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  1. I would like to Post First Message
  2. A Small Help
  3. smart card
  4. How to get the default Web Browser
  5. WM_SIZING Probelm in my application
  6. Context Senstitive Help for a program ?
  7. Bitmap display probelm.
  8. Implement "Whats This" using Win32
  9. Image on the menu bar unused area ?
  10. Image Not Showing
  11. Win32 File Switching within a directory
  12. A Sample Code
  13. ReadFile()
  14. High baud rate using win32
  15. Framework 2 is a must?
  16. ComboBox help
  17. Creating Windows Will Be Easier...
  18. update field message from win32 dll to dialog app
  19. big Prob WIn32 MFC API Programming vb.net
  20. "ps -ef" in Windows
  21. Error Undeclared identifier error _beginthread
  22. HtmlHelp API Issue
  23. Win32 resources
  24. Get MAC ADDRESS from VC or c language
  25. How to avoid EN_CHANGE notifications when sending WM_SETTEXT ?
  26. cut and copy through clipboard
  27. Overlapped Serial I/O on WinXP or Win2k
  28. Select() call behaviour
  29. Crop from one bitmap into another without drawing on screen
  30. How to implement something similar to Google notebook?
  31. Windows api linking
  32. Windows 2003 Support
  33. Windows Programming using C++
  34. CreateFileMapping always returns ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS
  35. Vista and the Temp folder
  36. Tutorial for creating dialog controls dynamically?
  37. How to tell if window is truely visible?
  38. Display bitmap in different app's window?
  39. shutting down a services' subprocess
  40. writing a spooler
  41. How to get the installed program list in my application?
  42. How to change resizing behavior in another app's window? (Experienced programmer's Q)
  43. OpenThread
  44. Destination path
  45. Repainting modeless dialog boxs
  46. How to Hook the toolbar to windows Live Messenger in vc++?
  47. Remove complete folder tree
  48. how to repaint the bitmap
  49. how to create timetable type table on win32 platform
  50. Hot Key In Smart Phone
  51. How to load the different images in the picture box?
  52. Resource add in compile time in MFC
  53. How to let a user cancel a thread at any time.
  54. VC++ compiler
  55. Using ActiveX from Win32/Atl
  56. read and display binary image
  57. fatal error LNK1127
  58. Code to share.Sign and verify with a Certificate.
  59. How can I start programming this program ?
  60. how to make a window to always on top of all the other window
  61. Could I have some help with drawing ?( MFC )
  62. Win 32
  63. how to make window to not appear on taskbar
  64. how to integrate process with exe file
  65. how to store the command line arguments which are passed in previous execution
  66. how to destroy or close the window and create the new window
  67. Win32 controls for drawing
  68. header file for InStr()
  69. how to pass the arguments to procedure to close the window
  70. how to make window transparent
  71. error C2065: 'WS_EX_NOACTIVATE' : undeclared identifier
  72. how to find the running exe and kill that exe
  73. linking error
  74. System tray icon gets disappear when explorer is killed
  75. Problem creating MFC application via dll
  76. how to get perticular line from notepad or any text document
  77. how to pass the message to the pop up window
  78. Window Properties
  79. How to implement CSystem_Tray class with minimum number of lines of code
  80. Loading a combobox win32
  81. how to use the TextOut
  82. Subclassing and hooking the Microsoft Office 2000/2003/2007 File Open / Save Dialog
  83. Server Connection using threads
  84. connection to server in win32
  85. connecting to server in win32
  86. Vc++
  87. change text label and color on dialogBox Button
  88. how to send more than one keystrokes at a time?
  89. what is the simplest way to kill or close or terminate an application?
