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  1. " , " this comma changed in Arabic
  2. rotate line on a circle
  3. rotate line on a circle
  4. Adding Tab Controls
  5. CBitmapButton Problem
  6. How to give strong names to Dll's
  7. Handling EM_SETSEL message
  8. winsock's senddata & getdata problem
  9. Console with MFC Dialog
  10. Console with MFC Dialog
  11. Dynamic popup menu for tray icon
  12. splitter window (very urgent.......)
  13. loading and storing a CLongBinary data
  14. problem accessing dialog controls in UI thread
  15. How to embed Windows Explorer using MFC
  16. How to make a color to Radio Button and Check Box
  17. Open source my OIOIC, a completely new object-oriented mechanism for the C.
  18. How to import MS WORD file in RTF?
  19. Change Parent Dialog backcolor from Child Dialog
  20. how to write Explorer Shell Namespace Extension in VC++?
  21. C++ client for ATL web service without Soap?
  22. Menu Item Focus Notification Problem.
  23. ClistCtrl multiple line selection and Vertical scrollbar problem
  24. CBitmapButton Focus problem.
  25. CButton caption problem
  26. Convert .EXE to .DLL
  27. How do I make Icons Transparent using C++?
  28. List Control - Time format problem
  29. MFC text box timer
  30. CListCtrl flickers on Vista
  31. Drawing grayscale images in MFC from intensity values stored in an array
  32. Lists and Maps
  33. urgently: visual c++ debugging problem of display half part only
  34. Updation of values on splitter
  35. Dialog Box problem
  36. MDI Status Bar and MRU
  37. converting from vs 2008 to 2005
  38. image in picture control not displayed properly after moving
  39. Insert characters from txt files into Edit Box
  40. Communication between applications / Datagrid
  41. Can a Windows Forms 'button' link to ShellExecute?
  42. want to displaylabel
  43. window updation
  44. splitter problem
  45. Cstring
  46. resource file
  47. Add tooltip on BMP file
  48. problem with tool tip
  49. CMDIFrameWnd title does not contain UTF8 data.
  50. splitter window
  51. updation problem
  52. Modern MFC Book
  53. Setting strings row wise
  54. New GUI style in MFC
  55. running javascripts in chtmleditctrl
  56. MENU Creation PROBLEM
  57. Static Event Problem on MFC Dialog
  58. Dialog Box problem
  59. No flickering - help
  60. Passing CString as paramter
  61. Problem with dialog control?
  62. get node handle when Tree node clicked CTreeCtrl
  63. convert char array to CString
  64. Problem With Release
  65. .exe has triggered a breakpoint
  66. Problem with release?
  67. Tabstop in MFC dialogs
  68. Problem With Release?
  69. error in use edit control and EndDialog() !!!
  70. Hi to All
  71. RPC error
  72. Read memo field from database ( MS-Access)
  73. .Swf file needs to be displayed in a multi document window as tab
  74. PostMessaage and UI hangs
  75. Urgent: Coloring Drawn Hexagons
  76. display popup suggestion box according to the cursor coorrdinate on the screen
  77. line clipping algo problems
  78. In trying to find the root cause of a problem
  79. Show in same window.
  80. convserion problem
  81. Converting error from 'CString' to 'const char *
  82. Tracking File Saving using 'Save As' menu options....
  83. Combox problem
  84. CListCtrl problem of Data Update
  85. MFC CTreeCtrl Adding New Tree Item
  86. Displaying time in all active windows
  87. how to Change color of text at run time ?
  88. doubt in handling OnNcPaint( )
  89. how to display time in place of MY TIME
  90. using drawtext()
  91. display Text on right side
  92. Label problem
  93. what different GetwindowText To WM_GetTEXT
  94. File xml to MFC tree
  95. give programing for client server communication using vc++ mfc
  96. How Do display a Name in place of SMS sender phone no using AT Commands?
  97. how do i send a long sms exceeding 160 characters using AT command?
  98. getting the handles ?
  99. read serially
  100. CMFCRibbonSlider - Cant use a inherited class?
  101. Access violation error
  102. MFC Doc/View in a DLL
  103. creating buttons in visual c++
  104. import user defined buttons and program on it
  105. How process memory in MFC based GUI work..?
  106. Loops per second of thread suddenly drops
  107. thread problem
  108. How to get partition info, disk geometry etc. on Window 9x
  109. get change event of combo in a different class
  110. A help regarding my MFC application
  111. a few good vc++ extension library
  112. Using MPI under VC++ MFC project?
  113. Using MPI under VC++ MFC project?
  114. calculate x & y from lat & long
  115. how connect to website/server from C++ dll?Dear Sirs, I want know how I can connect f
