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shinoda123 11Jul2006 15:28

Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com
OrganicSpam.com , this was one thing i would never have thought off that would be talked off. Can the Search Engines will do evil with the organic results... Its hard to believe but then it does pop a question in our mind that if its not true then why are so much irrelvant pages are in the SERPs exists....

You will ask whats Wrong If google is making money....I don't will say about the sponsored listing because they are the revenue part which every one of us imply to earn something out of our works.... the question comes only in frame when there is less relevance in the SERPs and more relevance in the sponsored list because not every user on the net are acquainted with sponsored and organic listings... so they will obviously set that the sponsored listings are the one to be fetch information from and dont look into the search listings because they are not relevant to what they have asked for and this way the search engines will make money by evil doings...

Now this is where we need to put a check on by making the search engines a feel that there is someone always watching their acts behind there updates and revenue boosting activities...

Shinoda Jane

shabbir 11Jul2006 16:24

Re: Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com
There are lots of webmasters who are complaining about the google current problems but there is not problem if you look from user point of view. What they were able to find before they are able to do the same with the same ease. Read Current google problems thread on sitepoint.

shinoda123 12Jul2006 12:15

Re: Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com
Yes I know webmasters are shouting on the theme since long...b but my point is that what concern does Search Engines have showed with respect to our shouts.... They have ignored us and now we are coming on one platform where we are preparing a front against themselves... There are a number of SEO,Authors,Surfers,Internet Analysts who are working on the stats and are doing research and providing it in the OrganicSpam.Com forum... I am making an appeal to all the webmasteres,authors,SEO,Surferes to join the community ....

Shinoda Jane :(

shabbir 12Jul2006 12:22

Re: Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com
Please confine links to signatures only as thats against the terms of G4EF. Please dont edit your posts to add the links again.

shinoda123 13Jul2006 11:11

Re: Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com
We as a SEO employ our brainstormed marketing techniques to bring up a site in the SERPs ... It was worth to see the site coming in the SERPs in a process as we knew it is a genuine time process... even if the page loose its rank all of a sudden then also we knew that due to some ill techniques this would have been occurred due to spam by black hat SEOs...but now the commercialism is making even Search engines to manipulate their results so that the pages from the sponsored site will carry relevance and not the other sites in the top SERPs...

Its really time to bring some facts to put a check on the search engines employing spam...

Shinoda Jane

coderzone 13Jul2006 11:16

Re: Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com

Originally Posted by shinoda123
Search engines to manipulate their results so that the pages from the sponsored site will carry relevance and not the other sites in the top SERPs...

As far as my knowledge of SEO goes bots cannot read JS and sponsored links are js based.

shabbir 14Jul2006 10:09

Re: Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com

Originally Posted by coderzone
As far as my knowledge of SEO goes bots cannot read JS and sponsored links are js based.


shinoda123 17Jul2006 14:12

Re: Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com
I didnt get from where does the bot came in the frame... I was talking about the search engines manipulation in the search results...

I was talking about the manipulation on the search engines end that manipulates the search results and give the users relevant results in the sponsored listing of the SERPS....
And also I would like to mention that there are different type of bots that crawls a site... there is a data maintained by every search engines about their crawlers...

shabbir 17Jul2006 14:59

Re: Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com
If bots dont read the pages and count them as backlink no where on this planet can any search engine rank you better in normal SERP's

shinoda123 17Jul2006 15:24

Re: Inorganic Listing: ORganicSpam.Com
Shabbir I too support what you are saying but i am sorry if i didnt made you my point of discussion clear...

Actually i too am acquainted what you are saying... what i am saying is...

I suppose that there migh be something fishy going on with the google algorithm whic is putting the irrelevant pages in the top SERPs and the more relevant site than those that are in the SERPs are pushed down the SERPs...

The adsense and adwords running in the SERPs are more relevant to what the Organic Search result pages are showing...

The surfer might get impression that the adwords are the one which carry the true information .... They all are not known to what are adwords and adsense in the SERPs they just look for the information relevant to the search and the search engines are not providing the organic results ... i believe that there is some manipulation going on with the organic search results...

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