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  1. hii im new to this forum i need some c question to be sovled with reasons
  2. im newbie..really know nothing
  3. Create a dll and its injector for inject into a process
  4. color defining IN TURBOC C
  5. help me to solve this problem
  6. Compile, Linking, Error
  7. C/C# threads
  8. need help with objects
  9. Assistance needed in creating simple calculator program :D
  10. c language
  11. c language
  12. How To create Larger Data type in C
  13. How To create Larger Data type in C
  14. Math expression reducing algorithm
  15. taking screenshots using c programming
  16. help with compressing images
  17. infix to postfix best algorithm
  18. basic linked lists(singly) code in c
  19. Function Pointers
  20. what is smart pointers
  21. How to sort doubly-linked list? BFP
  22. Kill child process with Parent PID
  23. Letter-phonenumber conversion
  24. Need help creating a comand prompt.
  25. assignment i can't solve
  26. hi, can anyone help me.
  27. Beginner General Qs - Pick-A-Language
  28. Config string parse to select user-entered strings.
  29. C Code - in graphics/ HORSE (L MOVEMENTS)
  30. gcc error !
  31. typing tutor or snake game
  32. ISSUE in using gets( ) with switch case..
  33. Regarding strings
  34. Functions
  35. hardware information
  36. doubt in multiple choice questions in C
  37. Two Programs I need help with....
  38. 30 minutes interval
  39. Need solutions to following multiple choice questions
  40. C-pro
  41. memory lead
  42. C-pro files
  43. How to sort the data in file
  44. very simple check subarray sums if theyare equal
  45. void pointer
  46. macro
  47. Read HTML File
  48. Ipc
  49. Binary Search Tree
  50. beginer
  51. How do we do this =(
  52. Can you make the code for this output?
  53. Undefined Symbols
  54. Print the list in reverse order
  55. doubt in string manipulation
  56. Something Loopy in Assigning Strings
  57. from void* back to an object
  58. how to implement a linked list. In the struct it has string field
  59. im new to this sorry if this an easy task
  60. clarification
  61. Round table meeting
  62. Pbolem with forking the process
  63. ..using system() in C....
  64. Random numbers in Bloodshed dev.
  65. Bubble sort and Headp Sort
  66. Bubble sort and Headp Sort
  67. Problem Debugging this Program
  68. function pointer problem
  69. Insertion of an element into array
  70. Checking input from program
  71. Embedded programming
  72. how to calculate size of a struct?
  73. circle & ellipse relationship
  74. Ternary Operator Help
  75. Help Needed!!!
  76. Interesting C Question
  77. use printf without semicolon
  78. Hashtable
  79. C Questions
  80. Help with functions
  81. Help with C Code
  82. Urgent help needed..function passing argument
  83. Too Few Arguments Error
  84. difference between declaration and defination....
  85. Translation unit.....
  86. Huge and far pointer...
  87. Why does one work and other does not....
  88. Help
  89. C compiling problem
  90. how do i create the .exe that calls the diffetent c programms and run that in c++
  91. ComPort Lib
  92. help me plZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.......
  93. help me plZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.......
  94. Makefile problem! Quick!
  95. how to find mode in c programming
  96. how to find mode in c programming
  97. Print Telugu charcters(unicode)
  98. Post me questions on classes and structures
  99. Functions stored in structure
  100. Read and write Unicode characters
  101. Recursive Function for Greatest Common Divisior
  102. function without return type.
  103. Binary Search
  104. multi byte to wild char converting problem(Related to Unicode)
  105. multi byte to wide char converting problem(Related to Unicode)
  106. multi byte to wide char converting problem(Related to Unicode)
  107. multi byte to wide char converting problem(Related to Unicode)
  108. Memory Concepts
  109. cannot convert parameter 1 from 'char' to 'const char *'
  110. Why the program not crash when access NULL object?
  111. Visual Studio Debugger suport Trace?
  112. Problem about timer in multithread programs
  113. sending mac frames
  114. File Read Problem
  115. About libs and "Error 30 error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _..."
  116. about the strcpy,strlen functions in cpp
  117. Directrory control functions in C
  118. Multibyte string conversions
  119. Multibyte string conversions
  120. Floating Error
  121. FILE concepts in C
  122. Using gdb how to print multibyte or wide char data.
  123. Using gdb how to print multibyte or wide char data.
  124. How to make my own porgram language
  125. removing comments in a c program
  126. removing comments in a c program
  127. removing comments of type // and /*
  128. techfest 2008 and microsoft present knockout!!
