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  1. Microsoft VC++ 6.0 download
  2. Need move ldap address book to local MS Outlook Contacts
  3. Hindi Editor in vb - help
  4. Listbox and Checkbox list in VB 2008
  5. System.PlatformNotSupportedException for SHA512
  6. Help with VB Code
  7. Convert from XLS to CSV using VBScript
  8. Program to convert values from numbers into words
  9. i need to change the date in the dll sample
  10. need help about vb sql please urgent
  11. Print text file directly to default printer
  12. Passing string from one private sub to another private sub
  13. project ideas for VB
  14. Using ADODB.Recordset in VB.NET 2008
  15. Games in vb?
  16. Is it possible to embed an EXE into a form?
  17. Conversation Index & Mail Tracking in Outlook using VBA
  18. Trouble Entering Network Addresses
  19. Need help with VB Function
  20. Simple Log In before running app?
  21. "BATCH REPORTING" in pdf format using VB 6.0 and SQL SERVER
  22. Opening A VB Project File From A VB 6.0
  23. Remote SQL Server Database Connection Problem using VB6 using OLEDB
  24. exe file creator written in VB6
  25. Problem In DataReport in Visual Basic 6
  26. Illumination in 3D
  27. Combine three exe files in one file plz help me vb guru
  28. keep form over the taskbar in vb plz help me vb geeks
  29. Info about service that is running at specific port plz help me vb geeks
  30. On button clicked create label in form7? It is possible in visual basic 6.0?
  31. Simulation len
  32. Emailing with VBScript
  33. Help with calculating time differences
  34. Need a simple cashier program for my laptop
  35. Desktop SMS API for Internet Gateway Providers
  36. "ActiveX component can't create object" in VB 6.0
  37. down load code in vb6
  38. VB code for VAM
  39. Using Xcopy in VBScript
  40. access FAT12/16
  41. VB.NET : 'Range' is not a by reference property.
  42. [HELP] Hosts file visual Basics.
  43. Thread vs BackGroundWorker
  44. Upgrading From IIS 6 To IIS 7
  45. Infinate Loop Problem
  46. Code for calculating Time difference
  47. coding sketch for calculator in VB6.0
  48. simple calculater in vb
  49. its not working
  50. Need urgent help on VB6 programming
  51. Examining the variable and their data types.
  52. saving input data in MS Access
  53. code for keeping entered data constant
  54. max and min
  55. code for displaying label in Colour full 3d Effect
  56. Need help in adding data in listbox; data entered in list box saves data in Access
  57. Changing Text colour in text field by dropdown menu - Visual Studio 2008
  58. print txt file
  59. year and moth wise report with one query in vb6.0
  60. Union of two queries using vb6.0 coding
  61. How to create a module in VB
  62. page header's width increase using crystal report 8.5
  63. how can made inventory system in vb6 and vb.net 2008
  64. Problem with MS Access Left Join & VB6
  65. how to perform computations in reports of VB6.0?
  66. SUGGESTION to find in recordset
  67. Vbscript to copy user defined number of row in new file
  68. VBScript to copy user defined no of row from source file into new file
  69. Array questions
  70. using com object in vbscript
  71. Adding Array Values
  72. Code Not Working
  73. Searching files and email
  74. Changing constants in visual basic
  75. help on how to open text files using a list box
  76. how to develop a subprocedure or function to compute the determinant of a matrix.
  77. Using Excel Macros to interact with Word or Access?
  78. VB6 or VB2008
  79. Help using reverse connection in delphi 7
  80. Passing Data between Forms.
  81. project help
  82. Problem plotting xyscatterchart using arrays
  83. visual basic msflexgrid
  84. Comparing excel files in VB code
  85. probelm in displaying animated progress bar in vb.net
  86. VB.NET SQL Help.. Urgent!
  87. problem in running a file in remote machines mapped drive
  88. need help in creating dll for asp code
  89. Need help overcoming Permission denied error for vb script in Vista
  90. How can i code for adding and deleting data in datagrid
  91. call procedure oracle in visual basic 6
  92. Else if in VB.NET
  93. MMControl and multichannel soundcard
  94. Directory contents compare
  95. Difference between End function and Exit function ?
  96. vb code for sms
  97. vb Swapping
  98. Need help creating a forum leecher
  99. VB 6 Small Program Check Me
  100. MAnagement Project using VB....
  101. Read the progress of 7zip console output?? [HELP]
  102. Time calculation add/delete in data grid getting problem
  103. date subtraction....
