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  1. compiling and linking using dll libraries
  2. how to reallocate a STL vector
  3. Process/childrens
  4. Segmentation Fault! Plz Help
  5. Segmentation Fault! Plz Help
  6. Set Timer a function callback
  7. tic tac toe
  8. getch() implementation in C
  9. Please help with a class construction
  10. 2-d Array
  11. 'C' Strings Usage
  12. calculator program using c
  13. calculator program using c
  14. Pointers and Structures
  15. Help in code to crack a symantic key for a TEA algorithm
  16. y it is giving eroor :(:(
  17. "Infix-Postfix" & "Postfix-Infix" codes problem
  18. can anyone explain why this is happening?
  19. help converting a windows text to linux text file
  20. queery
  21. why is this not working??
  22. circle program :;
  23. multidimensions within multidimensional arrays..??
  24. pointer string
  25. efficient way to check the duplicate characters from string2 in string1
  26. structure size !!
  27. connection of cpp with orcle
  28. got problem with array and function
  29. Poker Issue.
  30. Poker Algorithm.
  31. Winning Conditions for Poker.
  32. QUESTION: C string manipulation.
  33. arrays !!
  34. What is the best programming language to start?
  35. C- if problem
  36. input data validation
  37. recommended books
  38. using gdb and stacktrace ??????
  39. hi , i'm having a problem with pointers in C ...
  40. Computer Graphics
  41. Need some help
  42. Problem with mpi.h
  43. use .a object in cygwin
  44. Please, a little help with C
  45. Help needed with Turbo C
  46. replacement needed
  47. Game Of Life 3D
  48. simple implementation of FTP on "C"
  49. whats this?
  50. Memory Segments Queries
  51. Memory Segments Queries
  52. struct size limit...
  53. <strsafe.h>
  54. PLS Help!!
  55. Help in 2 programs required???
  56. Help in 2 programs required???
  57. Problem in uderstanding associativity and a strange situation
  58. bios password
  59. [help] How to Copy String from one array to another without using string.h file
  60. Cygwin
  61. Qsort - Sort array of strings
  62. structures in C
  63. hi
  64. hi
  65. Problem during runtime: Cofactor
  66. Help regarding EMULATORS...
  67. help me urgent
  68. Clarification with pointer arithmetics eg *ip++ = 0
  69. get serial hard drive
  70. Problem Saving Pieces Movement.
  71. DLL Bundling - packaging options
  72. Problem in Stack Implementation using Linked list
  73. need some help with strings
  74. Dynamic link library Global data.
  75. C Preprocessor problem
  76. Confusions related to Dll.
  77. Using auto_ptr or shared_ptr to allocate memory to a Structure
  78. Priority Queue implementation [ANSI-C]
  79. i need some help with a program...pain...
  80. Value not increasing
  81. write algorithm
  82. DLL static data
  83. avrage and sum of array
  84. I'm a beginner
  85. Address of the function
  86. Function to delete space and to add space again...
  87. Change the color of numbers in output
  88. Count the length on a number
  89. LD cant find the library
  90. why this code shows diffferent results
  91. Cannot include windows.h file
  92. "Windows32 console application" or "windows form application"???
  93. Compilation error-Undefined symbol
  94. Dyanamic malloc using shared memory.
  95. help for simple output:-
  96. C languege (auto ganerate number)
  97. 64 bit binary file - reading specific bits
  98. differeanc between top-down and bottom-up approch
  99. what is the use of dos.h
  100. Source code of Digital clock
  101. why oops is bottom up approach
  102. database connectivity
  103. undefined refernece error when linking
  104. ebook on programming in graphics
  105. how to save...
  106. Mjnimal and maximal value of a function
  107. Minimal and maximal value of a function
  108. Searching for sub-word
  109. grahpics in c
  110. How to link data file over a network
  111. Need IRC (internet relay chat) C help.
  112. loading image in cpp
  113. Which programmer is suitable?
  114. bst and doubly linked list
  115. Grpah adjacency linked list
  116. Passing Pointer-To-An-Array Through Function
  117. programing a virus scanner
  118. M S T probs
  119. How to send Cntrol C to another running application
  120. how to stop dll
  121. How to parse incomplete XML body using libxml/SAX or any other parser
  122. In need of sugestions for a simple C work
  123. hidden process, bloq process
  124. need some help with reading and writing to files
  125. debugging questions
  126. how to find the PERIOD in the given set of numbers???
  127. redirect printf to stdin of aother program [without pipes]
  128. Time addition program
  129. Please solve it in efficient manner?
  130. Optimize binary serach...
  131. vfw32.lib multi-thread support?
