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  1. error in use edit control and EndDialog() !!!
  2. Hi to All
  3. RPC error
  4. Read memo field from database ( MS-Access)
  5. .Swf file needs to be displayed in a multi document window as tab
  6. PostMessaage and UI hangs
  7. Urgent: Coloring Drawn Hexagons
  8. In trying to find the root cause of a problem
  9. convserion problem
  10. Converting error from 'CString' to 'const char *
  11. Tracking File Saving using 'Save As' menu options....
  12. Combox problem
  13. CListCtrl problem of Data Update
  14. Displaying time in all active windows
  15. how to Change color of text at run time ?
  16. doubt in handling OnNcPaint( )
  17. how to display time in place of MY TIME
  18. using drawtext()
  19. Label problem
  20. what different GetwindowText To WM_GetTEXT
  21. give programing for client server communication using vc++ mfc
  22. How Do display a Name in place of SMS sender phone no using AT Commands?
  23. how do i send a long sms exceeding 160 characters using AT command?
  24. read serially
  25. Access violation error
  26. MFC Doc/View in a DLL
  27. creating buttons in visual c++
  28. import user defined buttons and program on it
  29. How process memory in MFC based GUI work..?
  30. Loops per second of thread suddenly drops
  31. thread problem
  32. How to get partition info, disk geometry etc. on Window 9x
  33. get change event of combo in a different class
  34. A help regarding my MFC application
  35. calculate x & y from lat & long
  36. how connect to website/server from C++ dll?Dear Sirs, I want know how I can connect f
  37. XP style look for file open dialog box in VC++
  38. batch file to find any folder and rename it
  39. A handful of questions...
  40. how to draw moving object over bitmapped background in dialog
  41. CMFCRibbonPanel::CopyFrom(CMFCRibbonPanel& src) purpose
  42. Hooking ExtTextOutW and the string parameter
  43. Word Automation Using MFC
  44. How to overrdide CHtmlView to specify the browser to be used
  45. Doubt regarding Find in notepad
  46. LineNo in edit control
  47. Disable Horizontal scroll bar
  48. CMap
  49. prime number check in VC++
  50. Display_Bitmap_Image
  51. Problem_Displaying_bmp_Image
  52. Terminate Thread
  53. Application Lost Focus-Un Lost Focus
  54. copy Source Volume to Destination Volume : copy by sector/ File level
  55. How to make client server application using DCOM
  56. Parental Control implementation using MFC
  57. Preselecting files in a CFileDialog
  58. CreateControl too "early"
  59. Problem Opening Email when using InvokeHelper in C++
  60. exe not working in non admin privilege winxp user account
  61. Re-usage of logic in VC++/Windows Dll/COM dll for ARM processor
  62. How to use a Checkbox in a ribbon?
  63. Modal Dlg opens in background... which it shoudl't.
  64. MFC Problem
  65. MFC Data loosing: help please
  66. How to set video as wallpaper
  67. launching dll from mfc exe...
  68. Error "Resource.h" MFC Visual C+
  69. MainWindow of dll how to launch from client exe
  70. Debug assertion failed! error
  71. How to prevent resizing of column in CListCtrl
  72. Draw Caption, MFC, How
  73. MFC dialog looses focus after opening it
  74. How to add an icon to the property sheet header in MFC?
  75. C++Builder dynamic events from DLL