  104. Hot to Drag OUT of a form in vb.net [HERLP]
  105. hello to everyone : a little help please; im a beginner trying to know VB6
  106. read /write Windows ce sql from pc application
  107. iNTRO
  108. Business application design
  109. calculations using option buttons
  110. Loading picture from file with browse button on VB6
  111. just 1 question.. answer me pls.. hehehe
  112. New Title Bar control [.Net]
  113. creating keay board with countining character
  114. creating key board with countining character in vb6.0
  115. scheduling program
  116. Can the DataGrid be used without a Data Control?
  117. IMPORTANT: Please help me with my VB 2010 OS
  118. MoviePlayer in VB
  119. Vb help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  120. using textout api function
  121. VB in MS ACCESS
  122. How to use Datagrid to read variable strings used in VB6?
  123. how to take snap of user using webcam in vb6 in hidden way.Very urgent
  124. How to automatic highlight all the rows using TDBGrid?
  125. yahoo booters even in single boot
  126. vb help asap
  127. pleassse tell your ideas on ma new soft!
  128. How to determine his/her age by using 2 datepicker? using vb.net?
  129. External application window position
  130. VB Newb Please Help!
  131. Need help about switching betwean two pictures..
  132. i need to know how to code an automated class scheduling software
  133. AxObjectXMFDisplay Rumba Mainframe Screen Scraper: Unable to Connect to HostSession
  134. how to create a setup in vb.net ? ?
  135. I'm using visual basic 2008 express edition and I'm not sure how to attach my query
  136. Combo Box
  137. Loading RichTextbox in VB
  138. HELP ! using pictures in VB
  139. Urgent - help Using an Excel formula in VBA
  140. how to convert a VB program to setup file?
  141. How do you make an anti-virus?
  142. how to view .afp file
  143. data generate one table to another table randomly
  144. Querying dates from dbf in macro
  145. hi im onhel anyone Vb.expert help me?
  146. Visual Basic Insert Query into SQL
  147. Viewing Records in a listbox
  148. Creating a vb application
  149. Adding fields from a database to a listbox
  150. Adding date value in sql
  151. Outlook Vb, Check Address if address BlaBla then send else run script
  152. Adding info from a database into a combo box
  153. Adding info from a database to a DataGrid
  154. Combobox and MaskTextBox in Visual Basic
  155. Combobox and Masktextbox in Visual Basic
  156. auto increment Id no
  157. Search Box in Visual Basic
  158. Form load in vb.net in VS 2010
  159. Help! Internet connection check
  160. Add page to word doc using VBScript
  161. Array project pleasee helpp!!!
  162. Audio Streaming
  163. Can VB Variables that remain in memory cause system lockups
  164. attachment method issue
  165. [help] MSHFlexgrid - not automatic Reupdate
  166. New User: VB 2010 Variable syntax
  167. VBScripting Need to select a button with Internet and execute
  168. connections strings and declaring
  169. Need Help Writing/Understanding Several Scripts
  170. vb program closing help
  171. suggestion and strategy on txt file
  172. Text to Speech converter for Windows
  173. vb2008 VS vb2010
  174. require urgent assistance with SXD VB project
  175. Calculations in VB6
  176. VB.NET Selective Code Activation???
  177. how to read csv(different number of columns) file into array
  178. My homemade visual basic internet browser.
  179. Read txt file and compar with files in folder then copy files compared to folder2 VBS
  180. Excel rows removal, if not bewteen two given dates of a column
  181. Windows 7 error: COMException was handled. Provider cannot be found. It may not be p
  182. How to retrieve varbinary data from sql to vb.net as image
  183. VB.NET Editting a variable
  184. Looking for developers to help in free and opensource project
  185. How to send to an exchange distribution list suing VB.Net 2010 .Net 4 Framework
  186. vb.net volume meter
  187. VB Scripting for OUTLOOK 2003
  188. Difference b/w Framework & IDE
  189. VB.NET Installer
  190. How to unload the stack of forms in VB6
  191. Script for generating File version
  192. VB and Outlook integration
  193. Map Drive and Control
  194. 13 Character Bar Code Reading
  195. Copy files from a text file from given a parameters in a .ini using VBScript
  196. need help
  197. Vb6 or vb.net
  198. Hi I need help with this programming i found
  199. Searching files for a string with VBscript
  200. Visual Basic Mini Game Help
  201. "Invalid use of Property"
  202. Physics Simulation
  203. Batch file to get perticular row from multiple text file in folder
  204. How to open a Powerpoint file from VB 2010?
  205. ip to ip chat example in vb
  206. VBScript to copy first business day of the month file
  207. VBScript to copy file from 1 path to another path
  208. How to set value for columns in CSV file to zero using VBScript?
  209. Using DataGrid, VB6.0 calls wrong DB
  210. How do I apply VB code to a control array object created by code?
  211. VB6 / MYSQL problem using "seek"
  212. hour vb.net
  213. How to convert *.XLSX to CSV
  214. vb.net 2013 - double?
  215. Multi-Step Script (possible)
  216. Problem of the Week
  217. Cannot access control on form from delegate routine
  218. Visual Basic program to recursively take ownership of folders and subfolders
  219. Need help taking ownership of a user profile in vb.net
  220. VB Connect db from cpanel