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  1. Require assistance with php, urgently, please
  2. Reading PDf and DOC files ....
  3. Writing a proxy list like proxy.org
  4. web develoment auction market project
  5. Help !! How to include temporary password int o your signup or log in page in php
  6. Fseek Function not working !!!!
  7. Which language is required to set up a web application?
  8. PHP and AJAX Push !!!!
  9. print values in order
  10. idea pls for link pics
  11. enable GD support in php
  12. Executing a external file from PHP
  13. Yahoo Messenger Script
  14. MAC address
  15. PHP vs Java
  16. I do not understand PHP Sessions
  17. mail processing programm
  18. PHP With Paypal Payments
  19. setting comma to fwrite output
  20. Query on how to use sessions
  21. The comments affect very much the times loading of a web page?
  22. Need help on online payment module development for website
  23. include a file
  24. register_argc_argv php.ini issues
  25. Paid to click script
  26. Simple PageViews Counter
  27. changing facebook profile photo with an application
  28. Giving Full Code to the Client
  29. problem with HTML & PHP please help me
  30. Passing Variables in Header call
  31. Google Maps + Database
  32. Is PHP a powerful tool?
  33. Web based user controlled resizable graphic
  34. Avoid Yahoo, Hotmail Spam Folder
  35. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent
  36. Semi-Transparent Pages: URGENT
  37. PHP MailClient API
  38. mobile redirect php script
  39. rename file on download
  40. Connection
  41. __PHP_Incomplete_Class why am I getting this?
  42. Displaying images based on list of file types?
  43. 16 PHP Frameworks To Consider For Your Next Project
  44. Parse Out Bot's By User Agent
  45. Chinese language problem. in PHP
  46. PHP+Ms Access_Conection without dsn
  47. Step by step guide to FB Platform
  48. Insert Multiple Rows Into A Mysql Table Using Php Array
  49. PHP in DSN Less Conection Database Ms-Access
  50. I NEED HELP ! i need advance online registration form thnks
  51. Inser Values In Ms-Access
  52. PHP examples
  53. Inser value Ms-Access database through php
  54. PHP Namespaces
  55. New Line in PHP
  56. Sending Simple Email PHP
  57. PHP ldap and mysql results merge
  58. PHP session variables problem in Firefox
  59. Multiple File Upload in PHP
  60. redirect configuration
  61. PHP/MySQL problem
  62. Create Bar Graph in PHP Using Data From MySQL
  63. About ajax
  64. smart pointer
  65. function to display
  66. Deleting Session On Closing Browser Tab
  67. Phonebook Project
  68. PHP & Mysql & Paypal?!
  69. why it is not working
  70. What is the problem
  71. htaccess programming
  72. how do you make a add, edit and delete forms
  73. why it is not working
  74. Ip logging script help
  75. unexpected T_STRING
  76. shopping cart script does not update qtys in ie8 or ff 5.0
  77. Need Help With PHP & XML
  78. Cannot insert data into database
  79. Need help with my PHP email processing script
  80. need help-survey voting
  81. file_get_contents not working
  82. Array Menu needs child items
  83. search a page and return a value
  84. how to create internal search engine for retail business?
  85. Dynamically give title for pages
  86. Help pls.
  87. session alive across browsers?
  88. md5 problem in login
  89. Php STRING replace
  90. hwo to redirect users depending on their country in php (with maxmind geoip) ?
  91. remember me option in login
  92. Php code issue
  93. Problem bye NAT and IP Addresses
  94. Image Resizing
  95. how to redirect every user that has referer
  96. Form finishes submitting, but file doesn't reach destination
  97. Exporting special characters from php to Excel problem
  98. Form submission and MySQL retrieval
  99. How to install php on apache 4.1 on winxp
  100. file already exists & max size error
  101. array sorting
  102. autosubmit url
  103. Alphabetical Ordering from a database
  104. syntax question
  105. Where to Start with pipe delimited file filtering
  106. Script problem/ i don't understand
  107. based on ip script I whipped up needs adjustment.
  108. need help in script...
  109. all the links starting from index.php? action=
  110. Renaming files using PHP
  111. Sending Commands to the Sys File
  112. best free php hosting?