  132. stuck in pointer
  133. The order of precedence MDAS
  134. X windows library missing
  135. Linked List
  136. tokenize method
  137. Infinite "for" loop vs infinite "while" loop
  138. FInd the largest number in array?
  139. Simple solution to find largest & smallest number in array.
  140. How to define MSWIN
  141. C HMAC-SHA256 library
  142. is it possible to convert a string read from file to converted into structure variabl
  143. How to build strmbase.lib and strmbasd.lib
  144. Serial port or usb port
  145. Eye Tracking using CAMShift
  146. A Map with both key and value as Struct
  147. i still cant get the damn read and write to file to work
  148. %i and %d place holders.
  149. Memory Allocation To a Structure
  150. Error C2248 Help!!!
  151. Connect C and SQL Server
  152. can anybody help me with writing this program?It calculates compound interest
  153. Loading and Saving XML files
  154. How to send html page as response to client from server?
  155. LinkedList
  156. load dll created in c#
  157. Download Free Download Manager Full source
  158. No of header files that can be included
  159. How do I get certain part of a file?
  160. Heap and Stack manipulation
  161. LValue required for error !
  162. How to print 2-byte Unicode to a string
  163. Cint Interpreter
  164. Hexadecimal Problem -Please Help!
  165. PM me your answers
  166. Please explain the Output ..
  167. execution time of a sudoku program
  168. Pascal triangle
  169. windows programing
  170. Why using ++i++ gives an error?
  171. simulating pointer , direct addressing , indirect addressing and line addressing
  172. Opening and reading from a parallel port
  173. extern and enum size
  174. *help*to solve sorting and searching algorithm
  175. Map with key as structure
  176. looking for projects in C for outsourcing
  177. C Programming Help...
  178. Why is there a letter 'i' after strcmp?
  179. Open source my OIOIC, a completely new object-oriented mechanism for the C.
  180. i have question for the experts of programming about Lab Institute of Wall streat ?
  181. Problems with a chat application
  182. trouble with errors in extraneous files
  183. Need help URGENTLY on my assignment (instructions inside)
  184. Void Point!!er and segmentation fault-- Help needed
  185. API linking..Help me
  186. Converting 8 byte hex value to datetime value
  187. Validity of a given sudoku problem?
  188. Help with Mastermind in C!
  189. Call stack access
  190. Arrays
  191. [c debian linux] Please suggest the function definition
  192. XML Parsing Using libXML2
  193. usage of free in double linked lists?
  194. Day number program
  195. Fibonacci using C and Bool type
  196. Strange if statement missing. 5 lines code
  197. Error in opening the binary file for writing
  198. help with a simple question
  199. Extended Euclidean Algorithm Explanation Help and Modular Multiplicative Inverse
  200. File Handling
  201. File Lock Check
  202. Related to #Define
  203. Pointers/addresses
  204. Windows- 'C' compiler Turbo C
  205. Windows- 'C' Turbo C, "ARRAY SIZE TOO LARGE"
  206. Forward declaration Doubt
  207. string^ to upper case
  208. libsndfile-mixing any number of soundfiles in loop
  209. writing attribute using libxml
  210. Any Idea!
  211. Slr parser implementation
  212. Pascal triangle
  213. A C language problem in link list traversal
  214. Problem w/ classes in C
  215. How do I toggle a button and Bind code to it?
  216. problem with merge of 2 sorted linked lists(c)..
  217. why #include?
  218. Retrieving a particular line from list<string>
  219. Estimation of the minimum time
  220. Templated classes in gnucpp4.0.2
  221. searching in .txt file
  222. Need help running a program inside a program...
  223. Problem to understand non recursive hanoi code?
  224. Forex related: Decompiler convert EX4 toMQ4
  225. EDCF protocol in Network simulation program
  226. Neigbour array elements
  227. word sorting using array swap
  228. matrix form
  229. mysterious error in printf
  230. How do i display a '' sign with puts of printf?
  231. global scope problem
  232. How can I add %ProgramFiles% to a system() call?
  233. Exit Yahoo Messenger
  234. singly-linked lists problem, PLEASE heeelp!!!
  235. Open a file with type as :File
  236. Arrays
  237. Outputting through parallel port or USB
  238. aes algoritham implementation in c/cpp
  239. This program keeps crashing before it is over
  240. How can I make the icon [image] background transparent on all Windows OS?
  241. Use strcmp to check 2 values are not equal
  242. need to out put to usb
  243. MMC - How can I create an MMC containing Control Panel Applets?
  244. Help me to execute this c program
  245. problem implementing- printing sorted linked list
  246. C*
  247. Calculation of integral numerical
  248. Logging in CGI
  249. Private Constructors
  250. Why this code is not working?