  129. suggestion for correction
  130. problem in this code
  131. data structures
  132. CreateProcess help...
  133. pass a 2d array to function which takes an array of pointers as argument?
  134. Data link layer implementation help. ASAP
  135. Call insert function statement
  136. Call insert function statement
  137. Exercise : i dont get it what it want me to do ...
  138. brekibg a loop
  139. breaking the loop
  140. breaking the loop
  141. what does T" means
  142. OnLine Help!
  143. Deallocation of static STL i.e. map
  144. Problem with static
  145. plz i need for ur help plz plz plz plz plz
  146. to find a series of prime nos in between 1 to 500 by using recursive function
  147. Binary search tree traversal-Inorder,preorder,postorder.
  148. Recognise letters
  149. multiple fork, pipes???
  150. without sizeof
  151. problem with prime no's
  152. problem in returning a matrix(2d array) to main function
  153. help with sudoku
  154. crack password of windows
  155. DFS and BFS Graphs Traversals
  156. interview
  157. Need help from our membres...And admin...
  158. Memory leak nightmare!!!
  159. base conversion in C
  160. what is the algorithim for the prototype function.
  161. Cannot convert 'AnsiString' to 'const char *'
  162. problem with puzzle problem in C
  163. Returning a queue handle.
  164. diffence in main loop
  165. memory allocation for enum data types
  166. why it doesn't works right?
  167. A very beginners question!
  168. could anybody help
  169. How to write C code to implement the DOS command "DIR"
  170. I need help with this program in C...please help!!!
  171. error message
  172. DFS and BFS in Graph
  173. Help for three dimensional function call
  174. HELP...Urgent!!
  175. practical tcp/ip
  176. Deleting memory
  177. Help Me Please For Antivirus Coding Problem In C
  178. plzz help me on controlling the cursor of mouse...
  179. Build file .exe problem
  180. Pls Help me ,simple work but Iam in Confusion.
  181. help me,please
  182. In code C, How can I erase special characters from a char array?
  183. converting to 32 bit long form
  184. sprintf problems
  185. o/p of call by reference needed!
  186. File Transmission in C Language
  187. messaging service
  188. IP to Int and Strtok related
  189. onefootswill
  190. C char array help!
  191. how to read value directly into variable rather than buffer
  192. What is the concept of padding?
  193. Reading from file and adding values to array
  194. ICP shared memory
  195. ICP shared memory
  196. Help with Basic C Programing Closing
  197. swapping 2 numbers in a single statement
  198. Compiler option for FLAT address compilation of pointers
  199. storing structure(size less than 1 byte) to file
  200. trying to calculate the number of letters in a string
  201. opening a file descriptor
  202. spirit of c
  203. hooking send() and call the original
  204. Segmentation fault in porgram
  205. array.....
  206. Need some help for a sudoku solver ...
  207. execv in unix prob.
  208. I need help with xwindows!
  209. C query
  210. Dolev-Klawe-Rodeh
  211. drive boot sector
  212. fprintf and non-ascii symbols
  213. Parsing an image of a device?
  214. Hello
  215. Compiling Issues In C Using Windows and Linux
  216. function overhead
  217. User DLL doesn't work when using CButton
  218. a tricky one
  219. naive gaussian elimination program not working
  220. noob programmer needs a hand with file IO =(
  221. Help using functions on arrays of structures
  222. C programme pls help
  223. Where is the simple error?
  224. Where is the simple error?
  225. malloc
  226. Need Some Help with function pointers
  227. Need Some Help with function pointers
  228. image processing
  229. How to find out Linked list is palindrome or not
  230. How to find out Linked list is palindrome or not
  231. newbie here
  232. parsing a device - follow up post
  233. allocation of memory in 2d array
  234. Abstract data Type
  235. data structures
  236. Where's the error? (C)
  237. How to read the data line by line from a File?
  238. need some help on reading a file in this program
  239. about the file I/O program
  240. error correction
  241. Pointer to Array
  242. string to int?
  243. need help with recursion
  244. convert for loop into while and do..while
  245. Generating the code skeleton for a big project
  246. Image Application In C
  247. Count Files in a Folder
  248. I have to define 1 structure
  249. C Encryption?? Adding Encryption To Text File?
  250. Help with planning a recursive function