebBrowser control
  202. BeginInvoke help please
  203. c sharp softphone development
  204. How to validate user ID and password login from SQL Server thru C#
  205. C# softphone with AA, DND, voice call recording - advice
  206. video quality, codec support
  207. C# programming form help
  208. how to connection crystal report in c# 2010
  209. "ActiveX component can't create object" while using VB6 ActiveX Dll with C# 2010
  210. C# Updating changes back to SQl database
  211. Anti-piracy
  212. Need Help Setting Up C# Compiler...
  213. C++ to C#
  214. How to remove index numbers from each line of text file
  215. Want to develop Portable Document Format Files on fly in C#
  216. help please
  217. WebRequest and WebResponse has issues
  218. Enable Dragging on borderless form
  219. How to get DOB value created by javascript using C#?
  220. Unable to change label text for certain location on web form (Label.text = "string")
  221. Pass url parameters using WebBrowser control
  222. dynamically add multiple textBoxes in the form using C#
  223. No new form opens
  224. Steam_RCP: Steam-like GUI and DB connection
  225. How to synchronize a comboxes in bound wpf datagrid
  226. How to refresh a datagrid? (plus something more)
  227. Help with iterating through cells in datagrid
  228. C# Foreach statement not working on datagrid
  229. C# Microsoft Solver Foundation load/read data from a file
  230. Does C# support bit fields (bit packing) in structure?
  231. .sdf file not showing inserted data by programmatically
  232. Reading a remote server's POST response to my server's POST and GET commands
  233. How to run HTTP POSTs and HTTPListener concurrently in C#
  234. How to get my Server's Http class code to work in Windows 7
  235. help me to draw table in C# windows form application
  236. Wrong trackbar value when using it to control leds brightness
  237. Graphic User Interface freezes after 2 mins
  238. object reference not set to an instance of Object
  239. Reading byte from serial ports
  240. Creating a loop around a checkedbox
  241. Gui stopped responding after two updates
  242. Error report using a camera sdk for barcode scanning in C#