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  1. convert codings to software
  2. Help needed in waitpid() , sigaction() , sigemptyset() etc.
  3. Help Please [Question]
  4. How to get hard disk serial number using Win32 API
  5. I want to map data which ranges between -1 to 1 to 0 to 1
  6. Perfect, Abundant, Deficient program help
  7. preorder traversal (recursive)
  8. Erasing a vector element in a map one by one
  9. Data Compression
  10. Removing Duplicates in O(k) time
  11. Concatenate Two String using Dynamic Constructors
  12. Given Sentence Palindrome or Not
  13. Creation of Linked List using pointers
  14. Nested for loops
  15. Compiler Error & problems
  16. Help needed in echo server program
  17. import image in c
  18. please,help!!
  19. Can anybody explain me this new modified recv() function
  20. Anybody please give me programm to find factorial of an integer
  21. Problem in FILE pointers
  22. Need help in understanding a loop
  23. i want code for print format as shown below in C lang.
  24. GCD of large numbers
  25. Can someone please help me write this program?
  26. Reverse words in a sentense keeping space positions same
  27. Raptor Flowchart Help
  28. String Issue, reads incorrect if cut out printf statement
  29. Help! Compil error in source code!
  30. Stripos
  31. Request for a program
  32. Program runs correctly, but SIGSEGV
  33. Newbie question.......my mental block. Please help!!
  34. language level
  35. c project
  36. Passing various types to a function?
  37. beginner stuff
  38. Taking difference of two arrays of characters
  39. Face detection program help with bug
  40. LINKED LIST PROBLEM..Plz help me Out
  41. Calculation of the determinant of a matrix using recursion in C
  42. writing bluettoth service n C
  43. Pointer Problem
  44. i want c program for below description
  45. parsing problem
  46. what is malloc(0) doing ?
  47. Qualify with a Type Name error in C# code
  48. simulation of packet switch using priority queue
  49. query to run this function
  50. array of string
  51. Please help me out with this Program.
  52. [READ THIS] i need help; please!!!!!
  53. Logical ANDing of two strings of binary numbers
  54. function overloading
  55. program to implement post fix evaluation in the given code using C
  56. Password User Can Change
  57. Please Help Me about C Programming..
  58. About Arrays !!
  59. strange program- shows not output
  60. Help me in my C program..
  61. Application for manipulating and burning CD images.
  62. How to add code to context switch ?
  63. Power and Factorial
  64. I am anew member
  65. Runtime error
  66. J base group
  67. user account name input
  68. ANout learning c
  69. Need help from an Experience .!
  70. Scoping in for loop
  71. Heap Size error
  72. Difference between get and getline function
  73. Can some1 please spot the mistake..
  74. Matrix Transpose
  75. How do I sort an array of cstrings?
  76. malloc, free
  77. Information i can't understand
  78. Unix processes and forking
  79. Help with a logic
  80. Neeed Urgent help
  81. need help in writing a c- programme in openning an image
  82. main calling main
  83. noob here! *twirls hair*
  84. Introduction
  85. sorting problem
  86. About exceptions
  87. Help in understanding small code for FreeBSD implementation of the C library
  88. Problem with dates! Please help.
  89. [gcc 4.4.3, ubuntu 10.04] "sizeof" and pointer
  90. 200 digit number!!!!! READ
  91. need help to wrote a c program.
  92. need help in HyperTerminal using t-engine
  93. "make" and library
  94. Dynamic Memory Allocation for References
  95. Liskov's Substitution Principle(LSP)
  96. [gcc 4.4.3, ubuntu 10.04] Structure Padding
  97. Base classes
  98. for-loop ..help!
  99. pointer stuck !
  100. i wnat to wonder around a file of 10^29 character ....... in any way...
  101. C Programming Problems
  102. problem with stack and queue
  103. conslole application flashes away when click on exe
  104. Software Best Practices Training topics required
  105. give me program coding for this prog plz
  106. linked list in an array
  107. return value from main
  108. Looking for a help
  109. Vfp 5.0
  110. killing threads
  111. How to do it without a typedef
  112. Error: cannot convert from (__clrcall *) to (__cdecl *)
  113. function as a macro
  114. Delete elements of an object array.
  115. how to connect My sql using C program.
  116. memory performance issue
  117. random color and size function?
  118. Help with GCD ..
  119. Difference between stack mamory and heap memory?
  120. Rtsp
  121. Backround work by compiler/os to alloc memory
  122. Program for AVERAGE and FACTORIAL
  123. Help in new project
  124. call by reference pointers to array of structures
  125. what is the concept of global recycle bin?
