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  1. k Develop
  2. c and databases
  3. looping and call in text files
  4. for loop doubt
  5. Problem on Linked list
  6. C or C++
  7. Recursive
  8. draw multiple lines and move then on screen
  9. please help me with printf()
  10. Problem With Blinking Text
  11. Need urgent help with C VIM program
  12. Please Suggest a good project idea in c
  13. Need help in Parsing of file in C/C++ !!
  14. Calculator in C
  15. Need help with program for web based simulation
  16. API Hooking Newbie
  17. please help with this algorithm please!!!!!
  18. Output in hex please help
  19. ODBC & Oracle
  20. Creating bare metal utilities & OS
  21. Socket descriptors not freed on close
  22. Printing n copies of a charater to a string
  23. convert from dos to gui
  24. Query in memory issue on C code in AIX server
  25. How to resolve the conflicting data type in c#
  26. String - Reverse @ same place in C :-
  27. Making A Website Blocker With Manifest
  28. Unit testing plain C
  29. [C] character generator for a game help
  30. Trouble using strstr after fgets
  31. C program for converting decimal to octal base not working for all numbers
  32. Difference between Structures and Unions
  33. Order of operations
  34. help with expression
  35. File Operation Question
  36. type char **
  37. Desperately need help with this Pseudo C algorithm
  38. How to Write Debugger Code In C
  39. Homework c programming
  40. Understanding Static variable and for loop
  41. Help me Please
  42. Writing function on specific address
  43. Problem to save image with libpng
  44. C: Analysis of code
  45. reduce window flickering when doing many changes
  46. C: Dynamic string using variable number of arguments
  47. C: Dynamic string using variable number of arguments
  48. Just a simple explanation!
  49. Linked List in C
  50. dijkstra's shortest path in c
  51. [C] Play Again Loop Logic
  52. conflict of types between an array of char and char**
  53. how to build C Source code with Makefile
  54. Accessing Database (Mysql, Ubuntu, Linux) using C (gcc, Ubuntu, Linux)
  55. a simple c program not responding as expected
  56. Pointer string reverse using recursive call giving unexpected output
  57. Bespoke Digital Media: How can we use WebSQL ?
  58. using system() calls
  59. Please help me to solve this. :confused:
  60. Please help me to fix my codes. problem in while loop?
  61. check whether a string is palindrome
  62. Use of milli second, micro second, nano second in gcc
  63. how to merge two dimensional arrays?
  64. Create an email id
  65. 2 dimensional Arrays
  66. round up a real number upto two decimal values
  67. How can i count the result?
  68. Memory violation error
  69. Strings in C