  116. XP style look for file open dialog box in VC++
  117. control records outside the range
  118. Depending on the condition of different Cast
  119. CStdioFile problem
  120. float in the string
  121. batch file to find any folder and rename it
  122. A handful of questions...
  123. Music Player Problem
  124. how to draw moving object over bitmapped background in dialog
  125. Accessing OS elements in MFC Application
  126. RDP Login and SendMessage
  127. Why Debug Assertion Failed
  128. How to access controls of main dialog from other dialogs?
  129. How to Change the Row Height of ListView
  130. Array of LEDs using CLed
  131. CMFCRibbonPanel::CopyFrom(CMFCRibbonPanel& src) purpose
  132. Changing Control Position Runtime
  133. How to Insert Bitmap for a MenuItem
  134. How to copy data from ifstream to a vector<char> ?
  135. Which is Faster - CArray OR std::vector?
  136. How to Edit Resource File?
  137. Error in Reading Text file in VC++ 2008 expression edition
  138. Thread Terminates after 2 Minutes without any reason
  139. Display '&' in Static Text control.
  140. Create Locked File
  141. Difference between MCN_SELCHANGE and MCN_SELECT
  142. Problem with adding DLL/lib file into VC++ Project
  143. Why 'Trim' : is not a member of 'CString'
  144. Unlimited EditBox
  145. Tracking File Saving using 'Save As' menu options...
  146. Sorting strings based on locale
  147. Parsing the Address string
  148. Load text of Button from dll
  149. Open each file in a directory and check corrupted files
  150. Hooking ExtTextOutW and the string parameter
  151. Dialog title bar's coordinates
  152. LoadImage From DIB?
  153. Creating Skinned Dialog
  154. Deleting files from temp folder
  155. Change Image on Push Button Click in VC++
  156. Displaying a tooltip for a ComboBox
  157. Word Automation Using MFC
  158. about function....
  159. CListCtrl Paint Issue
  160. Cannot access object created in another class
  161. CScrollView & CRectTracker
  162. How to overrdide CHtmlView to specify the browser to be used
  163. Linking errors, acn somne help me out?
  164. Simple Program Troubling me
  165. Debug on Crashing?
  166. Default program settings
  167. managed DLL
  168. read xml from link
  169. CView
  170. FormatMessage() with WSAGetLastError()
  171. Using CMFCVisualManager to change style of buttons and background of a CFormView
  172. Read File Name in GUI - Help!
  173. Convert .tga to .dss
  174. How can print Dialog Box Screen?
  175. How to make editable MSflexGridView
  176. Compiling issue in VS2008 SP1
  177. Finding the monitor resolution
  178. Software Best Practices Training topics required
  179. Need help with CFileDialog problem
  180. How do I display a data structure in GUI
  181. CString's GetLength mystery
  182. VC++ & gcc
  183. How to install VC++6.0 in Windows 7
  184. Web browser control, How get html of page?
  185. Getting started with OOP
  186. OnInitDialog is not getting called from DoModal in VS2005
  187. LNK1104 error - DEBUG vs. RELEASE
  188. Forward Reference... to a CDialog Class
  189. Search for public members that should be private?
  190. SIGBUS error when porting from X86 to ARM
  191. Make an add-in explorer ?
  192. Dialog not processing messages
  193. A listview with bigger font and space between items
  194. help on salary practice problem
  195. Printing a file Using Command Line
  196. unable to start program
  197. CFile write unicode text in wince
  199. Doubt regarding Find in notepad
  200. Directory Info using GetFileInformationByHandleEx
  201. Create Win 32 main window using window resource
  202. Dynamic addition of new objects (of some class) to an array.
  203. assertion error with C++ Dll using CDialog
  204. Reading Webcam Coordinates
  205. Help Bebar with CImage display
  206. microsoft ui automation doubt
  207. PE Header
  208. Informations for a noob
  209. Loops for game: help?
  210. Customize CColorDialog
  211. Write file on the DVD [Interesting]
  212. Unable to access dll's from my personal folder
  213. Need Help
  214. Customizing IE address bar dropdown
  215. CListView vista and xp, ???
  216. What C++ compiler do you use and which you think is the best?
  217. MFC Ribbon - alignment issue(s)
  218. Total newbie - deciding on which kernel32 functions to use to copy a file.
  219. Rectangle Class
  220. Changing CString variable runtime..
  221. Question about Templates
  222. How to put Date into VARIANT data type?
  223. Hidden Combobox
  224. LineNo in edit control
  225. Disable Horizontal scroll bar
  226. CMap
  227. VC++ Client for .net WCF Webservice
  228. Forced compilation?
  229. Hex To Dec
  230. 100 Hz data in Windows using RS 422 serial communication.
  231. Correct merge modules and correct CRT dll's for applications/ dll's
  232. #define question
  233. Use a C# dll in C++
  234. [WM6.5] How to show/hide menu automatically
  235. Filters vs Folders
  236. USB file creation time
  237. the address class pointer
  238. Communication between two computers
  239. video chat over LAN
  240. Setting Keyboard Focus on a TEdit Control
  241. Help with Advanced Modularization
  242. What is it called??
  243. Attaching a dialog to a process.
  244. download and install vc++ 6.0
  245. Can't display icon in tree. Help!
  246. How to detect if address is a proxy server
  247. Coding Standards
  248. Plugin for graphing buffers
  249. how to programmatically generate MAP file in VC++?
  250. Write ansi txt files from unicode mfc application