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savantcreative 12Apr2008 21:56

I am proficient at XHTML and CSS and need to start creating dynamic sites as well as CMS. I need them to be search engine optimized as well. Is there any reason why I should not start using Joomla! I would need to create my own templates most of the time because I do custom work. Is this a bad work flow idea? Can you develop in Joomla! without having the site live?


XXxxImmortalxxXX 15Jun2008 10:18

Re: Joomla!
yea go ahead use joomla and see what happens seeing that it is the most common hacking and easiest site to hack

php_thinker 10Feb2009 00:48

Re: Joomla!
Joomla! is totally OK, you can start even faster by using some solutions like the one offered by Joomla-Builder - they generate Joomla Builds on the fly and you can select to include the components you need. I saw they have FireBoard forum, VirtueMart online shop and other addons I consider great.

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