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  1. My Project:ShutDown Timer ver 1.0
  2. My Project:Service Manager
  3. Populate a list with the available printers installed on the local machine
  4. Write A Simple COM Application
  5. Multithreading in COM
  6. Separate resource into a separate DLL
  7. Basics for Sockets Programming
  8. OS version detection for 32 and 64 bit OS.
  9. Add color to console projects
  10. MessageBoxTimeout
  11. Single Instance Application
  12. Win32 Application to capture email addresses from any appropriate file
  13. Listing directories and sub directories
  14. Simple example of creating tab controls
  15. Simple example of enumerating a child window proc
  16. WhatColor Program - shows the color under the cursor
  17. Windows Message Handling
  18. Start a process
  19. Internal mechanism of "Static linked DLL" works
  20. Advantages of explicit linking of Dynamic Link Library (DLL).
  21. Interprocess Communication through WM_COPYDATA & Shared Memory
  22. Hook windows control messages through subclassing
  23. Making client and server using win32 socket.