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  1. Getting Priviledges of user in Oracle/SQL Server
  2. Equivalent of Hierarchy SQL in Oracle
  3. what type is allowed for oracle BLOB
  4. how to pass blob type in procedures
  5. ODBC DSN to connect Oracle
  6. save an oracle db in a file ?
  7. Database Administrators
  8. Smart Quotes and ascii characters
  9. Oracle resources
  10. Locking of tables
  11. Connection of D2K and Oracle 9i
  12. The Mystery of Scott/Tiger in Oracle
  13. Indian Express
  14. JSP or PHP for connecting to Oracle
  15. JSP or PHP for connecting to Oracle
  16. Ora-01704
  17. Transferring multi-column query result into MS Excel
  18. oracle doubt
  19. How to frame a Query for this scenario ?
  20. connection of oracle9i with .html
  21. reomoving prefixes in primary key values
  22. Hybrid Environment
  23. Grouping Query Required
  24. data backup??
  25. Enterprise Wide Deployment
  26. hi
  27. Open Source Application Server
  28. hii guys!!
  29. How to frame a query..
  30. How to frame a query..
  31. Imlepmentation of Luhn's logic in ORacle
  32. Such A Newbie - Need to Use a Salary Range to Give Employee Salary Grade
  33. Migrating to Oracle 11g
  34. Need Help in Database Design
  35. Oracle Linux/Virtualization Software
  36. How to run oracle 9i backup files in 10g client
  37. Code of trigger not working
  38. Server Virtualization
  39. how can decrypt username and password?
  40. Where are cursors created?
  41. Help to start oracle!
  42. D2K Connectivity to Oracle 9i Over Internet
  43. oracle & turbo c++
  44. Oracle Sequence Number Problme
  45. Server Virtualization
  46. Oracle sequences and VB problems
  47. IT Budget/Project Funding (Virtualization)
  48. Virtualization Pricing trends
  49. A really simple SQL query
  50. Help to identify tables and Features
  51. How can i calculate calendar 's weekly off days in Oracle
  52. Oracle Certification
  53. Oracle Developer Suite 10g cannot be installed into existing Oracle Home
  54. conection
  55. Help with Orcal Stored Procedure
  56. i want to unistall oracle 10g
  57. On Escape characters..ORACLE
  58. wild card character
  59. Oracle Pass for sure
  60. Transform Data from Multiple rows in a Single Row
  61. Oracle Developer Guide (installation free files)
  62. ORACLE Vs My SQL
  63. problem with UPDATE
  64. C Programming related
  65. Oracle - PLS 00538 Type created with errors
  66. Advanced SQL learning material
  67. SQL query
  68. oracle 10g developer/builder on vista
  69. Error connecting 10g with vb6 in vista?
  70. Key to a Successful ERP Implementation
  71. How to call a member procedure in a subtype/subclass (object relational oracle)
  72. Problem in uploading files to Oracle database using blob
  73. tree calculation
  74. SQL-Query to find third highest
  75. net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver ERROR WHILE CONNECTING TO SQL SERVER
  76. Is there any oracle expert?
  77. delete dup rows in oracle
  78. Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD)
  79. Quarterly delete files older than 3 months
  80. Quarterly get count of license and store in file
  81. please correct the error
  82. Query
  83. automated data base creation using google
  84. plz send d document:Ivan Bayross
  85. what is data warehousing
  86. Free Oracle GUI Tool
  87. introduction to oracle basics
  88. Oracel Fusion
  89. Oracle Fusion 2010
  90. Oracle Exalogic Server/Exadata server
  91. Examkiller oracle 1z0-640 Questions and Answers
  92. how to get the output through printer
  93. Convert the variable
  94. Executing multiple SQL scripts in a batch
  95. Difference between Oracle 9i & 10g
  96. What is difference between truncate and delete ?
  97. execute a query
  98. DML Commands in Oracle
  99. Procedure for Trigger
  100. Put delay time or sleep time when executing sql
  101. use of procedures
  102. Oracle Introduces Environmental Accounting and Reporting Solutions
  103. Oracle with programming langeage
  104. Oracle and SQL
  105. replications
  106. Oracle 11g OCA
  107. Help With Triggers And Funcions In Sqldeveloper oracle
  108. Help regarding report and LIST OF VALUES items
  109. Query to fine blank records
  110. What are the limitations of Oracle 10g unlicenesed version?
  111. Oracle and DBMS? expert insights needed!
  112. createing a table Using Alphanumeric sequence
  113. Importance of Oracle Gather Stats
  114. Utilizing multiple PCs for single Oracle Installation
  115. connecting Developer suite 10 with oracle database 11g
  116. Oracle Certified Oracle Database 11g Administrator