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asadullah.ansari 3Apr2008 15:51

Freeze your mind!!!
Below are pictured 5 coins (represented by X and O). Your job is to get the 3 X's together and the 2 O's together by sliding the coins. You must slide two coins at a time, an X and an O. They must move together as a unit. You cannot move them further apart or closer together, and you cannot turn them around, that is turn XO into OX or OX into XO. You also cannot spread the 3 remaining coins apart or push them closer together. The coins must end up in a straight line with no gaps.
It can be done in just 3 moves. Can you find them?


faizulhaque 23May2008 17:05

Re: Freeze your mind!!!
i thing these three step's are

1. X 0 X X 0
2. X X 0 X 0
3. X X X 0 0

pl confirm it's right or 00000!

Darkness1337 10Jun2008 00:43

Re: Freeze your mind!!!
a would say same as faizulhaque :p lol

Darkness1337 10Jun2008 00:51

Re: Freeze your mind!!!

X_O_X _X_ O


lol think about : no gaps :p

how is that one? ;)

faizulhaque 10Jun2008 11:37

Re: Freeze your mind!!!
You cann't move any two object at once.

after X 0 X X 0

you direct say

X X X 0 0 (Who? one step is missing)

Darkness1337 10Jun2008 14:33

Re: Freeze your mind!!!

You must slide two coins at a time
you maybe right lol :]

faizulhaque 11Jun2008 09:58

Re: Freeze your mind!!!
why may be it's must be same as directed.

Darkness1337 11Jun2008 17:16

Re: Freeze your mind!!!
ok ok ok lol you win! women :p joke joke

hmm a dnt know tbh, cuz we have to get rid of spaces and we have to move X n O together
well a cud b wrong who knows lolz
can we get the answer please :]

faizulhaque 12Jun2008 12:11

Re: Freeze your mind!!!
Lolzzzz al about

seangtz 12Jun2008 12:20

Re: Freeze your mind!!!

How is this one ?

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