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  1. Registry System utility
  2. Change the background and foreground color of an MFC Edit Box
  3. Display a System Tray Icon in VC++
  4. Display Bitmap in a Picture Box using MFC from a file
  5. Right mouse button event handler
  6. Change Icon of EXE file through code extracting it from other EXE file
  7. Make CStatic into a Hyperlink
  8. Windows XP Style controls in your MFC/WIN32 Applications
  9. Interprocess communication through Named pipes
  10. OutputDebugString with variable number of arguments
  11. Creating a simple DLL
  12. Message Map Macros
  13. Providing a custom template for CFileDialog
  14. Win32 vs. MFC
  15. Reveal the lost but saved password.
  16. Worker Threads in MFC
  17. IntelliSense
  18. Get balloon tips text of other applications.
  19. Implementation of pop3 client server using sockets
  20. Modeless Dialogs in MFC
  21. Handling notifications for dynamically created control.
  22. Thread Synchronization using events