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  1. Changing the hostname of a Linux machine
  2. Boot Linux from the USB pen drive
  3. Make Your Own Linux
  4. Windows commands on Linux command-line
  5. Set up a Linux VPN server in 10 steps
  6. Installing Java on your Linux box
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  8. Linux History
  9. How to break Linux password
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  11. Install EditPlus on Ubuntu
  12. Automatically Mounting Partitions In Linux Using /etc/fstab
  13. Linux Ports
  14. Understanding Linux Data Backup and Recovery
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  17. 8 More Reasons to be Using Linux Instead of Windows
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  20. Loadable Kernel Modules (LKMs) in Linux
  21. Linux Makefiles (Basics)
  22. Understanding Linux Proc Filesystem
  23. Programming with Linux proc files
  24. How to Use Strace - A Linux Debugging Utility
  25. ltrace - Linux Debugging Utility Tutorial
  26. Creating & Extracting 7z Archives on Linux