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  1. Format Date in SQL Server
  2. How to create a Calculated Field
  3. How to create a Temporary Table
  4. How to group by date
  5. How to generate an additional field
  6. How to create an aggregated field
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  8. How to split a field into two fields
  9. Stored Procedure
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  12. identity column
  13. How to filter out unwanted data
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  15. Did my sql statement correct
  16. parsing name
  17. parsing name
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  19. Counting Grace Period days
  20. Remote Database Management through LDAP Tools
  21. Controlling Transactions
  22. triggers
  23. SQL demo database
  24. Identity Column Problem in MS SQL Server when moving data from using Bulk Copy
  25. tools for adding files to a database record
  26. Access Denied when using Unique Identifier as a Primary key
  27. How to connect a dataset to a Database
  28. Column issues
  29. Registering multiple intances at one Server
  30. query on Trigger
  31. filtering data correctly?
  32. Discover relationships between existing tables of a database
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  44. commands
  45. cursors
  46. Temporary table not getting created
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  50. DBMS's powerful and flexible!
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  57. Primary key VS Unique key in SQL Server
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  59. how to use Limit in Sql server
  60. how to create triggers with tables having no common coloumns
  61. finding maximum and minimum in a column
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  71. Sql 2000 Help Please !!!
  72. Sql 2000
  73. Attributes
  74. SQL Server Service Broker Queue
  75. Joining tables
  76. setLocaLe date format in SQL
  77. SQL Server 2005 & 2008 Service Broker
  78. New to the it field
  79. Sandbox in SQL
  80. Error in Creating Tables
  81. Partition by multiple columns
  82. aggregate functions and group by clause
  83. problem with identity column
  84. need help in rowid values
  85. Need help in creating a database?
  86. Quiery
  87. SQL cannot start !!!
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  109. Insert SP
  110. Stored procedure for retrieving and update existing records
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  115. micro,
  116. what languages should be known to develope a website?
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  119. please help to write a stored procedure for BULK INSERTION
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  122. design and implementation of sms to cellphone using smtp
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