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Bhullarz 11Apr2008 19:35

Hi everybody ! Here is the hottest thing for everyone. You must have seen some applications changing the icons for your drive or you have just seen that whenever you insert any cd/dvd into the drive, without doing anything, an application starts executing that can be any flash file or can be any html file. DO you know how it happens? It's just a simple small information file, which does the magic. It is named as "autorun.inf". This is the file which works to make any drive autorun. Yes , even you can make your pen drive auto run or can make autorun cds easily.

Now lets start with the file contents of the autorun.inf

Open a notepad and start writing the following code in the notepad:


I have mentioned the basics of the autorun.inf and there are some advanced things you can do with the autorun.inf. Like you can create your own commands for the right click on your drive.

for example, you can reset the work of "explore" function of the right click menu on the drive.
Suppose you want to execute a file whenever you right click the drive and select the option "explore",then the command would be as follows:

If you want to create any custom event then the code would be as follows:

One option thing more can be done.Instead of using "open" code, we can use another keyword "shellexecute". in that case the code will be:

Note : File must be saved as "autorun.inf" and should be stored at the root of the drive.Second thing Open event will work, whenever you double click the drive to open for fixed drives whereas in the case of removable drives, when you insert the drive,Open event will work.

pcmahes 16Apr2008 09:35

hello sir!

in my computer WIN-XP trojoan infected! am update anti-virus and scanned! problem solved!
but registry cannot be opened! when type "regedit" at Run dialog box! its appear "registry has been disabled by administrator" also cant open "msconfig" give me solution! am not use internet! Pls give me solution send mail me! pcmahes@gmail.com

with true,
Tech-support engineer!

Bhullarz 18Apr2008 02:54

Re: Autorun.inf
If "regedit" is not working you can use any third party software like my favorite is "Registry System Wizard", its a freeware and will give you access to registry.Once you have opened the Registy, just follow the procedure:
1.go to

Key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Regedit]
2.then delete the values: "FindFlags", "LastKey" and "View"
3.restart the windows.

There are many other ways to repair the regedit. Tell me if this doesn't work. I have another option too to help you out.

Bhullarz 18Apr2008 03:12

Re: Autorun.inf
There is another way of enabling the direct way to enable the regedit. See if it works:
go to :
1. start menu
2. click on Run
3. Type Gpedit.msc
4. select "User Configuration"
5. select "Administrative Templates"
6. select "System"
7. Under "System", there should be an entry for "Prevent access to registry editing tools"
just double click on it and select the option disable
8. restart windows.

This trick should work also.Just try and let me know.

pcmahes 19Apr2008 11:15

registry has been disabled by administrator
hello sir!
am use ur quote! but still continue that problem!
my system fully scanned by up to date anti-virus signatures!
any other solution pls give me sir!


Bhullarz 20Apr2008 02:03

Re: registry has been disabled by administrator

Originally Posted by pcmahes
hello sir!
am use ur quote! but still continue that problem!
my system fully scanned by up to date anti-virus signatures!
any other solution pls give me sir!


try the second option. That should work. DO not restart. Clean your pc's startup folder.Then try opening regedit.

or you can do one thing:
open notepad
type the following:

REG QUERY "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Regedit" >result.txt
save the file as test.bat
now go to run
type "cmd"
run this batch file
you will see a new file will be created named "result.txt"
put the contents here in your reply.

Note: while Coding the line, there comes a space inbetween word "Applets",do remove it,before using this line.

shabbir 1May2008 13:39

Re: Autorun.inf
Nomination for article of the month of April

ron_genum 5May2008 13:55

Re: Autorun.inf
The Best and Most Easy way u can do is Bask Up your Needed files, Have Your Bootable Cd with your OS, reformat your hard disk partition where your windows or any OS is being installed, Install Fresh OS from your bootable cd and install antivirus, try to upadate it, and youll have your problem solved,, you'll have it in just 1 hr.

shabbir 24May2008 08:51

Re: Autorun.inf
Voting for article of the month for Apr 2008

89shadow 30May2008 05:58

Re: Autorun.inf
thanx for guidance....

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