  113. Php facebook app help
  114. 3 dependable combo box problem
  115. Limit number of items in Simple pie
  116. Feed using GET request
  117. PHP MYSQL Search for unicode data
  118. Need Help for Three dependable combobox(dropdown)
  119. Screen Scraping Multiple pages
  120. Auto-increment alphanumeric values in php
  121. Embed PHP code as Widget?
  122. How to call base class metod in drive class?
  123. Getting Hacked on my PHP website. I need help to stop it.
  124. PayPal Buttons in facebook
  125. Not writting to database..Please help
  126. Facebook App Upgrades Paying
  127. Unicode problem on a localhost server
  128. PHP style in Dreamweaver CS4
  129. Hide Login Problems (Urgent Case)
  130. help me out to understand headers already sent
  131. need help with sql data
  132. Hey guys... I need help downloading a picture which is hedden behind an swf
  133. Social Engine Programmer?
  134. dynamically create sitemap xml using php
  135. php and mysql
  136. pagination script in cake php
  137. Need help with implementing a complicated payment system.
  138. calculate total work experience by Position Field
  139. login/logout(php with cookie)
  140. Why hire PHP programmer?
  141. problem with .htaccess file
  142. Mcrypt and "hidden" form-input
  143. parsing array.
  144. uploading images thro class....
  145. php is written in C?
  146. no display data in page read from page
  147. php and database
  148. passing property as an arg. to method???
  149. make free website
  150. my data does not display to the others
  151. HEllO, please help, noob here, want to create website
  152. custom php based matching function
  153. online broadcasting using windows media player and PHP
  154. AJAX chat not working properly?
  155. image upload
  156. ipchicken clone code
  157. Import Excel data in to mysql with PHP
  158. Need A help for a begginer in PHP Please
  159. PHP help urgent
  160. string concatenate function
  161. Urgent Please
  162. Boyer-Moore string matching algorithm php implementation
  163. php text to characters function
  164. i want answer for this question(urgent)
  165. .net project
  166. php bluetooth communication
  167. how do i upload more than one image at a time
  168. Sendmail sends email to all domains but for one
  169. exporting php file to pdf format
  170. how to read a file in dynamically created pdf
  171. HELP! Design Review & Risk Management topics required
  172. Export php file to word file
  173. User Local machine Identity
  174. How to read a big php program?
  175. PHP Calendar Event
  176. Content Management System For SME's
  177. dynamic page url variables from database
  178. LDAP Connection
  179. Php Email Bomb, Help me.
  180. Basic PHP Email Bomb for newbies
  181. Audit Form
  182. Change database from mysql 4 to mysql 5 affects my calendar event page
  183. preg_replace error - may be fixed
  184. session login and logout time
  185. Sunset and sunrise time
  186. How to create report generation using php codes
  187. Need Help To Create Online Auction By Php
  188. Undefined variable: update in C:\..\edit.php on line 7
  189. add code for font size under php echo code
  190. work with local but it's not with on line server
  191. Textbox working issue to lessen the time in typing
  192. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  193. my search page is not work in server
  194. How to get the inline elements for file upload.
  195. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
  196. Warning: Division by zero
  197. how to access SQL server2005 from the internet in php
  198. view the reort in ascending order
  199. Problem viewing shift reports
  200. Configuration of Apache to work the php webpage on Intranet
  201. Is it possible that IIS, Xampp that consist of mysql,apache and php in
  202. IIS, Xamp- Mysql Phpmyadmin did not work
  203. PhpMyadmin problem
  204. Data loss while editing the content through cms
  205. PHP: Help needed in PHP MYSQLwith dynamic urls
  206. Configuration of IIS, DNS, Network for Intranet site
  207. How To Make PHP Newsletter Script?
  208. Problem in Subtraction
  209. Sum of table rows will appear in a textfield
  210. Want to stop spam when Biding
  211. How to find the exact PHP template needed?
  212. Problem in mysql statement and if condition
  213. begginer php
  214. which server to use ?
  215. Which php sever is better ?
  216. How to run php webpage as java application
  217. How to load English spell checker
  218. Confused in using if condition
  219. using variables declared outside of a function
  220. Two Combo box in a form control each other
  221. Retrieving data from database and displaying in textbox when the button click
  222. Problem in Another way of retrieving data
  223. Help in developing a system.
  224. Question about if condition
  225. how to prevent the form submit it values when i press the refresh button
  226. PHP vs ASP .Net
  227. Why doesn't this work?
  228. php script from a browser
  229. Problem in Duplication of data and onenter key
  230. Facebook Poll fatal Error
  231. how to dis visitor online(php)
  232. how to creat a pagination in PHP?
  233. How to connect to two databases simultaneously from 2 different server?
  234. PHP - geoIP country redirect
  235. Help in textbox
  236. Problem in function of enter key
  237. Need help with array and random class
  238. need help to create web based application using php scripts
  239. how to create a php and mysql forum
  240. If condition for moving to another page
  241. PHP source code of a social networking website
  242. Magento Enterprise Edition version 1.7 is here with fifteen new features available.
  243. A problem related to php.ini file
  244. What is Php ?
  245. While loop inside while loop
  246. php help please
  247. php & mysql help
  248. Facebook PHP game
  249. Cannot copy image file using fread and fwrite
  250. warning in mysql_real_escape_string