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roxxy 6Jul2006 15:02

Meta Tag Considerations
Though most largest search engines do not 'spider' the keyword Meta Tags on your page, and in some cases ignore these completely, the use of Meta Tags on your page still serves an important purpose. There are literally hundreds, even thousands of smaller search engines scattered all across the Internet. Whilst the bigger engines tend to 'spider' whole pages instead and obtain their results from that, these smaller search engines don't have as much physical space to work with and must do things differently. It is in these particular engines you will find that Meta Tags are still very important.

shabbir 6Jul2006 16:06

Re: Meta Tag Considerations
Yes and its always a good option to have one but you should not be wasting lots of time making the metas but just 10 minutes and then forget it.

sterling45 14Aug2006 07:07

Re: Meta Tag Considerations
I still use meta tags. It's so easy because it's basically copy and paste. Here's a generator to save you some time: http://www.submitcorner.com/Tools/Meta/

shabbir 14Aug2006 07:19

Re: Meta Tag Considerations
So that means you dont waste lots of time on it. Thats what is the best way to have the Metas.

sterling45 14Aug2006 07:56

Re: Meta Tag Considerations
Exactly. I also heard that having different meta tag desciptions for each of your pages help out a lot. Is this true? (It takes more time but it might be worth rewording your descriptions for each page).

roxxy 15Aug2006 01:56

Thanks for reply

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