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  1. Guest book system without a database
  2. Track your visitors, using PHP
  3. PHP On-The-Fly!
  4. PHP and Cookies; a good mix!
  5. Mastering Regular Expressions in PHP
  6. Read ID3 tag from a MP3 file
  7. Temporary Password Creator
  8. Temporary password in PHP
  9. Page Process Time in PHP
  10. Calculate directory size using PHP
  11. Haversine Formula
  12. Graph using PHP GD library
  13. Login and Logout using Sessions and Cookies
  14. Creating image thumbnails with PHP!
  15. Form validation with PHP & JavaScript
  16. PHP Sessions
  17. Create an ODBC Connection with PHP
  18. PHP Function to calculate time remaining
  19. Using Sendmail in PHP
  20. Assoc Array to String & String to Assoc Array
  21. Flat File Counter in PHP
  22. Optimize file uploads in PHP
  23. Page wise display of data
  24. MP3 renamer in PHP
  25. Single Quotes and Double Quotes are very different in PHP
  26. Simple Calendar using PHP
  27. Installing & Using PEAR
  28. Simple Logging with PHP
  29. Advanced Logging in PHP with PEAR
  30. Showing no. of users on your site using PHP/MySQL
  31. PEAR's Image_Graph to draw graphs
  32. WHOIS query using PHP
  33. Email Validation in PHP
  34. Number Formatting
  35. Shell Sort function in PHP
  36. Select A Random Image
  37. Filesize formatting function
  38. Typecasting in PHP
  39. Calculating difference between two dates using PHP
  40. Headers in PHP
  41. Truncating a string in PHP
  42. Numbers to Words in PHP using PEAR package
  43. Gauging ur PHP Performance
  44. Recursive Array Item Count
  45. Install/Run PHP4 and PHP5 Together
  46. File Version Management in PHP
  47. Creating a Multi-File Upload Script in PHP
  48. Morse Code encoder/decoder
  49. Use PHP to Create Dynamic pdf Files
  50. A Few Tips for Speeding Up PHP Code
  51. Dynamic XML in PHP
  52. Using PEAR Date, converting between time zones in PHP
  53. Getting Visitor's Country with PHP using Geo IP
  54. Unix Timestamp and PHP
  55. Looping in PHP
  56. Working With Arrays in PHP
  57. Exception Handling in PHP
  58. Using PEAR Text_Diff to compare text files
  59. Secure PHP with Suhosin
  60. Methods to iterate through an array
  61. Why use PHP for server-side scripting?
  62. Parsing RSS Feeds with PHP
  63. Number To Roman in PHP
  64. String Comparison Gotchas in PHP
  65. XOR Cipher in PHP
  66. ROT13 Encoding Algorithm
  67. RGB To Hex To RGB Conversion
  68. Useful PHP Functions To Work With Arrays
  69. Rounding To The Nearest Integer Specified
  70. Google Image Leecher - Php Code
  71. Password Creator: using bitwise operations
  72. PHP Code Optimization: Do's and Don'ts
  73. Securing basic PHP flaws for newbies [Part 1]
  74. Watermark Images with Other Images and Text on the Fly
  75. How to Make Image Gallery in PHP with AJAX and Light-box
  76. Temperature Conversions Script
  77. Fraction math functions
  78. Using Sessions in PHP
  79. What are Cookies ? Using Cookies in PHP.
  80. How to Send Mails from Hosts that have mail function disabled - MAIL4EVERY1
  81. Download Script in PHP with a Countdown Timer before download Begins
  82. How to Make Your Own PHP Captcha Generator
  83. Mean, Median, Probability and Other Miscellaneous Math functions
  84. Beginner's Guide to Apache Mod Rewrite Rules
  85. Bubble Sort in PHP
  86. Find Similar Sounding Words in PHP
  87. An Overview Of Sorting Functions in PHP
  88. Dynamic Includes in PHP
  89. mysqli PHP Extension Overview
  90. Read And Create CSV File In PHP
  91. Server Request Validation
  92. Introduction To Templating in PHP with Smarty
  93. Write To Excel Using PHP
  94. Using Memcached in PHP
  95. Accessing Amazon S3 with PHP using Amazon AWS SDK
  96. Parsing Command Line Arguments in PHP
  97. cURL in PHP Examples
  98. Monitor Filesystem Changes in PHP
  99. Reading EXIF Data From Images in PHP
  100. Transfer Files Using FTP in PHP
  101. PHP string Class
  102. PHP Array Class
  103. Parsing HTML in PHP
  104. Add Spell Check in PHP With PSpell
  105. Accessing SQLite Databases in PHP using PDO
  106. Splitting File into Parts in PHP
  107. Real-time PHP Output Update with flush() In All Browsers
  108. A Newbie's guide to using CURL in PHP
  109. PHP Overview
  110. PHP Syntax and Variables
  111. Constants and Operator Types
  112. Decision control statements in PHP
  113. Loops in PHP - for, while, do while & foreach
  114. Arrays in PHP
  115. Strings in PHP
  116. PHP Functions