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  1. conditional operator
  2. Reading multiple txt files
  3. Code bubble breaker Game
  4. Need Help On A topic.
  5. dbx syntax help
  6. Share Best C Programming Software
  7. text File to a 2D array
  8. The "&" operator
  9. number pattern
  10. ISAPI Extension WildCard
  11. array & pointer problem
  12. string error
  13. pointer problem
  14. Recursion Question
  15. converting an exc file in to autorun exc file.
  16. I Need Some Help About C{ChessBoard}
  17. combinations programm
  18. Minimum value in Linked List
  19. Sum numbers recursively
  20. return a multidimensional vector from a function
  21. Help with assignment
  22. remote access using c socket programming
  23. two's complement
  24. bitwise not operator
  25. Help for coursework in C
  26. need a program.
  27. please help me <<<click here
  28. MD5 implementation in c language
  29. theres something wrong with my code blocks version
  30. need helh in c programming language
  31. A little OS
  32. Same Game AI player
  33. problem with writing intToString recursively
  34. To caculate the Integrate by C Language
  35. Some usage of sizeof
  36. fwrite slowdown problem
  37. some please help me ...my uni year depends on this assignment
  38. Windows file manipulation with C
  39. Pointer declaration error
  40. Wrong outpur help...
  41. Unknown error please help
  42. unable to understand the error in the following code
  43. Assortment Fastness Numbers
  44. compare vectors for inequality
  45. copy an 2d array to another 2d array using an pointer
  46. C example give ans
  47. Implementation of Chord DHT in ANSI C.
  48. compare vectors for equality
  49. problem in file handling
  50. Understanding code that GCC compiles
  51. Object recognition
  52. Pointer to function
  53. void *array
  54. handle character at string(c)
  55. The macro functions
  56. Why Segmentation Fault?
  57. Genetic Algorithm Project
  58. Mod of Negative Numbers
  59. Help with using two inputs to one output
  60. Block level Reading of files on a system and backup them
  61. Can u dare to answer this
  62. Not sure how to do this...
  63. Effective tool for run-time errors and memory leaks detection
  64. What will be the output
  65. Linked List Using C
  66. Quick Sort Using C
  67. sorting in C
  68. question about function object
  69. output of expression
  70. Function arguments, pass by pointer or reference?
  71. Spatial / 3D sound
  72. sorted list program
  73. A doubt regarding a Compiler implementation
  74. huge problem here
  75. need help in vectors
  76. parse error before `{'
  77. About Smart Card!!
  78. Seat Reservation
  79. linked list in C
  80. would check for me if i did the code in the right way ?
  81. Reading data file into 2D array
  82. choosen random value
  83. my code C doesn't run
  84. using occi at client side
  85. if I want but value in the header in linked list
  86. How to analyse the interconnection of functions of an open source software
  87. What is Null Pointer ?
  88. C Parser for parsing and reading Config file with defined format?
  89. A Query regarding B+ Tree algorithm
  90. Help Me To Print The Sequence
  91. Launch exe with parameters from a file?
  92. LCD Display + Push Button (C Programming) Problem
  93. I want function to count the time
  94. pls help me in coding the following.
  95. hanoi tower
  96. Inject Code in Exe
  97. c program to calculate factorial of large numbers
  98. urgent doubt
  99. Form C to WebService
  100. How to compare two linked lists? Write a C program to compare two linked lists.
  101. having problems with this typedef statement
  102. problem number 1
  103. Help writing Functions
  104. How to Buble Sort on Data Members of Pointer Pointing towards array of objects
  105. Extract variable definitions and variable use from a C program
  106. string
  107. Creating Isoceles Triangle
  108. TaskBar icon problem
  109. HORNER rule to calculate value of a polynomial
  110. Choosing appropriate Hashing algorithms
  111. realloc doesnt re -allocate memory specified???
  112. if and else statement in C
  113. Assigning values to struct array or linked list problem?
  114. Pyramid Help
  115. Program Games and applications books
  116. Help About starting driver developement
  117. given month, day, year, returns day of week, eg. Monday = 0 etc.
  118. boost librarys' classes
  119. help for newbie plyyzz
  120. printing of perfect numbers
  121. RtlCopyMemory crash MFC application
  122. A doubt regarding a Piece of code!!! ple. help
  123. parsing text file with comma as a delimeter and then sorting.
  124. How to print ld command line while compling with gcc
  125. HELP please for tic tac toe
  126. auto pointer
  127. Creating a handle for an object? How?
  128. Qt noob start(Look for a good start);
  129. solar system in open gl
  130. Problem with variables.
  131. what is the ouput of this code???
