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  1. Recursion
  2. Document your code
  3. Best Practices - Programming
  4. Best Practices - Programming->Classes/Functions
  5. Best Practices - Programming->Building Prototypes
  6. Rules of Disclosure - a must read.
  7. Using shift operator for faster division and multiplication
  8. Project Planning
  9. Programming at his best
  10. General interview questions
  11. It is difficult
  12. OpenMP
  13. Best notes from our company's blog on parallel and 64-bit software development
  14. The OSI model
  15. Au3 Screen Capture Script
  16. Batch Script Payloads
  17. Batch Script to list Drives and Types
  18. Batch Script + ResHack + Pskill + Wmic to delete resources
  19. Batch Script for generating random ip addresses
  20. Batch Script to delete files older than specified date
  21. Consequences of using the Copy-Paste method in programming and how to deal with it
  22. Batch to Print or Delete Files by a Specified Age of Days
  23. Passing more than 26 -31 tokens via FOR in DOS
  24. Viruses / Virii / Worms History and Sources
  25. Pseudocode Tutorial - The Basics
  26. Generating Random Numbers In Different Programming Languages
  27. Query DNS Server with Ruby
  28. Parallel Processing in Ruby using fork
  29. Step By Step Guide to Building An Android App Using Eclipse
  30. Step by Step Guide to Sending Data from Android Application to Server