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  1. what does compiler,linker and interpreter do
  2. ipv4 and ipv6
  3. give me the code
  4. passing arguments with shellexecute
  5. Gethostbyname()
  6. libnet.h
  7. sum = (sum >> 16) + (sum & 0xffff)
  8. SEARCH operation in a BINARY SEARCH TREE
  9. design problem
  10. What is the structure of an array
  11. Help with simple program
  12. help on turbo C. timeZ converter
  13. Plz help!!! Dunno wats wrong!!
  14. How to make a vector structure globaly ?
  15. Directing output of shell output called in system() function
  16. Help with goto statement
  17. moving a object
  18. How to capture strings or char inputs using atoi/atof if your range is 0?
  19. atoi/atof problem
  20. Help with sniffer
  21. need some help in payroll program in c linked list implementation
  22. Help with Poinert Structure..
  23. Create a Gui for Linux
  24. what will be the output of code?
  25. swaping two variables without third variable.
  26. All about array
  27. new to programming ..need help wit this question
  28. How to capture a NULL?
  29. random subset made by random selection of different elements from a given set
  30. Help in Understanding output
  31. a urgent help needed in C
  32. convert char array to double
  33. Cunstructors and distructors in c#
  34. about structure
  35. New program..need help with random
  36. Problem compiling php5 in visual studio
  37. a urgent help needed in C
  38. Infix to postfix to Evaluate
  39. Makefile gmake
  40. Error in compiling
  41. Ebooks on C - for beginers
  42. Ebooks
  43. Help...I am in over my head.
  44. Any Idea regarding Why Heap Memory
  45. c program
  46. Question printf();
  47. Databases and C C++
  48. URGENT!!How to make a random without repetition?
  49. Access Dynamic path/folder with ios:ofstream
  50. Compiling PHP, VC, default.js
  51. help wid a programme
  52. UNKNOWN! runtime error
  53. help with scanf();
  54. help wid a program
  55. Help with a program
  56. Write a program to remove trailing blanks and tabs from each line of input, and to de
  57. PHP5 Visual Studio. WTF php5nts_debug.lib ???
  58. Segmentation fault in a program ! Help !
  59. Help on C++ Programming.
  60. Lost In C
  61. Urgent Help Required!
  62. Help Me On ARRAY
  63. Wrong Output
  64. enum constant with C macros
  65. Writing code for spoofing packets
  66. how to create a button
  67. Help with gethostbyname
  68. How do I use char* variable type in C?
  69. Errors in Program
  70. How to change text colors in C?
  71. A help needed in DATA Structures
  72. Reply to spoofed host
  74. I need answers
  75. Sin X C Program
  76. program compiles... doesn't work
  77. Creating Objects
  78. How to increment IP in C
  79. Examine this program? Tell me its bugs ?
  80. Challenge!
  81. Why this program dosent works?
  82. programing in sic\ex
  83. Help with GUI in c
  84. What is the "const" ? Why do we use it ?
  85. Sockets, multiple clients
  86. Why this program outputs 225 istead of 1 ?
  87. Need To Create A Folder
  88. Suggest me a SIMPLE and A BREIF book covering the topic of command line in C?
  89. File Handling in C
  90. compression LZX's variation
  91. Trying to make a linked list in C please help
  92. I need your help
  93. Problem in fgets(); function ?
  94. a urgent help need regarding GCC
  95. Segmentation Faults with 2D-array
  96. Loop problem
  97. Tic tac Toe
  98. a doubt regarding GCC in Linux OS
  99. Need a help regarding Visual Stdio 6.0
  100. Character Stufing
  101. Linked List implementation in C
  102. how is const better compared to #define
  103. How are static variables stored in memory!!!
  104. Infinite string
  105. data structure using c
  106. Sending Hex values in UDP Packets using C
  107. one port to another..
