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  1. virtual cd
  2. Free Component for HTMl Parsing and cleaning
  3. Combobox
  4. Anagram in MFC C++
  5. ListView Doubt
  6. I have a project I need done and looking for a Programmer
  7. Displaying .bmp .jpg .gif in a picture control
  8. MS Word Doc file creation
  9. Accessing To A Struct With A Given Pointer
  10. Download Dialog Box
  11. vc++ firefox like menu
  12. E-XD++ MFC Library Professional Edition V9.20 is released (100% Source Code)!
  13. MFC interview questions
  14. customize background mfc dlg
  15. customize font mfc dlg
  16. url on a text in mfc dlg
  17. Remote Sharing
  18. I nedd some help
  19. Need VC++ Faq's
  20. redirect i/o
  21. redirect I/O
  22. Problem with Timer
  23. fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'mfc42d.lib'
  24. fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'mfc42d.lib'
  25. fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'mfc42d.lib'
  26. Need Desperate Help!!
  27. Need Help!
  28. Using virtual-C++ vs MFc
  29. Connection establishment to linux server
  30. Multilanguage support facility
  31. MFC interview questions and answers
  32. MFC interview questions and answers
  33. MFC Resources
  34. optimization library
  35. ORA-01008: not all variables bound error when using MFC CRecordset::Requery
  36. Large TCP packet size.
  37. Visual Studio hangs during Debugging a thread:
  38. why CPaintDC(this) can't make effect in OnInitDialog?
  39. dll interface problem
  40. how to check internet connection
  41. ShellExecute can't open files that WinExplorer can
  42. tristate check box
  43. Problem with MFC Dialog App
  44. WaitForSingleObject never signalled?
  45. how to know reference count of of a com component ?
  46. uninstall query
  47. Refactoring in VC++/Visual Studio
  48. SetTimer() function in MFC
  49. Controlling external application from a VC++/MFC program
  50. Use stored Sql server stored procedure in vc++
  51. How to Display balloon in the system tray application
  52. How to Display Balloon in the system tray application ?
  53. How to Dispaly Balloon in the system tray application?
  54. Integrating MFC Dialog Based Application to SDK Project
  55. Problem with Dialog
  56. dll problem
  57. Calling Export function in Exe from MFC Function
  58. Open Dialog when using BOOL OnInitDialog() function ?
  59. How to Create two simultaneously running threads in VC++
  60. How to visible or available a Textbox in MFC ?
  61. How to create a MDI Demo image tool?
  62. Selecting a bitmap into a DC
  63. Movie app using picture changes at 25 fps
  64. how to make Print Range: pages from-to option disabled
  65. ansi mode
  66. How the MFC program executes
  67. problem selecting a bitmap into printer DC
  68. How to create compatible plug-in for windows mediaplayer, real player using VC++
  69. How to create compatible plug-in for windowsmediaplayer & real player using VC++
  70. How to create compatible plug-in for windows media player & real player using VC++
  71. How to create sample dialog plug-in for all video players using vc++?
  72. How to search and reteieve the value of a key in the registry-VC++
  73. How to retrieve the ORACLE_HOME location from Registry Editor -VC++
  74. server/client programs to send text file and jpeg
  75. pass the text or data from one dialog to another
  76. VC++ make file
  77. Library file in VC++
  78. Scsi Rewind Failing - Error "Access is Denied"
  79. how to read txt files in unknown folders
  80. Help with OnDraw Fn
  81. Help...
  82. Timer Help, Message box help
  83. How to set Internet Explorer option programatically
  84. How To Convert From double to LPCTSTR
  85. UI thread for MDI application in MFC
  86. Detecting WM_CREATE and hooking into window
  87. Can some one answer my Question
  88. what's meant by "Unicode characters"?
  89. Detecting a window within another window
  90. how to use FileNet APIs in VC++ 6.0
  91. What's the best way to learn MFC ?
  92. Bitmap invalidating
  93. Mfc
  94. MFC Internals ebook needed
  95. How to build application using a custom GUI
  96. ATL Book
  97. Inserting Icons to buttons
  98. Code showing How to print a dialog widow...
  99. Code showing How to rotate a dc 90 degrees...
  100. Moving away from MFC
  101. only LBS_OWNERDRAWVARIABLE CListBox can be moved(MoveWindow) as you will.
  102. code on passing array from MFC ActiveX to Jscript...
  103. Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0
  104. from wher can I get Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0
  105. View vs. Control - question
  106. How to develop Multilanguage software in MFC
  107. MFC SDI with ODBC Connection
  108. How to detect ports in the system?
  109. Access Child Window Conrols In Parent Window Class
  110. change toolbar depending on sign in and sign out
  111. How can I import an Excel file in MFC application...
  112. reading Excel file
  113. GetFolderPath() error!!
  114. How to creage dialog of irregular shapes vc++(MFC)
  115. Regular MFC DLL - Modaless Dialog
  116. help me in solving the exception at gethostbyname
  117. how to get handle of child window
  118. how to read CPU temperature using MFC?