  90. kishore
  91. Simple encryption program
  92. does anyone know CXXtest for API
  93. Porting,Unicode,Compilation,64Bit...how
  94. Change a value in explorer.exe
  95. how to display images on dialogbox while compiling code using vc++
  96. A Windowless Program
  97. WIN32 ListView Column Click
  98. WIN32 ListView Control Column Click
  99. serial port programming
  100. how i can change menu window background color and highlight color
  101. Button text with shortcutkey letter (ATL)
  102. To Read/Write data stored in a Structure to and from file.
  103. settimer() speed
  104. Wm_rbuttondblclk
  105. Win32 programming book
  106. How to create variable for a dynamically created combo box
  107. Repainting erases the drawing
  108. Windows overlapping issue
  109. Displaying more than one vedio in a single window using vmr7
  110. I Need tutorial Link
  111. accelerators
  112. accelerator help
  113. sample code about CryptoAPI
  114. Using tlbinf32.dll to extract information from the registry
  115. Win32 Window
  116. create and test win32 dll
  117. adding tree control in listview
  118. Great Indfian Deveeloper Summit Awards 2008
  119. No caption and border, but with menu
  120. 32K limitation of edit box
  121. Convert HWND to LPCTSTR WIN32
  122. WLL is not loading with Word exe
  123. Granting logon privileges to domain user
  124. How to enable XP theme in an application without using manifest file..?
  125. How to enable the xp theme in my application without manifest file...?
  126. Updating GUI Window after reading Each Channels
  127. Updating GUI Window after reading Each Channels
  128. Updating GUI Window after reading Each Channels
  129. how to create edit box control in MDI application
  130. Explicit Linking
  131. Displaying Icons in Static controls
  132. Win32 SetText call to a TextBox in IEFrame
  133. Controls in a GroupBox
  134. Balloon ToolTip for NotifyIcon
  135. hidding a window
  136. Inter Process Communication
  137. Toolbar help: How to make buttons dynamic using images
  138. What's the proper sytax, and initialization of HWND *pHwnd[]={}; ?
  139. WaitCursor icon change
  140. Accessing COM objects through ATL
  141. VC 6++/VS 2008 Express/VS 2008 Problem
  142. Problem!
  143. Win32 to MFC Dialog
  144. Serial Programming-really beginner's ?
  145. Help with code
  146. Compile a service with VisualStudio Express Edition
  147. How to get text from windows controll
  148. Launching flash app(.exe) from win32 app
  149. WIN32 general query
  150. focus
  151. Rpc
  152. Rpc
  153. get Class
  154. Wm_paint
  155. C serial port program
  156. Caret Prob
  157. Mimicing L Mouse Button Click on 3rd Party App
  158. Windows coordinate
  159. Undocumented Windows API
  160. Flip a bitmap
  161. win32 tips
  162. How can I refresh the expand sign in a treeview control ?
  163. Hook windows logon/logoff events
  164. What is the Dialog Id, and how do I get it?
  165. win32 drawing
  166. property sheet as child
  167. Problem to acquire handler of CryptAcquireContext
  168. Problem using Combobox control on modeless dialog boxes
  169. draw png image
  170. modal dialog click
  171. Problem with heap
  172. Binary Search Tree Creation
  173. focus
  174. Change Mouse Cursor in the CList Control
  175. creation of user defined service
  176. finding the service status in windows
  177. read other language strings and display
  178. How to create a simple dialog in win32?
  179. How to improve speed?
  180. Problem with VFW / Capturing Video / Sony DV Camcorder
  181. Adding a bitmap plot inside a dialog box
  182. Inserting bitmap picture into dialog box
  183. starting windows programming
  185. How to convert 'HRGN' to 'CRgn
  186. How to get byte array from HBITMAP object in win32 project?
  187. linker error
  188. How to bypass security check while opening a file?
  189. How to know about ATTACHED DEVICES using Win32APIs
  190. How to detect the presence of floppy in the drive
  191. How to get partition info, disk geometry etc. on Window 9x
  192. Problem in Printing formatted output in NATIVE MODE
  193. How to get current thread ID in Native mode?
  194. how make limit running my program?Dear Sirs, I am beginner in C++ and have problem wi
  195. Cannot move the focus from control of child dialog to control of parent dialog
  196. Video recording using RTC Client API
  197. Win32 to Copy User-Selected Text
  198. Getting user-selected text from any app
  199. How to send messages to external window e.g. MS Paint ?
  200. Win32, Aero glass and drawing transparent gdi+ shapes
  201. Win32_ScheduledJob
  202. Background Running Application yet Responds to ui?
  203. How to Find Right Child Window handle of an application with multiple Child Windows
  204. Catching Debug Assert Failure
  205. How to Close a Dead Console App
  206. Subclassing SaveAs Dialog
  207. win 32 error & Host problem
  208. Why SetIcon would Fail?
  209. TRACKMOUSEEVENT (error C2065)
  210. Balloon Notification of unused programs
  211. How do I write basic DLL injection file?
  212. fopen Issue
  213. Use of CreateFontIndirect
  214. Suppress Windows Default MessageBox
  215. MultiThreading Problem
  216. VS C++ Project with mysql++ (Unicode)
  217. Out of virtual memory?
  218. Multi-threaded Program Taking Longer To Execute
  219. COM Object C++ and VBA
  220. CreateService with logon as user account error
  221. Problem with macros for creating get/set functions
  222. Fine-grained control of IE scrollbar (getting position of IE's scroll bar)
  223. Activex Control Resizing problem
  224. New Window class - cannot convert LRESULT Class:: to LRESULT
  225. IStream/Async Drag&Drop in C++ Builder - Paying for help
  226. Question about TreeView Control
  227. Mask routine for an Edit Control
  228. Embed main() into a DLL
  229. ReadDirectoryChangesW question
  230. how to get mouse movement? e.g. (up, down, left, right)
  231. Changing the window frame styles causes the window to disappear
  232. iconv.dll
  233. Is there's a number in windows like inode in linux?
  234. Any Win 32 API or WMI class to read User Accoutn Control configured values?
  235. Error loading custom cursor
  236. BitBlt
  237. C - Win32 problem writing in ListBox
  238. Visual Studio 2008/2010 Plugin
  239. Waking computers from sleep...
  240. NewBee in win32
  241. Validate an edit control
  242. Find free system memory in windows
  243. NewBee in Win32
  244. ListView material
  245. buttonclick_in_messagebox
  246. Infrared Remote Control
  247. Set affinity of already running task(s)
  248. controls disappears when minimized
  249. NewBee in SDK
  250. which faster Speed COM by ATL VS COM By VB