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  1. Introduction To Ruby
  2. Loops & Iterators in Ruby
  3. Sending Emails In Ruby
  4. Create & Parse JSON in Ruby
  5. Basic IO Operations in Ruby
  6. Accessing Amazon S3 In Ruby
  7. Step By Step Guide to Using MySQL in Ruby
  8. All You Need To Know To Create & Parse CSV in Ruby
  9. HTML Parsing In Ruby
  10. Using Memcache in Ruby Programs
  11. Access Web Services & Remote URLs with Ruby's HTTParty
  12. Read & Update MP3 ID3 Tags in Ruby
  13. Beginners Guide to CGI Programming in Ruby
  14. Scraping Websites with Ruby
  15. Clean User Generated HTML In Ruby
  16. Ruby Tips & Tricks
  17. Secure Shell Access & Transfer with Ruby
  18. Create PDF Documents In Ruby