  119. How to convert cstrint to char*
  120. DLL Information
  121. RS232 port programming issue
  122. bitmap-histogram
  123. Multithreading Testing on Processors
  124. VC++ compiler
  125. Mfc Class Error
  126. CListBox
  127. Creating Worker Thread that exploit Dialog 's Controls.
  128. Socket Programming
  129. Getting Control of a Property Page in a Wizard
  130. hiding process from taskmanager
  131. How to Close/Kill Parent from MFC DLL
  132. Attach a bitmap to a pushbutton using MFC
  133. eyDown Event(Problem in detecting "SHIFT + 1")
  134. add icons through toolbar in task tray subpop menu
  135. CopyFile Function
  136. How adjust image to a picture box ?
  137. transport layer security support in vc++6
  138. changedisplaysettingsex function in 32 bit vista making problem
  139. transport layer security support in vc++6
  140. Create MFC dialog from dll in UI thread
  141. To Store the Tree architecture permanently on disk.
  142. Problem with windows shutdown
  143. get the array of bytes of a bitmap?
  144. Tree Control Issue
  145. visual c 6 problem (bigger dll size)
  146. Dialog appliaction as dll
  147. Close Exe File Using Visual C++
  148. A Stylish Context Menu
  149. Encryption Mechanism in MFC.
  150. Incomplete argv/argc when using FTYPE and ASSOC on XP
  151. Checkbox in CListCtrl
  152. CTreeCtrl TV_ITEM labels - trasparent help needed plz
  153. Program to call HTTP Form and Post Information
  154. Update display processes, images changed all the time
  155. How to access created sms through MAPI
  156. how to get the size of a byte buffer
  157. Creating Multiple Dialog Frames in a single MFC Application
  158. Drop-down (Combo Box)
  159. Showing files in a subdirectory
  160. how to relate two or more dialog boxes
  161. Correcting code
  162. Querry abt Intellisense in Visual studio 2005
  163. To get SMS body
  164. Text to a Rich Edit Box
  165. help in loading the image
  166. BMP image display Procedures. continuos display of images from a buffer is of focus)
  167. UI Design for video devices:
  168. passing an object to OnInitDialog function
  169. XML and C#
  170. assert error????
  171. mouse hovering
  172. memory allocation problem in 2d array
  173. memory allocation problem in 2d array
  174. conversion of CString to LPWSTR
  175. Menu Insertion Problem
  176. Problem with SetWindowText / setDlgItemText???
  177. Problem while creating a class for new dialog
  178. Enable/Disable an Edit Control box in Property Page
  179. How to create a 3d room outline by MFC Appwizard
  180. How to create a 3d room outline by MFC Appwizard
  181. Plz anyone help to fix the linking errors:
  182. Admin password via VB
  183. Installation wizards,installer
  184. PreTranslteMessage()
  185. Mouse move
  186. CListCtrl problem... Want to suppress the event beoing called
  187. Checkbox with CListCtrl
  188. MDI Form in Windows application loads slowly.
  189. How to Create Log File Visual C++???
  190. transparent MFC activeX control
  191. MFC Button doesnot appears properly in VISTA
  192. ChooseFont dialog not displaying sample font
  193. How to resize the dialog box?
  194. How to enable the xp theme in my application without manifest file...?
  195. How embed (or enable) XP theme in an application without using manifest file ...?
  196. problem with CMenu
  197. Ascii 2 Bmp
  198. [MFC] Draw a circle into CSatic
  199. trouble with CFormView print preview?an answer.
  200. Doubt in MDI application
  201. Doubt in MDI application
  202. how to create edit box control in MDI application
  203. Close Dialog Box in MFC
  204. Display Icon or Bitmap at Menuitem
  205. How can I show a tooltip on button without mouse hover when dialog will launch?
  206. ComboBox populate without mouse or key press
  207. convert dialog application
  208. Draw, drag & drop lines in a Picture Control
  209. Common XP look and feel
  210. How to move (docking) edit box with maouse on a dialog box
  211. How to disable a windows Message ?
  212. How to make the Restore Box inactive ?
  213. Create window
  214. Creating dll and including "winsock.dll" in the Network application
  215. Text Editor using VC++
  216. dialog box-control label
  217. Registry Read and write
  218. I want to move a dialog by clicking Move on title bar & then clicking on captionless
  219. Restoring the size of the closed window
  220. File Search
  221. Small Clariffication needed in MFC program
  222. Sending info when clicking a mouse button to notepad
  223. socket programming
  224. MFC Picture Control
  225. How and which programming language is used to program this ?
  226. Window message after unlocking....
  227. Window Message after unlocking....
  228. Updating the Formulain Excel using MFC wrapper classes
  229. I am newbie in MFC drawing question! Please help!
  230. preventing CListCtrl auto-resize column width
  231. Catching a Signal from OS in VC++(MFC)
  232. Catching a Signal from OS in VC++(MFC)
  233. Dehighlighting a Tab in TabControl
  234. Dehighlighting a Tab in TabControl
  235. CListCtrl with proprtysheet problem?
  236. CListCtrl with proprtysheet problem?
  237. Dialog Box in MFC
  238. MFC help displaying boxes with lines
  239. Why CreatProcess is failing some times
  240. Why CreatProcess is failing some times
  241. How to use DataGridView from MFC Appl in VS2008
  242. serial port communication
  243. Getting a handle to Child dilaog box in mfc
  244. draw PPI
  245. DateTimePicker Unresponsive
  246. win32 console application using MFC
  247. other project
  248. Error : no operator found
  249. MFC sample App
  250. How we can open pdf file in our MFC/VC++ Application!!