  126. an advice for an inexpert
  127. rand() help trying to loop it till it finds all numbers in range 4x
  128. learning alogrithms
  129. Rational purify
  130. How to change the Private access specifier to Public in Derived Class
  131. pointers
  132. wanted cpp debugging questions with choices
  133. my doubt
  134. C coding to print the value until next Key Stock?
  135. Purpose of a function
  136. Copying int value from .txt file and storing it into a int variable.
  137. Help with a link error
  138. Getting error While compiling - Make: Couldn't load Shell. Help me urgently!!!
  139. Previous line in C / Matrix
  140. diffrence between a char pointer and char pointer inside a class(private)
  141. help with this coding
  142. algorithm dealing with GCD_EuclidRec and GCD_Simple
  143. increment operator- help me please
  144. how to export from mdb to xml
  145. interfacing of 2x16 LCD with PC's parallel port
  146. how hit box ????
  147. how to * move????
  148. creating .avi files in c
  149. Constant and pointer
  150. Compilation Error :Reasoning:
  151. C Programming Challeging question..Please Help!! T.T
  152. big oh notation
  153. Need help with this C code.. please..
  154. Do programs run differently depending where you are in the world?
  155. Can't run compiler c programs in linux mint
  156. Words from keyboard to array of strings
  157. Counting vowels and consonants
  158. would ever passing a primitive to functions by reference be more effecient ?
  159. Hello Everyone
  160. How To run c Prog in fedora
  161. Fibonacci Using Pthread
  162. About the complier
  163. Help with basics: Call on a function
  164. cerr
  165. Traversing through an array to find link between elements
  166. cheking whether memory has allocated dynamically or not ?
  167. Getting numbers from a text file with C
  168. DOB program
  169. database connection through c
  170. help needed regarding Bios.h
  171. suggest some project
  172. Multimap duplicates removal
  173. I need to answer these question I did my best please correct my answer
  174. REGS command
  175. Download the Latest Softwares with FULL source code!!
  176. statistic variable need help please
  177. static concept : variable and method in class defination
  178. character linked list
  179. Overload the operato
  180. adapting someone else's code
  181. 64 bit data input in c
  182. file - exceptions
  183. undefined reference to Struct
  184. Graph Implementation
  185. add to subtraction
  186. How to find if a file is empty
  187. finding duplicates for part of a string
  188. compare two files
  189. help writing a program
  190. I need some help
  191. parsing a string and storing in struct
  192. Backtracking Search Algorithm
  193. semaphore question
  194. Any one can help optimizate following c code ?
  195. Help on pointers
  196. virtual memory system question
  197. How to Extend M/M/1 Queue Simulation to M/M/K
  198. sort
  199. Linux Sockets in C
  200. Breath-First Search algorithm C++
  201. readin two lines of file in one iteration
  202. Tic-tac-toe in c++ using classes
  203. second last element of the vector
  204. sorting vector values
  205. How To Read integers from a text file to a multidimentional array.
  206. where to increment vector iterator
  207. run-time errors and memory leaks detection
  208. DLL protection
  209. Retrieving a Java object (List) from a Win32 application
  210. How To Use (Operator < )Method In My Priority Queue class
  211. char [] issue
  212. help on c
  213. sorting on the basis of datetime
  214. Recursive mulitiplication of two numbers
  215. pdf and doc reader
  216. Edge Coloring Algorithm
  217. add 2D array values
  218. directory path on listview
  219. Binary multiplication
  220. SASC pre-defined memxlt() and xltable() function
  221. Program to print all the ascii values
  222. General formula for Code
  223. Need help with pointers
  224. About arrange in array
  225. Sorting and Searching
  226. about selection control
  227. Partition Pen drive in C language
  228. my compilation error
  229. Searching for a particular address in a given range
  230. Problem to understand the O/p of the CODE
  231. incremental multiplication problem
  232. Is there anything tutorial about mingw develop studio?
  233. Hotfix/patches
  234. Painting program like MS Paint!!!!!!!!!!!!
  235. Help with linked list for displaying "queue is full"
  236. implement my own preprocessor
  237. Towers of Hanoi
  238. Please help me
  239. Can a COM DLL be statically linked with an EXE?
  240. file-string proccesing c
  241. Need help in C program
  242. Grnct
  243. Palindrome with minimal character insertion
  244. doubt in Mainframe - JCL
  245. linked list
  246. CGI scripting
  247. Translate/Convert C lang to Assembly language
  248. Accessing MSexcel files
  249. pattern program for square
  250. Block'd Puzzle Game..