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  1. help.. >difference<
  2. doubt
  3. sigmentation fault
  4. Selection Sort
  5. i really need help!!.. please!!!!... i am desperate bout this.. thnx!!
  6. code not working
  7. error C2039: 'Esp' : is not a member of '_CONTEXT'
  8. strings and arrays:)
  9. need line by line explanation of this program in detail
  10. static library using virtual methods
  11. get node handle when Tree node clicked CTreeCtrl
  12. Read 1st col values of a *.ref file and create *.brt files for each diff val
  13. Generation of lucky nos from a given list of nos.
  14. need a float type array of 100000 elements!!!
  15. compilation error : undefined reference to 'main'
  16. Generation of lucky numbers out of given set of nos
  17. love meter
  18. pointers
  19. reading msg buffer from local port
  20. Day for a particular date entered
  21. Declaration Syntax Error on line 155?[ HELP URGENT]
  22. need some help with and error i cant figure out
  23. How to disable specific keys ?
  24. Pls someone help me...
  25. error: "integer out of range '$3' "yacc file
  26. Searching array
  27. Problem about our School projects
  28. Core dump in the application
  29. New for programming
  30. passing data of an object to a function that takes a different object
  31. Multidimension array problem. I can't figure out why the last column is different
  32. puzzle in C
  33. Problem in matrix vector multiplication code
  34. Simple C puzzle
  35. C programming
  36. infix expression binary tree
  37. Small Searching Application
  38. [C] filter a buffer, and write to new char
  39. C pgm to find the number entered is int or float???
  40. Append to a file
  41. histogram equalization for medical images
  42. swapping two numbers
  43. designs
  44. i want a complete explanation for this... please
  45. what does 0x10 mean?????
  46. a doubt in OPERATING SYSTEM concept
  47. WhiteSpaces and Blank Lines
  48. why can't we create folders in windows in below file names
  49. File I/O in C
  50. Questions regarding functions
  51. Smart backspace
  52. C puzzle
  53. How to build dll from .lib and .h files?
  54. convert image to bitstream (binary digits)
  55. how to plot histogram of image using visual studio
  56. a urget help from someone!!!!!!!
  57. Binary tree problem...not adding to child nodes
  58. can't insert linked list in binary tree
  59. Application on stack
  60. copy from 2D array to 3D array
  61. HExadecimal to Binary... plEase check d problem with This program....
  62. How to write a program to transfer a bitmap file onto the DICOM file? (HELP!)
  63. warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type
  64. friend function
  65. A Problem in part b
  66. Please I Need Help In This. Anyone Please Help!
  67. Help with C program(gcc) in Linux
  68. Please help me about conversion to structure
  69. Starting off with histogram EQUALIZATION
  70. I need help in the following C problems
  71. 2 dimensional linked list
  72. Problem with histogram equalization algorithm
  73. Query regarding size
  74. Please, sombody help with my prog.
  75. How to transfer new intensity values to an OLD IMAGE?
  76. [Help Needed] A suduko validator C program
  77. Remote Network Shutdown Log. ...?
  78. Data Structure Scenario
  79. Image segmentation by histogram-based method
  80. How to get edit control value from sub tabControl in mainTabControl.?
  81. Arrays across multiple functions and modules
  82. Electronics-Signal_Generator
  83. ifstream problem with reading
  84. IPC Programme Need Help !
  85. I need help with C strings!
  86. Infinite Loop
  87. Please guide me on how to get textBox values from subTabControl into maintabControl.
  88. How to override standard printf defined in gcc library
  89. least remaining time program related to internet browsing
  90. Stack Buffer OverFlow
  91. infix to postfix
  92. i need ur help
  93. pl... answer me this question .. urgent
  94. declaring function that returns a structure
  95. unresolved external
  96. Problem obtaining the filesize correct (HELP!!)
  97. Problem with bubble sorting
  98. Problem with memory leaks
  99. strncmpi
  100. problem with while program logic
  101. Getting Confusing Output
  102. 2d array collision detection
  103. function returning field
  104. 'C' language books problem plz help me expert
  105. errorC2664:'StartServiceW':cannot convert paramter from 'const char **' to 'LPCWSTR*
