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  1. MySQL-Perl Connectivity
  2. Getting All the Environment Variables of the Server
  3. Perl Hit Counter
  4. Simple Cookie example
  5. A PERL take on Google Suggest Data
  6. Paths in Perl
  7. CGI-Perl Tips
  8. XML parsing in Perl
  9. Proxy using Perl
  10. Simple Negative Number Checking Subroutine in Perl
  11. Print all CGI environment vairables
  12. ucwords functionality in Perl
  13. Recursive Directory Listing of remote server throught FTP
  14. Testing Filenames in Perl
  15. Sending Mails with Perl using Net::SMTP
  16. Shortcuts in Perl
  17. List of file extensions and their MIME types in a hash
  18. Remove repetitions in Array
  19. Colorize shell output
  20. Obtaining basic system info with Perl
  21. A diferent find . -type f -exec grep main {} -H \;
  22. Read/Write MP3 Tags with Perl
  23. Using Benchmark Perl Module
  24. PERL password generator for Linux (genpass)
  25. PERL - The String Form: Expression Evaluation
  26. Using Variables In Perl Regular Expressions
  27. Time Difference To String
  28. Validating HTML with Perl Module HTML::Lint
  29. Show Page Process Time in Perl
  30. Introduction To Hashes In Perl
  31. in_array Functionality in Perl
  32. Use Parallel Processing For Faster Perl Scripts
  33. Perl Hash : Tips & Tricks
  34. Iterative Function To Find X to the power N
  35. Introduction to templating with Perl
  36. File Tips & Trick in Perl
  37. Some Tricks With Filehandles in Perl
  38. Parsing CSV File Using Perl
  39. Accessing Mail via POP3 in Perl & PHP
  40. IRC bot in Perl
  41. Check Whether A Process Is Running Or Not
  42. Sending Email in Perl
  43. Redirecting URL in Perl
  44. Format Date/Time in Perl
  45. Strip/sanitize HTML with Perl
  46. Progress Bar in Perl
  47. Easy Pagination In Perl
  48. Access Amazon S3 Service using Perl
  49. Ceil/Floor/Round in Perl
  50. Multiple Choice Questions in PERL
  51. Twitter Controlled RAT (Mobile accessible)
  52. Simple Web Crawler in Perl
  53. Introduction to JSON in Perl
  54. Clean User Input HTML using HTML::Scrubber