  108. Problem using Make
  109. Date Comparision in C
  110. Problem with checking input
  111. Records and Files
  112. fopen with file location
  113. Reading bit and converting to string
  114. Access violation writing exception
  115. Reading of Input
  116. Encrypt image in c
  117. difference between 'getch()' and 'getche()'
  118. Roman no.system to Decimal no. system converting
  119. Reading Lines (c in linux)
  120. Doubly Linked List
  121. Could u send an Email by using C, try this.
  122. Editing of cookies in C
  123. Finding cookies in C
  124. Question
  125. How could i do this?
  126. Is this true about 'printf' and 'scanf'?
  127. How could i define this?
  128. Is it possible, i find it.
  129. audio segmentation using filter
  130. Taking input on 1 line separated by spaces
  131. CC65 compiler error help
  132. I con't solve it's output
  133. Help me to understand anonymous array
  134. Please solve these problems
  135. Please solve the problems
  136. My program not running properly
  137. converting binary file hex values to ascii
  138. Nested Loops
  139. bit manipulation
  140. bit manipulation in c
  141. Please suggest me some Very SIMPLE links and Ebooks on Socket programming in C
  142. Card GAme High low-- Homework that is due soon... less than two hours please help!
  143. Need help developing an algorithm..
  144. Say me the answer of this, i dont know
  145. Many O/p Of File
  146. What is loop
  147. c permutation and combination with frequency
  148. converting string to time
  149. function with structure
  150. error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
  151. Change the Date format in C
  152. Please suggest me some tutorials on Windows programming in C
  153. Help with Compiler Design in C using Flex/Bison
  154. Help Needed in sockets in C
  155. void pointer increment
  156. A community for C programmers on Facebook
  157. query for auto_ptr implementation
  158. File IO optimisation
  159. Retrieving IP address in C
  160. Getting IP address in C
  161. convert codings to software
  162. Help needed in waitpid() , sigaction() , sigemptyset() etc.
  163. Why is int variable displaying out of range values
  164. Help Please [Question]
  165. How to get hard disk serial number using Win32 API
  166. I want to map data which ranges between -1 to 1 to 0 to 1
  167. Perfect, Abundant, Deficient program help
  168. preorder traversal (recursive)
  169. Erasing a vector element in a map one by one
  170. Data Compression
  171. Removing Duplicates in O(k) time
  172. Pointer problem
  173. Macro operation
  174. Multiple constructor problem.
  175. Stupid question
  176. I have find it.so u can try
  177. Macro problem
  178. Pointer's in C
  179. Veriable problem
  180. Concatenate Two String using Dynamic Constructors
  181. Given Sentence Palindrome or Not
  182. Creation of Linked List using pointers
  183. Quiz
  184. Who will say me the answer first?
  185. Some more questions.
  186. Great fault.
  187. Nested for loops
  188. Char to Int Conversion ?
  189. Compiler.what is it?
  190. Some questions i couldn't find answers of.
  191. Reverse string.
  192. please help me solve this.
  193. preprocessor
  194. getch & scanf.difference.
  195. FUNCTION problem.
  196. Compiler Error & problems
  197. Help needed in echo server program
  198. import image in c
  199. try this.
  200. conceptual problem about ARRAY
  201. please,help!!
  202. another array problem
  203. Can anybody explain me this new modified recv() function
  204. Anybody please give me programm to find factorial of an integer
  205. Help find the bug
  206. Problem in FILE pointers
  207. String to integer
  208. Pointer Questions
  209. Need help in understanding a loop
  210. array and pointer
  211. find the output in pen and paper.
  212. what will be the output?
  213. problem.please help
  214. Conceptual problem.
  215. String problem
  216. i want code for print format as shown below in C lang.
  217. GCD of large numbers
  218. help me in a big C program
  219. Can someone please help me write this program?
  220. Reverse words in a sentense keeping space positions same
  221. Raptor Flowchart Help
  222. String Issue, reads incorrect if cut out printf statement
  223. Help! Compil error in source code!
  224. Stripos
  225. Request for a program
  226. Program runs correctly, but SIGSEGV
  227. largest - smallest number??
  228. Newbie question.......my mental block. Please help!!
  229. Calculation Problem
  230. Certain characters read from file and save in new file
  231. Problem with random numbers
  232. language level
  233. c project
  234. Passing various types to a function?
  235. beginner stuff
  236. Taking difference of two arrays of characters
  237. Face detection program help with bug
  238. LINKED LIST PROBLEM..Plz help me Out
  239. Calculation of the determinant of a matrix using recursion in C
  240. writing bluettoth service n C
  241. Pointer Problem
  242. i want c program for below description
  243. parsing problem
  244. How to generate random two digit hexadecimal number?
  245. what is malloc(0) doing ?
  246. Qualify with a Type Name error in C# code
  247. simulation of packet switch using priority queue
  248. query to run this function
  249. array of string
  250. Please help me out with this Program.