  132. how do i release the memory ocupied by a?
  133. Please help me with my project
  134. creating a light source in opengl
  135. Runtime error in pthread program
  136. how to create an excel file using c code
  137. multiplying step by step
  138. how to compare decimals in c programming
  139. I need your help with an programm
  140. Currency localization question
  141. Do while in unit converter
  142. What are you using to write your code?
  143. syntax error- 'strcpy' was not declared in this scope
  144. make simple paint in c
  145. Number of consonants
  146. Sort a linked list
  147. data sructures queues
  148. What is object oriented language?
  149. Who can help me writing C ? Tick-Tak-Toe program
  150. Merge-sort issue!
  151. Stream from friend to friend program easy to make?
  152. checking object properties
  153. cmd commands?
  154. Getting wrong output
  155. undefined reference to `lzo1z_decompress'
  156. Large File Handling
  157. CEASAR CIPHER simple coding algorithm
  158. simplified the CAESAR problem
  159. Virtual list cntrl with larger records
  160. Reading word by word from a file,HOW???????
  161. Please read this code and fix the bug.HELP needed URGENTLY!!
  162. Help needed regarding System() in C
  163. How to rewrite Memo1 to arrays?
  164. How to ShowMessage() with long double value?
  165. Operations on numbers
  166. please suggest me logic of the problem:
  167. Sizeof Class object creates a problem.
  168. Accessing structure members using pointers
  169. How to specify inputs using scanf in a particular format
  171. output unicode to outfile
  172. Restoring Encrypted files from Raw volume Backup using MFT
  173. Express a given number as a summation of 4 positive primes...
  174. Can someone explain this pgm?
  175. Listening to Multiple Ports in c
  176. How to read file names in a directory as string?
  177. Problem in addin new heder files to my program
  178. compiler missing my FGETS function. HELP PLEASEEEE
  179. Help in Vectors
  180. [HELP] nested loop
  181. Memory Leakage
  182. Text to speech -voice change
  183. ATL in Borland C++Builder 3
  184. String Arrays..
  185. how to read strings and numbers from a file.
  186. Issue in accessing structure member
  187. Help with structs.
  188. which one is better..
  189. Array problems to use the Koch L-system rule.
  190. Word line classes
  191. A query regarding a BAT file
  192. Microsoft error 1935?
  193. READ different datatypes from file.
  194. LOOP PROBLEM-not exiting do while loop
  195. MY sql connectivity with C
  196. solve it and tell me how it works?
  197. Face Detection application help!
  198. what should be the output?
  199. How to join the string after splitting
  200. Error : Conflicting type for
  201. a players record system IN DESPAIR.
  202. why do I get the error "conflicting types for..." ?
  203. information in c
  204. UNKNOWN ERROR .. help mates
  205. Unions problem
  206. M/M/N queue simulation
  207. M/M/N queue simulation
  208. ADAMaNT PROGRAM. my text file is somehow being manipulated.
  209. unable to generate square wave
  210. multitone sine wave frequencies
  211. tutorial c
  212. please tell me how it is getting its output..
  213. percent function
  214. C Beginner Tutorials - NEEDED DESPERATELY
  215. add user-defined functions to the library.
  216. Unable to see text after scrolling Text
  217. Binary representation of float number in memory in C
  218. Help!!segmentation fault
  219. c programms
  220. best practical book
  221. Help with assignment - stacks
  222. Homework help
  223. bluetooth event trace for inrange and out range of the registered device in windows7.
  224. malloc allocation
  225. how to change the entry point in gcc
  226. Help solve this enigma,please
  227. Help solve this enigma,please.
  228. MapViewOfFile not giving updated data
  229. Cross Sum, Sudoku, Romantic C Program For logic development
  230. Sudoku
  231. C Program for Fantastic puzzle and string manipulation.
  232. How run a program at startup?
  233. Manipulating and merging rows of large text file using C code
  234. socket program
  235. My array is not working..
  236. copying and repopulating a struct instance with pointers
  237. I have a question please answer
  238. how to sending struct variable contains packets fields through C SOCKETS
  239. undefined reference to `lzo1x_decompress_safe'
  240. please help me with this code
  241. Problem with Snake game ..snake movement ..help plzzzz
  242. how to generate a code like this
  243. how this recursive function is working
  244. how can i debug this?
  245. How do I parse an XML file using RapidXML?
  246. write a prog to count the no word,space,sentence,vowels,and constants
  247. Switch Statement Problem
  248. Need advise
  249. Memory corruption?
  250. how get name of process in c/c++