  106. memcpy
  107. Important Request
  108. Using 2 D arrays
  109. Derived class variable initialisation.
  110. Getting notification on windows registry change for a key.
  111. speech redirection from Skype to Sphinx4 and vice versa
  112. Visual studio 2008 express edition error
  113. Looping through the windows registry using RegEnumKeyEx till the leaves
  114. Breaking out of nested infinite while loops.
  115. Winsock hooks
  116. Problem with afxdb.h
  117. Open source my WGI, a GUI lib written with C.
  118. merging & sorting of character arrays
  119. How to rename a file to what user has typed into the 'SaveAs" dialog box?
  120. star pattern
  121. create 2 class which crate and depot
  122. simulating alt+2 (keypad) combination
  123. question in c
  124. coding and running application in C on mobile phone with Symbian
  125. Program Suggestion
  126. Need help with program to that has a stack implemented as a linked list
  127. Platform SDK & VS 2008 in XP
  128. bool variable for data export
  129. [ILINK32 Error] Error: Unresolved external problem
  130. program for stack implementation using linked list
  131. interactive voice response with automatic speech recognition
  132. new entrant doubts
  133. Seven Segment display source code AID plz help !!
  134. extracting a substring after identifying a marker
  135. Certain operations on linked list elements - How to?
  136. problem in sort linked list
  137. program in c
  138. HElp needed to create a windows service , to launch a simple thread(win32)
  139. Problem with heap
  140. Ado Connection help
  141. Breaking a binary stream
  142. Command to generate .h file from .h.in
  143. please help me in my homework
  144. creditcard structures in C
  145. files concept
  146. Tokenize a line with strtok & reverse line out..
  147. Solve mathematical Expression using stacks
  148. evaluate a sentence.
  149. Skipping specific characters in files in C
  150. Creating a thread class using pthreads, problem in pthread_create
  151. conversions
  152. Help with finding maya converter to C code
  153. Compiling
  154. an urgent reply needed
  155. .exe file doesn't work
  156. a urgent reply needed
  157. a doubt , pl.. clear it....
  158. Help needed making C program.
  159. how to find the compilation time at C????
  160. how to call method?
  161. a doubt , clarify it :)
  162. auto_ptr result to string
  163. Array problem - /lib/libgcc_s.so.1
  164. Wuzup!
  165. Help with exporting to a dll
  166. "mi_cmd_var_create: unable to create variable object"
  167. C # Code - Unable to run appli on right click
  168. File operations(fseek and ftell) - More than 2 gb support (kindly reply immediately)
  169. Help with a program in C(searching for a string).
  170. Length of a longggg integer !?? - C ?
  171. Can someone debug my C codes and and the matrix tranpose..help pls
  172. Help with my polynomial program..
  173. Probelm to declare a function
  174. Help Parsing a Pipe Delimited String.
  175. An Urgent Help Needed !!!! please
  176. Concating byte[] and char[]
  177. Help me understand this execution!?
  178. new to C, creating a stack
  179. ifndef; endif Statement?? Can someone explain what is the following code mean??
  180. EMERGENCY!!!How to make a database using string function in C
  181. Opening password protected zip file.
  182. Need help with strings
  183. Help me to find the largest prime factor of an integer.
  184. Need Guidance for a better way of studying programming... Please help me teachers.
  185. How can I store string in a text file??Here are my codes
  186. replace a part of character buffer....!
  187. Rounding and Truncating problem in C
  188. Debug please..
  189. basics debugs in c program
  190. How sort and do a list after giving struct?
  191. where will i get windows.h file
  192. Complete Data Validation
  193. Are there different ways to store long strings(including spacing)?
  194. I need to get this material, where can i find these?
  195. sem.h Problem
  196. Clarification regarding malloc and free in C
  197. Game of Life with C
  198. information about APIs.........!
  199. simple file encryption library
  200. Checking string problem
  201. GUI using c
  202. Scanning of multiple inputs
  203. simple scanf question
  204. an urgent help needed
  205. Book For C
  206. How to restart a loop after capturing a wrong input?
  207. How can i start ?
  208. For Beginners In C
  209. how to install headers like conio.h
  210. student data base program having segmentation fault error
  211. binary File Q.?
  212. All Loops and Its Syntaxes
  213. Simplex Method
  214. How to compare an address to another address?
  215. how to programatically read 'size' on SunOS?
  216. Array
  217. A Information needed
  218. missing dll files using serial com port
  219. Having problem.....
  220. need a urgent help from someone's :)
  221. Question
  222. pls help me..
  223. Terminal Disappears
  224. Pro*C - PERCENT_RANK() compilation issue
  225. Error: conflicting types for....
  226. pls tell me solution for correct output
  227. simple calculater in Vb
  228. Need urgent help on VB6 programming
  229. hi all, I dont have any clue how to accomplish this. Pls provide ne clues ...Thanks..
  230. ugent.. pls help with my program
  231. Help please URGENT! creating linked list from tree leaves
  232. turning a string sentence into pig Latin
  233. Swapping
  234. Quadratic Equation
  235. How to capture wrong inputs using atoi??
  236. Video transcoding using codecs and interfacing them with your software
  237. receiving packet as such
  238. packet interceptor
  239. Write a program to copy a file to a destination file using message queues. ?
  240. Array copying problem
  241. Optimising C snippet
  242. Pass by reference problem
  243. Help: Call a function
  244. How to have to variable looping at the same time with the same increment?
  245. Help with port scanner
  246. Use libpcap or not
  247. Ping sweep
  248. pls check it for me
  249. Problem using pcap.h
  250. Graphical Use Interface